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Lemon Bear CookiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 0.00 mi

Lemon Bear Cookies, which is located in Spring, Texas, is an in-home bakery specializing in custom-made sugar cookies perfect for all occasions. Custom-made cookies are great as a graduation gift. It is great to have to celebrate holidays and special occasions. It is a great way to leave a short, witty, personal message to a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. You can use custom-made cookies to show everyone which one is your favorite sports team and celebrate with them every time your team wins! Looking for a creative gender reveal? Use custom-made cookies by Lemon Bear Cookies.

Bayou Beaux BeezNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Huffman - 2.42 mi

Bayou Beaux Beez, from Huffman, Texas, makes Creole-style barbecue seasonings, rubs, sauce, glaze, and more. You can buy their products online. They also have cookies, loaf cakes, and roux. They even sell aprons, caps, and a grill set to help you get started with grilling! They set up shop in different locations to make it easier for you to get in touch with them. They have been in selling in Valley Ranch Town Center, Valley Ranch Community Market, Summer Days Market, Brenham First Fridays Farmer & Artisan Market, Aggieland Artisan Market Post Oak Mall, New Caney Community Market Westchase District Farmers Market, Rayford Sunday Market, and Post Oak Mall. They have been very busy making the rounds to bring their wonderful products closer to the buying public. If you have been visiting any of these locations and events, you'll surely come across Bayou Beaux Beez's stall.

Ma & Pa Kettle Korn

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 2.58 mi

Ma & Pa Kettle Korn, which is located in Spring, Texas, has been making low cholesterol kettle and corn since Thanksgiving 1995. It is not rocket science to assume that the reason they are still loved by customers is the delicious sweet and salty taste of Ma & Pa Kettle Korn. If you are looking for a healthier snack option, try Ma & Pa Kettle Korn. It contains 44 calories and 1.66 grams of fat per cup. If you haven't tried Ma & Pa Kettle Korn, don't worry. Once you see that iconic gazebo all decked out in red, white, and blue, you'll see a sign there that says they give away free samples. So taste it and see for yourself!

Ma & Pa Kettle Korn

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 2.58 mi

Ma & Pa Kettle Korn is located in Spring, Texas. They make fresh, small-batch sweet and salty kettle corn daily. And just when you thought every kettle corn is one and the same, Ma & Pa Kettle Korn unleashes its hot kettle corn made spicy by jalapeñnos and peppers. But that is not all! For variety, you may also want to try another enjoyable snack sold here. It's their home-style pork rinds and cracklins! These do not have carbs so these are excellent snack options for those on a paleo diet.

Jessie’s Jams & JelliesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 2.87 mi

Jessie’s Jams & Jellies, which is located in Spring, Texas, is a cottage food business that makes fresh, homemade jams and jellies. They make jams and jellies in small batches. There are many flavors to choose from, depending on what you and your family like. If you are more into fresh and fruity flavor, they have Cherry Berry Jam and Blueberry Jam. But if you are into sweet and spicy jams, try the Red Jalapeño Glaze, the Green Jalapeño Glaze, or the Green Jalapeño Jelly. You can find them selling at the Legends Ranch Farmers Market or at the Wunderlich Farm Interactive History Park. But if they are not there, you can also just send them a message and arrange delivery. Worried that you might be ordering a lot? Don't worry because these jams and jellies are also a perfect gift to family, friends, or co-workers.

Bundt Cake-A-Holic, Inc.

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 5.12 mi

If you want an adult cake, then have Bundt Cake-A-Holic, Inc. make you their specialty: alcohol-infused cake. Maybe you are tired of the same old traditional cakes, so go ahead and go for an alcohol-infused cake. Alcohol has always been an important component of cooking and making food. Making alcohol-infused cakes is proof that alcohol does not automatically mean drinking, it could also be about eating sweet treats! But don't worry. If you want a non-alcoholic cake, Bundt Cake-A-Holic, Inc. also makes those.

The Creative OvenNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 5.33 mi

The Creative Oven, which is located in Spring, Texas, makes craft baked goods. Creative flavor combinations and unique twists on classics. Selling at local farmer’s markets and available to order for local pickup. You might spot them at a local farmers market, where they sometimes set up shop, like at The Woodlands Farmer's Market at Grogan's Mill, which opens at 9 AM every Saturday. What to be on the lookout for? They could be selling Toffee Pistachio Cookie Brittle, for example. Or perhaps some Rosemary Salted Caramel Oatmeal Bars.

The Elderberry DropNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 6.14 mi

The Elderberry Drop, located in Spring, Texas, makes organic, natural, handcrafted, small-batch elderberry syrup. They also have Brew-It-Yourself Elderberry Kit and Elderflower Tea. These can help improve the body's immunity, especially during the flu season. They also have other elderberry products like Elderberry Jelly, Elderberry Mulling Spice, Elderberry Syrup Kit, Immuni-Tea Blend, Sereni-Tea Blend, Lemon-Infused Honey, and other useful items like stainless steel shot glass and tea infuser. You can order these products online. If you want, you can visit Sutra Yoga Studio or The Market at Wunderlich Farms. It is available at Wholesome Bites and Woodlands Farmers Market as well. Customers are happy with The Elderberry Drop because it helped them with their allergies and kept them away from flu. Even when they do come down with flu, the symptoms are very mild and easily manageable.

Jani’s Waffles

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 6.98 mi

The promise of Jani's Waffles to its customers is that they make waffles that are not just delicious. More importantly, the waffles are healthy for you and are made with all-natural ingredients. It takes a lot of effort since it is not easy to adhere to the standards set by Jani's Waffles when it comes to the waffles they sell. These artisanal waffles are vegan, plant-based food made with non-GMO ingredients. They use organic ingredients and the waffles are not just gluten-free, they are also made without any dairy or egg. There is also no sugar used in making these waffles, so you have to wonder if there is any taste in this waffle at all. Have one and you'll be surprised that yes, it is not only healthy and all-natural but delicious too.

Granny’s Tamales (1st Street)

Artisan Food Producer in Humble - 8.98 mi

Granny's Tamales have two locations in Humble, Texas: one of which is here on East 1st Street while the other one is on Bypass 1960. This artisan food producer offers a great variety of tamales that are so "delicious" and "very tasty." The "pricing was very reasonable and they had a good assortment. They came out piping hot and are sold in either half dozen or dozen." Pork & beef, "spinach, cheese, chicken," jalapeño, bean, and sweet corn are only some of them. And, each one can also be bought in either mild or spicy version. All their "tamales have a nice kick when you first bite down on one. Very flavorful and delicious." Top that with a "great customer service" and the "satisfaction is 100%" guaranteed at this place!

Keanu’s Cookies

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 8.98 mi

Keanu's Cookies has officially been in business since 2017, spreading the spirit of aloha through their “Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Shortbread Cookies” Keeping their tradition, no preservatives, Keanu’s Cookies have quickly become one of the most recommended cookies around town. Their delicious handcrafted shortbread cookies are “mixed with macadamia nuts for a true taste of the islands”. Each cookie is then freshly baked to perfection before being lightly dusted with a touch of powdered sugar. They put all the aloha in each cookie they bake and take pride in what they serve. Each cookie meets the highest taste expectation before it leaves the center.

Subi’s Slovak KitchenNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 9.00 mi

Subi’s Slovak Kitchen, which is located in Spring, Texas, makes hand-crafted small-batch Slovak foods made from decades-old recipes. They sell exclusively at the Wunderlich Farmer's Market in Klein, Texas. What's on the menu? They have Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese, Strawberry Kolachki, and different pierogies (Lasagna Pierogies, Zuppa Toscana Pierogies, Cabbage Pierogies, Mushroom Pierogies, Shrimp & Grits Pierogies, and Potato and Cheddar Pierogies. They also have Silk Chocolate Pies, The Grampa Mustache (which is a blueberry lemon cheesecake), and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. If you haven't tried Slovakian food and you want to try some now, try the authentic Slovakian food here.

Crave Cupcakes (Woodlands)

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 9.69 mi

Eating baked goods such as cupcakes is such a treat no one would ever think of it as a boring, monotonous activity. That is impossible, especially if you are looking at the menu at Crave Cupcakes (Woodlands). They have a list of daily rotating flavors, and there are more than 20 you will find there. That's not all. They also have a list of seasonal flavors and there are at least ten different cupcake and baked goods flavors. If this does not get you excited every time you are near a Crave Cupcakes store, I don't know what will.


Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 11.86 mi

FreshBrew coffee & tea is a haven for coffee and tea lovers. They specialize in creating custom tea and coffee blends that are all sustainably sourced. This is because part of the mission of FreshBrew is to provide customers with gourmet-quality blends that help support producers from where the products are sourced.

Sweet Granny Bea’s

Artisan Food Producer in Humble - 12.18 mi

Get a taste of home, Just like granny used to make! Specializing in pies and other delectable, Sweet Granny Bea's is your go to place for “delicious and mouth-watering desserts”. This business is inspired by Grandmother Bea who used to make the best sweet potato pies in the world that all the kids would scramble to get a piece. Delivering nourishment and love through sugar and spice, Sweet Granny Bea's currently offers Sweet Potato Pie, Sweet Potato Sunrise Pie, Pecan and Chocolate Pecan Pies, Shortbread Pecan Bars and Sweet Potato Pecan Bars that are ridiculously good! Every dessert is made with love, fresh ingredients and patience.

Payeton’s PastriesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Humble - 13.19 mi

Payeton’s Pastries, which is located in Humble, Texas, is a cupcake shop that uses organic ingredients to make cupcakes from scratch. This cupcake shop uses organic flour, vegan pure cane sugar, organic milk, and organic eggs. Payeton's Pastries' first product, the Red Velvet cupcake, remains a popular item among loyal repeat customers. This is a must-try if this is your first time at Payeton's Pastries. Today, this cupcake shop offers a variety of gourmet pastries that will definitely satisfy your craving for sweets. You can buy just one, or you can buy a dozen cupcakes and mini-cupcakes. They have cookies and muffins too!

A La TarteNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 13.51 mi

A La Tarte, which is located in Spring, Texas, makes gourmet, made-from-scratch tarts, cakes, and cookies. Raja Jertila started this business hoping to provide healthy baked goods to Texans who enjoy eating tarts, cakes, and cookies. These aren't just delicious, but nutritious as well, considering what's in them: almonds, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pears, apples, plums, cherries, apricots, figs, plums, strawberries, lemons, oranges, and raisins, to name a few. These baked goods are perfect dessert treats at home. You can also gift your family, friends, or coworkers with these delicious treats if ever an occasion calls for one, and they will be thankful for sure!

BZ Honey

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 13.76 mi

BZ Honey provides local honey from Cypress, Houston, Katy, and Tomball. They have a total of 8 bee yards located across NW Harris County and extract all honey at their store in Tomball. BZ Honey sells honey, creamed honey, beekeeping equipment and beeswax products, all of which are always “pure, fresh, and chemical free.” The honey is extracted from local hives. They do not heat or filter their local honey and they don't put any chemicals in their hives. They just strain the honey to separate it from the wax and bottle it directly. BZ Honey also support backyard beekeepers with beekeeping supplies and classes at the store. Come and try the honey and see the difference that this care makes in the flavor.

Whitman Farm / The Honey House

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 13.87 mi

Serving top-quality products, the Honey House at Whitman Farm has the “hands down the best honey”. Their honey is made in-house and licensed by the Montgomery country Healthy department. Rest assured, that you will be served with only the best of the best. Aside from their honey, they also offer a great selection of jams and soaps that are both “excellent” and “delicious”! They have an “absolutely delicious three berry jam”, perfect for your morning toast. Enjoy their top-quality products and even gift them to friends and loved ones, the packaging looks “stylish and professional”. Their products are definitely worth the try!

Vintage Food

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 13.95 mi

Located in Conroe, Texas, Vintage Food produces “all-natural quality foods” like jars of jellies, pizzelles, grahnola bars, pickles honey stixs, raw local honey, and gift baskets. They make everything in small batches using only the freshest ingredients in the kitchen, which sells quickly so they don’t use any preservatives. At Vintage Food, they strive to be different. You’ll find unique flavors that you’ll never see at a grocery store, but they carry the traditional favorite flavors too. They have three Jelly flavors that are made with raw honey. Everything is all-natural and they use any food coloring to make the jellies look different. Come and try their local products. They always have free samples for you to taste!

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