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Midland Meat Company

Butcher in Midland - 17.02 mi

If you're looking for some of the most freshest and flavorful meats in Midland, Texas, then the Midland Meat Company might be worth a visit. Coming from decades of cattle-raising tradition, the Scharbauer family established the Midland Meat Company to introduce their farm-raised beef to the public. And apart from fresh cuts of beef, they also have beef sticks, tamales, and even Wagyu beef cuts if you're planning to spoil yourself.

Larry’s Speciality Meats

Butcher in Odessa - 29.36 mi

Providing Odessa with an “authentic butcher shop experience” for over four decades, Larry's Specialty Meats is a family business that is owned and operated by Dwayne P. It became a “go-to place for highest quality meat and exotic game.” Their selection includes a little bit of everything and they offer only the highest quality cuts of meat possible, including certified Hereford beef, DUROC All-Natural Pork, Honey Glazed Hams, Texas Seasons, Vicious Vince's Salsa, Fredericksburg Farms, Beef, Buffalo, Deer & Turkey Jerky, Bacon, Cheese, Marinated Chicken Breasts, Freezer Bundles, Gourmet Condiments, Pickles, Canned Goods, Spices, Marinades and Seasonings, all to bring “incredible flavor” to your kitchen. Whether you’re doing your weekly shopping or celebrating something special, Larry's Specialty Meats has everything you need!

Hull’s Meat

Butcher in Turkey - 38.71 mi

Proud to be a part of the community, Hull's Meat Company is your friendly and affordable neighborhood meat market that is known for producing the “finest beef, pork, chicken and deli meats” available in Big Spring Texas. They only carry high quality fresh meat and they also have Cookout packs that will have you “fire up the barbeque for mouth-watering delicious meals.” Once you try their delicious meats and deli selections, you will be hooked! Their specials keep the customers coming back for more, because they offer delectable meats that you can afford! Hull’s Meat Company has “competitive pricing” and delicious cheeses, deli style lunch meat, spices, and much more. They can also customize your orders just how you like them.

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