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Mellard Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Marfa - 65.90 mi

Quality ranch-fresh beef is what you can expect from Mellard Ranch. Established in 2006, they prefer to sell locally and meet their customers in person. This allows them to build a working relationship with the consumers. Their beef is 100% grass-finished and is available in a variety of cuts. You can even stock up with their whole, half, and quarter cuts that are available for pre-order.

Red Wagon Farm Alpine

Farm & Ranch in Alpine - 66.10 mi

Red Wagon Farm offers locally grown vegetables that they raised and harvested using organic techniques. They also keep chickens and ducks for eggs that they offer to the community as well. You can find them selling their produce and eggs at the Alpine Farmers Market at the Hotel Ritchey Courtyard on Historic Murphy Street. They also sell homemade pickles, relishes and mustards. Check out their social media page to know more updates about their farm.

Bella Roca Organics

Farm & Ranch in Alpine - 66.13 mi

Bella Roca Organics prioritizes “growing plants sustainably.”  Through the years, they have had a great line up of produce that is fresh and locally raised and harvested.  Some of their products include garlic, onions, okra, different types of tomatoes, cilantro, kale, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and more!  Bella Roca Organics also offers scones, muffins, tacos, or soup!

Marfa Meats

Farm & Ranch in Marfa - 67.03 mi

Marfa Meats, which is located in Marfa, Texas, offers retail access to local, range-raised beef, pork, lamb, and goat as well as USDA & custom processing services. You can also buy offal and bones, and sign up for a subscription box. Anyone who is interested to visit is encouraged to drop by to see for themselves how things work here. But you don't have to be here to order. You can visit their official website and shop online, a very convenient way to purchase great quality meats. You don't even have to worry about how to pick up your order because they will make sure this is delivered to your doorstep.

Harral Livestock

Farm & Ranch in Fort Stockton - 115.97 mi

Harral Livestock Company raises all-natural, grass-fed Angus, Limousin, and Corriente Cattle. They do not use antibiotics or hormones. You can also see "wonderful photos" of their farm at their social media page. You will be amazed that their "land is beautiful". Their photos bring outs the the "diversity" of the land that they call "home". You can contact them directly if you want to know more about their farm.

Mandujano Brothers Produce

Farm & Ranch in Coyanosa - 133.73 mi

Mandujano Brothers Produce is a fruits and vegetables business. The farm specializes in the production and distribution of cantaloupe, watermelon, onion, hay, and peppers. It is located in Coyanosa, Texas. Mandujano Brothers Produce takes pride in its dedication to growing a local favorite - the Pecos cantaloupe, named after Pecos County. Farmers are growing Pecos cantaloupe for many years. It is one of the hardest crops to grow, but the farm is committed to providing the locals with quality Pecos cantaloupes. Here's another good thing about this farm: if you are looking for a family activity in the fall, why not bring everyone here? The farm hosts a pumpkin patch where guests can pick pumpkins right off the vine. This is a fun, wholesome bonding time, especially for those who get to experience this for the first time.  

Hudspeth River Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Comstock - 156.49 mi

Centuries of successful ranching history since 1905 define Hudspeth River Ranch. Alice Ball Strunk now leads the legacy, specializing in sustainable lamb and goat raising. Experience the mild, lean, and tender goodness of our lamb. Join our satisfied customers who rave about the best lamb around. Nestled on expansive, stunning land, our ranch supports thriving wildlife, including Rio Grande turkeys, White Tail deer, and wild hogs. For hunting enthusiasts, we offer a great option.

LCF Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Salt Flat - 195.93 mi

Nestled in El Paso's eastern region, you'll find the 20-acre LCF Ranch in the heart of the Chihuahuan Desert. Dennisio Vandusen-Torres embarked on this southwestern adventure when he acquired the farm in June 2018, starting from scratch with minimal resources and basic necessities. What was once barren desert scrubland has now transformed into a thriving oasis, teeming with healthy plants and animals. LCF Ranch is dedicated to organic farming and sustainable living, offering free-range poultry, livestock, and naturally-grown produce. If you're eager to contribute, providing tools and materials is a great way to support their mission. Joining their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is another excellent idea, as they can conveniently deliver within a 50-mile radius of El Paso. Help cultivate this desert wonderland and be part of their journey towards sustainability and organic goodness.

Rancho Honduras

Farm & Ranch in Midland - 198.46 mi

Rancho Honduras is a small farm that raises plants, vegetables, and chickens to produce eggs to be sold directly or through farmers market stalls. This farm produces fresh chicken and duck eggs, asparagus, as well as some pickled veggies, fruit jams, and juices. Everything is farm-fresh, cage-free, and all-natural!

Morgan Farm

Farm & Ranch in Midland - 201.58 mi

Morgan Farm provides seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers year-round, as well as farm-fresh eggs.  Aside from the delicious flavor of their products, achieved without the use of pesticides, Morgan Farm is also a place for a great produce picking experience, especially for kids.  Produce from this farm include strawberries, apricots, watermelon, tomatoes, carrots, green onion, fresh white onion, winter flowers, aloe Vera and succulent plants.      

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