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A.Y. Raam FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Kingsbury

The farm opened in 2007. Seth and Rachel Armstrong run the A.Y RAAM Farms. They started the farm with the principles of love, respect, and integrity.As Seth would usually say, he married the farmer's daughter. The farm name stands for Rachels' siblings, including her (A-aron, Y-itchak, R-achel, A-bigail, A-na, and M-oriah)For the couple, Australian Shepherd puppies make the best dog in the world, probably the reason why they have been breeding this line for over ten years. They also breed Yorkshire Terriers.These experienced and licensed breeders also raise the highest-quality grass-fed chicken, pork, and beef. They also house Nubian goats and paint horses.Aside from that, they offer a wide variety of organic crops. If you want a one-stop-shop local farm, A.Y. RAAM Farms is the best source for your needs. From lots of veggies and meat to the kindest dogs, they've got you covered! 

(512) 644-0828

Adobe Farm

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford

Adobe farm got their name from the type of soils and vegetation on their farm, but what they're known for is their purebred, registered Nubian goatsThey also have goat milk and cheese and got an award last 2012 for their raw goat milk cheddar. Recently, they also opened their farm store, Bella's Barn, which features their hand-raised produce, duck & chicken eggs, dairy, cheese, raw honey, handicrafts, and a soap/toiletries line. A happy customer said, "My 9-year-old granddaughter loves animals and gardening. We went together to visit Adobe Farm and learned a lot about gardening and raising farm animals. Also,we enjoyed our visit with knowledgeable and personable Spaeths. We bought the Circle Gardening book that Ken authored along with some delicious cheeses, peaches, eggs, and vegetables. I highly recommend visiting Adobe Farms!"

(817) 598-0597

Alford Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Emory

The farm opened in 2013. The Alford Family farm offers a diverse number of sustainable and organic crops. They have blueberries and blackberries (close to 4000 trees). Additionally, they grow muscadine grapes, peaches (150 trees), and pecans (370 trees). Moreover, they have a variety of vegetables (cucumbers, onions, peppers, tomatoes, squash, zucchinis, and more).Although they seem pretty new in the farming business, they have already received multiple awards with their outstanding effort.What people love about this farm is their U-Pick project. They allow everyone to experience farm life by picking and interacting with animals. Some of the animals you can spend time with are oreo-cookie cows, red waddle pigs, and Cornish corn chickens.A patron even described it as ‘A beautiful slice of heaven on earth!’If you are up for a countryside farming experience, be sure to mark May to July on your calendar and visit them!

(903) 474-7629

Animal Farm

Farm & Ranch in Cat Spring

The Animal Farm in Cat Spring, Texas, is a Permaculture Center and a Certified Organic Produce Farm. They usually supply in Farmers Markets and specialty restaurants with their most excellent and most nutritious vegetables, fruits, and herbs, such as arugula, broccoli, cilantro, chard, collard, greens, florets, spinach, spring onion and many more! Also, they have a farm tour for the public at least twice a year during spring and fall. Furthermore, they organize retreats for holistic practices such as yoga and open up their facilities to others. One happy customer says: "The animal farm can transform a property into an artistic haven. The products are of high quality and also have a fantastic flavor and variety. We highly recommend the farm." Visit Animal Farm and try their delicious organic products! Visit their website for more details.

(979) 992-3038

Appleby Community Farm

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches

Appleby Community Farm is a nine-acre farm that produces organic vegetables in the Nacogdoches/Lufkin area. Initially, they wanted to run a bed and breakfast when they purchased their land last 2007. However, they had an unexpected detour and directed their attention to farming. When Appleby Community farm started, they wanted to promote organic vegetables and products. They want to leave the environment better than when they found it. Their crops include beans, broccoli, cucumbers, herbs/spices, melons, onions, peas, to name a few. One of their happy customers said, "Cindy and Bryan at Appleby Community Farm are some of the kindest, hardworking folks you'll ever meet. Beautiful farm, excellent produce and chicken, and la-la-loved Cindy's kombucha class!"They haven't updated their CSA page since 2018, contact them directly for more information.


Aunt Sue’s Barn

Farm & Ranch in Ponder

Aunti Sue's Barn was Founded in 1999, Sue Newhouse and her husband Brian Odwyer has been running the 10-acre farm for over two decades.In just a twenty-minute ride from Denton, Texas, you can reach the farm. Just be sure to make a left turn at a yellow mailbox.Inside the farm are two greenhouses, a beehive, a tree orchard, and a red barn. Furthermore, they grow asparagus, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines, and flowers. Additionally, all of their products are available at Coppell Farmers Market, Denton Community Market, and Robson Ranch Market.Aside from the fresh produce, people keep on coming back for their homemade cobblers, artisan bread, high-quality fruit preserves, and flavored apple cider vinegar.They even extend their effort on sustainable farming by letting guests experience the farm life through U-pick events, workshops, and volunteering events.

(214) 546-7416

Barking Cat Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rockwall

The Barking Cat Farm "locally grows flowers, vegetables, and herbs". Their main farm is Hunt Country while they also have a small acreage at Rockwall Hunt at the North East of Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2004, the Barking Cat Farm "uses organic methods in growing their flowers, herbs, and vegetables" that don't ship well or not shipped at all. Hence, they focus on "selling directly to nearby florists, restaurants, caterers", etc. They also support local farmers and at the same time, "helps put healthy food to the people's stomach". Their product list varies seasonally and offers something new. This place is highly recommended, "for those who like variety and love to cook!"

(214) 702-9201

Barndo Honey CoNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Pipe Creek

Barndo is a short term for “Bardominium,” which means a traditional barn space with living quarters. The Barndo Honey Co in Pipe Creek, Texas, is a family-oriented business that aims to provide high-quality products and wants to promote the safety of the threatened honey bee. Honey is vital in daily life. It is antibacterial and full of antioxidants that help people to have a great complexion. Furthermore, the Barndo Honey Co is the local vendor of Kerrville Farmers Market. Moreover, they also sells balms, lotions, and soaps made from honey and wax. Aside from that, they also offer beehive leasing in the area of Bandera, Medina, Kendall, and Kerr Counties in the Texas Hill Country. Have a radiant skin by using Barno Honey Co products. Check their website for inquiries at www.barndohoney.com

(830) 460-3795

Bee Friendly Austin

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Off 290 West, near Circle Dr. between Austin and Dripping Springs, you can find Bee Friendly Austin – a small "certified naturally-grown apiary" in Southwest Austin. Furthermore, it is a working bee yard of Tanya and Chuck Phillips with live bees and beekeepers. They are "passionate and informative beekeepers" that offers "the best honey ever". Moreover, they "sell bee nucs, beehive boxes, and equipment, beeswax, and apothecary items". Aside from that, they also have "natural raw honey, wax, pollen, handmade soaps, lip balm, lotion bars", and more. Also, they have "ongoing classes" and "give consultations to become a better beekeeper or help you with AG Exemptions". Before going there, please call to schedule a visit to make sure they are available. Reminder, there are always bees on site and dogs on patrol, so please drive carefully on your way there.

(512) 560-3732

Bee2Bee Honey CollectiveNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Houston

Nicole Buergers, the founder of Bee2Bee Honey Collective, decide to leave the corporate world and do something different, like being a beekeeper. Since 2015, The Bee2Bee Honey Collective in Houston, Texas, focuses on helping the local Houston honey bee population. They are increasing beehives and provides honey bee education for those who are interested in bees and honey. Nicole, together with her team, wants to give a healthy, sustainable habitat for pollinators and promote urban beekeeping. One of their clients says, “The Bee2Bee cares about bees and has a real passion for helping people to learn how to care bees. The bee population is necessary for human survival, and the tasty honey is just a bonus. The local honey has been a wonderful addition in teas, bread, and other cooking adventures! So glad that the owner started this!” Drop by to Bee2Bee Honey Collective and experience the real raw honey!

(281) 845-4069

Belton Veggie GuysNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Belton

Belton Veggie Guys is a small farm in Belton that grows over 100 varieties of peppers, other vegetables, plants, and eggs through sustainable and organic methods. Moreover, they do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. You can find them at local farmers' markets. Satisfied customers said, "The best eggs in central Texas!" "They are the absolute best in the area! The egg yolks are so rich and delicious!" "So many different peppers. The colors were beautiful." and "My go-to guys for different types of peppers and other unusual veggies." Also, you can contact Jeff Oaks if you want to inquire.

Blackwood Educational Land Institute

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

Blackwood Educational Land Institute in Hempstead, Texas, is a 33-acres non-profit organic teaching farm. The farm is on a mission to model and teaches the indispensable role of restorative, sustainable food systems. They provide programs for youth and adults alike. For youth, they facilitate tours, overnight stays, a farm school, as well as day and overnight camps. And for adults and families, they offer Blackwood, Bounty. They also offer a CSA program, classes and workshops, overnight and day retreats, and volunteer opportunities. Happy client says, “The Blackwood Educational Land Institute is a magical place portraying the 21st-century farm. A family would be happy to raise their kids on a farm that is a beautiful, productive, and very active place. This is how they can raise a set of new young farmers.” To know more about Blackwood Educational Land Institute, you can visit their website at blackwoodland.org/thefarm/csa/.  

(888) 741-7199

Blessing Falls Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Thrall

The owners of Blessing Falls Family Farm established the business in 2010. They have been continuously expanding each year.Being one of the community-supported agriculture in Texas, they keep on planting more plants and raising more livestock to produce more shares to their advanced-contributing members.Check their website if you want to be part of their CSA/Farm Share program.Currently, they are service Austin, Elgin, Roun Rock, Hutto, George Town, Taylor, Manor, and nearby surrounding areas.Moreover, they offer naturally-raised veggies, pastured pork, and grass-fed beef. They also already have chicken and eggs.They haven't updated their CSA page since 2019, contact them directly for more information.

(512) 705-9467

Cleaton’s 4E Farms

Farm & Ranch in Kempner

There is something about cultivating a sense of optimism and hope when you start growing things. The owner of Cleaton's 4E Farms relates to this. As a disabled veteran, the owner didn't wallow on his unfortunate circumstance but instead, he focused his energy to cultivate the land. Now, Cleaton's 4E Farms has vegetables, flowers, succulents, fruit trees, and an overall wide expanse of green. It is a feel-good story, the same feeling you get after having your fill of the fresh food you get from this farm. They also just got their Go Texan Membership so you're sure everything they offer is 100% local!

(254) 415-5206

Cold Springs Farm CSA

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford

In Weatherford, Texas, you can find Cold Springs Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that opened in 2000. They specialize in quality heirloom, rare and commercially extinct fruits and vegetables. Also, they have free-range chickens, turkeys, red wattle, Mangalitsa, American Guinea Hogs, and bees. Moreover, they practice only sustainable forms of agriculture. On top of that, they are a part of the National Resources Conservation Service's Organic Program in 2009. Additionally, they provide local families access to through sales at Cowtown Farmers Market and through the farm's CSA shares.What's unique about them is they offer seasonal produce subscriptions as part of their CSA program. It has four 8-week sessions where subscribers receive various organically grown fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs each week during each session. Furthermore, there are products available for purchase, such as fresh farm eggs, grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, natural honey, heirloom garden seeds, and gift baskets. Currently, they also provide basket delivery to homes and offices via 2BuckCluck, a rental program for hens; vertical garden design and installation; and the Veggie Van, North Texas' first mobile farmer's market. Each week, the Veggie Van makes four public stop at Redentas Garden Center in Arlington, Stir Crazy Baked Goods, the T&P Lofts, and Pegaso Mexican Diner, all in Tarrant County.Satisfied customers said, "Excellent farm and produce" and "I was a member of Cold Spring Farm's CSA last season. I plan to do it again this year. All the produce was beautiful, fresh, and so unusual! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can't wait for the spring session to begin." Please note that they do not allow visitors.

(817) 458-8038

Counter Culture Farms

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches

Counter Culture Farms in Nacogdoches, Texas offer you intimacy with the land, food, and healing through their products. In a world where everything comes in a super-fast pace, the farm revels in the fact that they raise their meats in the way that time has almost forgotten. They invite you to come and be part of the sacred ways of this life, the land, and our ancestors. A visit to their farm will show you where your food is coming from, not from a factory, but from nature itself. Send them a note, see the cows moo, the goats bahh, and the eagles soar. There is so much more to life and food than what groceries can offer.

Coyote Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Elgin

Jeremiah Cunningham, the owner of Coyote Creek Farm, founded the business in 1997.In 2007, they opened the first organic feed mill in Texas. It has helped farmers provide organic food to their animals while lowering the carbon footprint of farming. Their feed only uses certified organic ingredients approved by the USDA. Also, all grains they use are grown organically without herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals.They offer feeds for turkeys, chickens, broilers, pigs, cattle, goat, sheep, and rabbits.Aside from feeds, the farm also offers grass-fed beef and pastured eggs.Want to try their products now? You can find them in retail stores and on Amazon.

(512) 285-2556

Dautobi AcresNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Kingsville

Dautobi Acres specialize in pasture-raised lambs, whole or half, processed to your specifications. They do not give any hormones or antibiotics on the lambs. No pesticides or herbicides are sprayed on the pastures. They believe in the importance of “leaving the land better than you found it”. You can find the place in Northeast Texas, about an hour Northeast of the Dallas area, between Celeste and Leonard.  You can contact them through their website.

(903) 453-5343

Dovetail Farms & VineyardNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Bells

Dovetail Farms & Vineyar farm is a Certified Animal Welfare Approved cattle operation. They have a small herd of full-blood Braunvieh and Angus crossed cattle, pasture-raised and finished to your specifications. They also have premium winegrape offerings for the dedicated home winemaker but the "best way to secure any" of their "wines is by joining the mailing list". Also, the best time to call them for reserving your grapes is in mid-May. You can also check out the woodworks that they offer on their website. You can call them or send an email regarding the harvest schedules of their grapes. All beef and grapes are sold by pre-arrangement.

(903) 965-4801

Dragons Journey Homestead

Farm & Ranch in Bedias

On a 3-acre property in Bedias, Dragons Journey Homestead is a small "ranch style farm growing a wide range of produce and raising heritage breed chickens, goats", and "pigs". Additionally, the farm started in 2018. The owners live and work their homestead year-round with a produce stand on the property. Also, they have a "farmstead blog focused on transitioning to living a new life and educating people on homesteading". Moreover, they "offer a subscription service", so don't hesitate to contact them. Furthermore, they "provide short farm tours and meet-the-producers program". For scheduling or questions, you may email them and contact Michael.

(936) 333-3746

Edens Cove Farm

Farm & Ranch in Cedar Creek

From the hard work and perseverance of JoAnn and Vivian Smotherman, Eden's Cove Farm was born.Supporting the people's demands for less processing, less packaging, more nutrition, flavor, and freshness on food, they sell farm-raised pork directly from the farm to the consumers.What's exciting about their pork is that the hogs grew up eating organic veggies and pastured eggs.Aside from that, they also support people's desire to produce their own food. Therefore, they have decided to offer homesteading classes for everyone interested.Today, they also offer classes about poultry processing, sausage and curing, custom game butchering, and raw milk pick up. 

(210) 725-2937

Farmer’s Market DeliveryNo Own Retail Location

Online Service in Houston

Farmer's Market Delivery is Houston's First Virtual Farmers Market! Anything you can find at a farmers market, you can order online and have it delivered straight to your door. All of their vendors are guaranteed to follow sustainable practices and produce some of the best goods this side of Houston! In fact, almost all of their vendors and suppliers have been hand-curated here at TexasRealFood and have their own listings! It's some of of Houston's best Farms, Artisan Food Producers, Bakers, Ranches, Butchers and more available at one Virtual Location with the option of having the products delivered straight to your door! Talk about convenience!

(832) 875-3661

Fiddlesticks Farms

Farm & Ranch in Midland

A family farm, Fiddlesticks Farms in Midland Texas is an 80-acre playground that is perfect for all ages. The farm is "selling vegetables, honey, flowers, etc". Every fall, the farm "offers an exhibit of humorous adventures" that will fascinate people about the world of agriculture. They have a maze that they assemble into a 13-acre cornfield, and most of the people who visit Fiddlesticks farm are excited to experience this incredible maze. Moreover, the farm is open from Monday – Friday from "9:00 am to 2:00 pm for school field trips and private parties". You can visit their website for appointments and reservations. They assemble private picnic areas for events and parties. Reserve your slot now!

(432) 687-6293

Food For Thought Permaculture Garden

Farm & Ranch in Elgin

Food for Thought Permaculture Gardens is one of the many Texas enterprises that are helping locals re-discover their relationship with nature and their natural food source. Not only do they specialize in heirloom produce, but they also help others learn the ropes of cultivating their own food by offering workshops on gardening, natural building, and food preservation. They help build a community with a keen awareness to the value of fresh, local produce, and community-supported agriculture, which is a healthier and more sustainable option.They haven't updated their CSA page since February 10, 2014, contact them directly for more information.

(512) 365-4218

Four Oaks Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Spurger

Laird Moncrief founded the Four Oaks Ranch. It focuses on providing premium-quality hay so that cattle farmers can nourish their cows well, including the farm themselves. They also raise the best of the best cattle in their farm, producing prime cut beef that no other supermarket beef can replicate.If you want to discover more, please visit their Facebook page and watch out for updates.Today, Carolyn Moncrief, Lair's wife, and Carolyn, their daughter, spends time helping in the farm duties.A Facebook comment says, "Four Oaks Ranch is a beautiful farm owned by two hard-working and super nice folks."

(409) 504-0189

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