Ballinger, TX
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Bell4 Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Ballinger - 0.00 mi

Bell4 Ranch, a cherished family-owned and operated establishment, takes pride in its commitment to delivering exceptional custom beef sales. Specializing in premium-quality cuts, this ranch promises a personalized experience tailored to meet your beef needs. With a dedication to tradition and quality, Bell4 Ranch ensures that every cut of beef is carefully selected and expertly prepared. From tender steaks to succulent roasts, each offering reflects the ranch's passion for excellence. Whether you're planning a special meal or stocking up for everyday dining, Bell4 Ranch's custom beef sales guarantee a memorable culinary experience. Trust in their expertise and savor the superior taste of locally sourced, premium-quality beef.

South Texas Heritage Pork

Farm & Ranch in Floresville - 16.14 mi

At South Texas Heritage Pork, we proudly raise English Large Blacks and Tamworths, rare heritage breeds, with care and dedication. Mark and Kelley Escobedo, a husband and wife team, uphold traditional methods that take a bit longer but result in delicious products. Our 400 free-range pigs enjoy a natural lifestyle, complete with a swimming hole and freshwater from dedicated owners. We prioritize their well-being, providing antibiotics only when needed, and never using hormones or steroids. Our commitment extends to pesticide-free grasses and maintaining their tails and teeth. Taste the difference in our heritage pork!

Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef

Farm & Ranch in Winters - 24.45 mi

Experience the excellence of Americal Criollo Beef Alliance, Inc, a family farm established in 2010. Our passion lies in offering the finest Criollo beef, known for its tenderness and superior quality. Imported from Andalusia, Spain by Columbus, this Spanish cattle breed surpasses even Japan's Kobe and Wagyu beef. Each batch undergoes rigorous DNA testing to ensure maximum quality assurance. Our Criollo cattle roam freely in Central Texas, self-rotating and self-foraging on a sizable pasture, resulting in naturally fat and flavorful meat. Indulge in the most mouth-watering, aromatic beef at an affordable price. Don't miss our exclusive online offer: order now and enjoy a 16% discount!

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