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Brownwood Area Community Garden

Farm & Ranch in Brownwood - 8.26 mi

"Brownwood Area Community Garden is a little hidden Brownwood gem". A "beautiful spot" that is "well cared for and filled with the hard work of those who tend to their gardens". There are 65 20-foot raised beds with drip irrigation pipes and a 6,000-gallon rainwater collection system. A shade arbour for an outdoor classroom and socializing is also present. Hot and cool composting bins and a small orchard with fruit trees, pomegranates, and black and blueberries are also everywhere. This garden is "a must-see for any garden lover". Check out their latest updates on their Facebook page. You can also donate or volunteer too.

McClatchy Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bangs - 8.64 mi

The McClatchy family has been Hereford breeders for three generations and have won awards for the high quality of their registered breeding stock. Every cow dreams of life on the McClatchy Ranch and a few special ones have enjoyed this idyllic setting for generations. It begins with the right genetics, add grass and tender loving care. Their cattle have been tested and shown to have high levels of the tenderness genes and sonogram muscle density tests have shown their entire herd to be tender. Their cowboys have been trained in gentle handling techniques to assure that the herd stays placid and content. Their cattle are not your ordinary commercial herd, they're something special and almost pampered but still hardy enough to thrive in the ever-changing heart of Texas environment. No grain. No feedlot. No antibiotics. No added hormones. No pesticides.

Rockin S Beefalo

Farm & Ranch in Santa Anna - 9.01 mi

The Bryant Brothers acquired the land where Rockin S Beefalo currently thrives. Initially, this land served as a retreat, but they had grander plans in mind. They were determined to rejuvenate the land's former beauty, which had been depleted by previous farming practices. This undertaking was far from simple. The land had suffered from a ten-year drought, and even when rainfall finally returned to their region, it took an additional two years before they could introduce livestock. In 2012, they embarked on raising cattle and Beefalo, which naturally helped maintain the farm. It took another four years for seeds to finally flourish in their soil. In 2016, they achieved a significant milestone by processing and harvesting their first batch of beef. Their years of dedicated effort had unquestionably borne fruit.

Lil Heaven RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Coleman - 18.87 mi

Lil Heaven Ranch is a place where they "raise honey bees and care for some rescued critters". They also "sell raw honey straight from the hive to the bottle" from the Coleman and Brown Counties.  Truly "a blessed place to live!"  Check out their social media page for more updates. You can also contact them directly on how you can buy their honey products.  

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