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Texas Iberico LLC

Artisan Food Producer in Hext - 21.67 mi

Texas Iberico specializes in offering a wide range of premium Iberico pork cuts, including tenderloins, ribs, and shoulders, sourced from their own herd of purebred Iberico pigs. Their pigs are raised on a carefully crafted diet and allowed to roam freely in spacious pastures, ensuring their meat is succulent, flavorful, and marbled with delicate fat. With a commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices, Texas Iberico emphasizes the welfare of their animals and the preservation of traditional Iberico pork production methods.

The Great San Saba River Pecan Company

Artisan Food Producer in San Saba - 34.36 mi

Located at the “Pecan Capital of the World”, The Great San Saba River Pecan Company offers fabulous gourmet pecan preserves, toppings, pies and snacks using pecans from their orchards along the San Saba River. These award winning products are all natural and made by hand. “The traditional Pecan Pie” took the Blue Ribbon in Atlanta at Americas Mart for Best Dessert. The “Peach Pecan & Amaretto Preserves” have been awarded the gold 1st Prize Trophy for the Most Outstanding Preserve by the International Fancy Food Show in New York. All of their products are recognized by connoisseurs of Gourmet products everywhere as outstanding in quality, taste and presentation. If you're in the area, consider checking this place out. You'll taste some pecans fresh from the orchard, sample a variety of scrumptious confections, and support a local, family-owned business.

Millican Pecan Company

Artisan Food Producer in San Saba - 37.51 mi

As you've heard it said, Texas pecans are the “best tasting pecans” you can find. Known for fresh premium quality pecans, pecan candies, pies and treats, Millican Pecan Company continues the traditions and methods that their great-great-grandfather instilled in the business over 100 years ago. Their family is known historically as the “founder of the pecan industry” in San Saba Texas. They developed many great pecan varieties, as well as a prosperous orchard that continues to serve their customers. Each year, they harvest their pecan orchards to provide you with delicious pecan candy, spiced pecans, roasted pecans, and many more pecan products. From harvesting to cooking, they are personally involved in every aspect of Pecan production.

The Mathematician’s Kitchen and Market

Artisan Food Producer in Santa Anna - 41.94 mi

The Mathematician’s Kitchen and Market, which is located in Santa Anna, Texas, makes homemade jam, salsa, pickles, relishes, and bread. They are open from Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. They also sell at the Dublin Farmer's Market, the Comanche Farmer's Market, and the Santa Anna Farmer's Market. This artisan food producer also showcases the products of other local vendors. They are working with different vendors like Steele Crafty Boutique, In My Cloud Designs, Lifes Delights, Lights-n-Things, Brownwood Public Library, Texas Frontier Trading Post, WildHorse Antiques, and Becky Moore's Antiques. And they have room for more vendors!

The Turtle GelateriaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Brownwood - 45.38 mi

If wine is not your thing and you want to cap off your meal at The Turtle with some awesome gelato and/or sorbetto [in fact, so awesome that even Italians like themselves like it], The Turtle Gelateria is right up your alley. Owner and gelato artisan Mary Stanley rotates a wide variety of 60 flavors each year which is why you're bound to find your favorite. Their Honey Vanilla gelato is great and best paired with a buzzing single shot of espresso.

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