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Falcon Oak Farms

Farm & Ranch in Vidor - 4.82 mi

Falcon Oak Farms is also known as Falcon Oaks Nursery and Market. They have fresh organic unsweetened plain yogurt and Almond Coconut Shortbread. Also, Kahlua black walnut fudge and coconut washboard cookies. Plus, Umami multi-seed Crackers, Garlic Herb multi-seed Crackers and Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix. These products are also available online. Handcrafted artisan gifts set collection from seasoned cedarwood and oiled to bring out the natural beauty of the wood are also available. With such products, you really "can’t wait to go shopping" at their greenhouse/storefront. You can check often their website and Facebook page for updates on product availability, news or upcoming workshops/seminars since they also teach people how to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

(512) 534-0533

Great Oaks FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Point Comfort - 5.45 mi

A farm with so much more to offer, Great Oaks Farm offers fresh seasonal items and handmade products. They use organic practices to grow and produce florals while ditching the synthetic pesticides. Moreover, they allow the poultry animals to free-range to get the majority of its food from healthy pastures. The farm also houses several beehives, which they never chemically treated. What people love about the farm are their products. They sell soaps, lotions, honey, bath bombs, non-plastic food wraps, candles, sugar scrubs, and more. If you want natural food and products for your body, Great Oaks Farm is a great place to start your research! They are just north of Austin! Visit them in Leander today!

6J RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Matagorda - 5.45 mi

 Are you looking for a naturally raised meat? The 6J Ranch is a third-generation ranch in Central Texas. They raise their animals and their other products on their own that is why you can make sure that it is 100% hormone-free, antibiotic-free, pesticide-free, and GMO-free. Also, all their meats are state inspected. Usually, you can buy their products in Waco Downtown Farmers Market, Pflugerville Farmers Market, Sun City Farmer's Market, Georgetown Farmer's Market, River Valley Farmer's Market, Round Rock Farmer's Market and many more! Come and find them! You can also visit their website if you want to buy their products. They always give updates on their website where you can find their products! 

(512) 898-2715

Isle Acres Farm

Farm & Ranch in Leander - 5.67 mi

Conveniently seated in the outskirts of Old Town, Leander Texas, Isle Acres Farm is a 2-acre urban farm ready to meet your organic food needs.Becky, along with her husband Farmer Pete, manages and owns the farm. They do everything on the farm by hand. This means that they do not till the land and do not ever use a tractor.They offer CSA programs for people to get a share of their harvest. On a side note, the farm also donates a portion of their produce to the Hill Country Community Ministries. They also offer Farm classes for children.Facebook reviews generally applaud their produce. "Their produce is super fresh and of superior quality. Also, the owners are super helpful and friendly!"

(512) 763-5293

Gullick The Emu

Farm & Ranch in Georgetown - 6.73 mi

Gullick the Emu opened in 2013. They offer USDA-inspected emu meat that is free of pink slime, hormones, and antibiotics. If you ask the farmers, the best cut you can get from an Emu is the fan meat. The farm also offers emu eggs. These eggs are large, perfect for big dishes and art projects. According to the farmers, their approach to farming Emus is beyond organic. They never expose their emus in anything that they will never eat. As a result, their emus can offer healthy and nutritious flesh. Also, they provide pure emu oil with AEA certification. Emu oil is perfect for people looking for skin and joint support. It is also an ideal heart-healthy alternative to eggs and beef.

(512) 466-9295

Round Rock Honey

Farm & Ranch in Round Rock - 7.67 mi

The farm opened in 2003. Since then, Round Rock Honey has produced the “finest raw honey” to be found anywhere in Texas. This raw Texas honey is 100% pure. They never heat or filter their honey. Additionally, they never separate the properties by centrifuge. Therefore, the farm preserves all the natural enzymes and pollen. As a result, they create the highest quality flavor in this true wildflower honey. The emphasis on quality at Round Rock Honey extends to the harvest and packaging as well. Honey is “robbed” on a regular basis, and promptly bottled. Through customer loyalty and rave peer to peer reviews, the business has consistently grown in reputation and capacity. There are many ways to enjoy Round Rock Honey. When in Round Rock, stop by the Honey House to purchase directly at our production facility. In Dallas, Waco, Austin, or Houston, visit your local farmers market to try this Honey from the rock!

(512) 828-5416

Blue Star Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 8.87 mi

In just half a mile from Lake Travis in the Austin resort area, you'll reach the Blue Star Ranch. The farm offers certified non-GMO chicken eggs from their cage-free facility. The farm guarantees A-1 quality for their products. Therefore, people with allergies can benefit from them. With a tamed and gently-raised flock of chicken, the farm raises healthy and happy animals that are sure to lay nutritious eggs. Aside from eggs, the farm sells live chickens and chicks as pets or for breeding. Speaking of reproduction, they have a great selection of the sought-after breeds in Texas. From hens, pullets, and chickens, they have it. Just call them to inquire! They also carry poultry supplies for chicken owners.  Besides, the farmers Mary Ann and Will Fordyce offer 'eggspert' advice in traditionally raising poultry animals and fixes for chicken pens.

(281) 627-8009

Hi-Fi Mycology FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 10.91 mi

Sean Henry and Cory Nellissen are the founders of Hi-Fi Mycology farm. They grow over six varieties of mushroom. Sean has been working in the growing industry for a while. He got acquainted with the fungi world through his work. On the other hand, Cory fell in love with mushroom while working as a professional cook in New York City. When the two met, the fascination even grew much stronger, which lead them to the founding of the Hi-Fi Mycology. It is Austin's first urban mushroom farm.They sell King Oyster, Blue Oyster, locally foraged Texas Oyster, Black Poplar, Chestnut, and Lions Mane mushrooms.They sell them in Farmer's markets, restaurants, and even beer breweries.

Gracy’s MicrogreensNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Pflugerville - 12.29 mi

Lorraine Person is the person behind Gracy's Microgreens.A few years ago, microgreens were only available to chefs in fancy restaurants. But today, with the help of organic farming, families from different households can now enjoy microgreens.The farm sells different varieties of microgreens for your salad. They also sell arugula, amaranth, borage, black oils sunflower, cilantro, cabbage, kale, curled cress, kohlrabi, and large American flag leek, turnips, green peas, and nasturtiumThe farm also carries different types of mustard: Mizuna red leaf mustard and wasabi mustard. On the other hand, they also sell three kinds of radish: daikon radish, Rambo radish, and China rose radish.A Facebook review says, "Great product and people! Microgreens are always beautiful and fresh. At the same time, Gene and Lorraine are always kind, friendly, and full of good information."

(512) 228-4143

Green Thumb FarmingNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Pflugerville - 12.29 mi

Green Thumb Farming is a suburban micro-farm. Green Thumb Farming practices an environment-friendly approach to farming. This farm is a non-GMO farm. They do not use pesticides here. Green Thumb Farming is located in Pflugerville, Texas. Green Thumb Farming takes time to set up shop in the local farmers market to bring their harvest closer to the consumers. You can easily find them - just look for the stall where there are huge, green leaves and lots of bright, plump red and orange tomatoes, it is probably them!

Drea Mc Drea Farms

Farm & Ranch in Marble Falls - 13.64 mi

Nestling at 4810 Travis Bend Lane, Drea Mc Drea Farms offers some of the "rarest breeds of poultry in the world, such as chickens, guineas, waterfowl, game birds", and so on. Their farming practices include "conventional and grass-fed". Moreover, they breed "Asils, Saipans, Welsummers, and Buckeyes". Currently, they are producing their own version of a meat bird. But, they are on hold for now as well as some other varieties. Other goods that they offer are "sweet corn, green beans, green onions, potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, peaches, eggs, sunflower seeds, bread, fresh herbs, dried flowers, luffa, and wreaths". Contact David Mathews II for more information. 

(512) 267-5348

Urban Patchwork

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 14.14 mi

Urban Patchwork "provides fresh, affordable Food for Austin, one neighborhood at a time". Furthermore, this network believes that the community is the backbone of health, security, sustainability. It "helps neighbors turn unused yard space into farmland" to produce vegetables, fruit, nuts, and eggs. Additionally, they "offer start-up programs, nutritional workshops, and home food production". They also provide courses in "canning, fermentation, and job training and creation". In exchange for hosting farm plots, residents and businesses receive fresh vegetables. Urban Patchworks lets you hire personal gardeners, landscapers, and consultants for your residence or commercial project. Just visit their website to learn more about them.

(512) 662-1854

Hartley Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 15.13 mi

The Sixth generation of the Hartley family runs the Hartley Ranch. They are striving to provide high-quality beef as it has been a family tradition and legacy.The founders of the farm established the business over a hundred years ago. With long-standing expertise in raising cows, the farm's breed is nothing but the best cattle in Texas. They also keep on improving. They brought American Angus beef to the top.Their customers keep on asking for more for their beef's superior taste, delicate and textured marbling, exceptional tenderness, and deep flavor.Aside from beef, they also offer the best Berkshire pork in town.

(512) 917-0808

Jackass Honey Farms

Farm & Ranch in Liberty Hill - 15.44 mi

Jackass Honey Farms is a family-owned and operated bee farm located in Liberty Hill, Texas. "They are also EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE about bees and relocate bees for people too". And, they are "just simply AWESOME!!" "All the honey is absolutely top of the line". It is also "as pure as you could possibly desire and TRULY 100% local". Also, their "Texas Pecan Coffee infused Honey is amazing!!! A MUST TRY!!" And, "yes, it's a little more pricey than some" but "really high-quality products always are!" Plus, "once you try it you'll be a customer for life!!" They are also "happy to let you sample all you'd like". And there are "lots of different types and flavors to choose from". Buying their products is "worth every single penny!!!" 

(512) 484-1101

Georgetown Pecan Co.

Farm & Ranch in La Salle - 16.05 mi

Opened in January 1999, they grow their pecans on 25 acres just north of Georgetown, Texas. They have improved varieties including Desirable, Cheyenne, Choctaw, and Kiowa. Planted in Blackland soil, their management system focuses on soil health to produce vigorous trees and quality pecans. Georgetown Pecan Co. has "the best, freshest pecans ever and the customer service is the best". Check out their website and Facebook page for the updated schedule in several market locations. Wolf Ranch Farmers Market in Georgetown. You can also find them at the Barton Creek Mall Farmers Market in Austin and Sun City Farmers Market in Georgetown. You can also see their Facebook page for dates and times.

(512) 864-3828

Dobbin-Kauv Garden Farm

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 16.17 mi

Dobbin-Kauv Garden farm is also known as Nancy Farm Fancy. As of this writing, this is the only black-owned farm within Austin’s city limits. Ms. Washington is a born and raised Austinite and a descendant of Black Freedman Farmers, whose agricultural traditions have been depended upon since the inception of Austin, Texas. On top of all that, she is a disabled combat veteran and mother of four, Tiffany prides herself on being a food justice warrior! All of her experiences has led her towards this point!

(512) 739-7435

Bar 3 Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Georgetown - 16.27 mi

A family-owned ranch on its 3rd generation, Bar 3 Ranch strongly holds on the principles of 'eating healthily but not at the expense of taste'.Through three generations of running a ranch, they have perfected the art of achieving a highly-nutritious but palatable kind of beef. They raise Angus cows (La Grande and Gardiner) and Angus crossbreeds in a special blend of grasses and perennial.With a DNA test, they can prove how their beef is able to exceed the USDA's Choice grade. In an ultrasound, it also shows how their cows' intramuscular fat content exceeds the Choice grade requirements by 4%.In simple terms, their beef offers an outstanding marbling and offer more healthy nutrition than store-bought beef.Check their website to find out more! 

(512) 930-1996

Schwegmann Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Georgetown - 16.60 mi

Schwegmann Orchard has the "best pecans ever" and "they come whole, but can be cracked for a good price". Available varieties Pawnee, Desirable, Choctaw, Kiowa, and Cheyenne. This is "a must for holiday baking". They "also sell pecan barbeque wood". Visit them. It is a "beautiful place to chill out". They also have Cinnamon Spiced Pecans, Pecan Brittle, and Pecan Bars which they offer on a local farmers market too. All pecans are grown in their orchard and processed through a cleaner, air leg grader and sizer to ensure quality. Check out their Facebook page for the latest updates on their pecan products.

(512) 630-3211

F-Stop Farms

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 16.86 mi

Ryan, the owner of F-Stop Farms, makes the best pickled-veggies and sells the best hot peppers in Texas. At least, that's what his customers tell when asked about F-stop Farms. "Get his pickles; his pickles are great! His veggies are pretty tasty too." Another reviewer commended Ryan's skills when it comes to gardening and cooking. "Extremely fresh veggies, amazing pickles, and great service. Ryan is always accommodating. He is also knowledgeable about growing vegetables in the garden and using them in dishes!"
Someone even said his peppers are the best hot peppers they've ever had in Texas.Ryan sells different varieties of peppers: ghost peppers, Japanese lemon, Anaheim, Thai bird, shishitos, and more. Aside from that, he makes fermented chili recipes. For Asians and Asian food lovers, he makes kimchi and sambal sometimes too!Okras, eggplants, onions, and melons are some of the farm's products that are not spicy.

(512) 800-3930

Floyd Farms Kitchen

Farm & Ranch in Liberty Hill - 16.89 mi

Floyd Farms Kitchen got everything fresh and tasty from their farm and kitchen straight to your table.  They have freshly baked bread, with gluten-free options, muffins, cookies jams, jellies, pickled and canned fruits and veggies, as well as local honey.  They've got dill pickles, bread & butter pickles, jalapeno relish, Texas Kraut, pickled okra, salsa and chow-chow. "Floyd Farms Kitchen got it all for you!!"

(512) 636-6949


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