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Katy FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Comanche - 0.00 mi

In a beautiful farm in Comanche County, Katy Farm grows selected various produce that is seasonal and fresh-cut flowers. Their farming practices include naturally grown and integrated pest management Some of their vegetables are beets, carrots, sweet corn, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, hot peppers, lettuce, okra, radishes, summer squash, sweet peppers, tomatoes, summer squash, winter squash, and zucchini. For their fruits, they have cantaloupes, melons, and watermelons. Moreover, freshly-picked and cut herbs and flowers are available as well.  Catch them at Cowtown Farmer's Market during Saturdays (Ft. Worth) and Brownwood Area Farmer's Market every Saturday and Wednesday. Contact Trent & Kara Thompson at (325) 330-0616 for inquiries.

Sorrells Farms Retail

Farm & Ranch in Comanche - 0.23 mi

Sorrells Farms Retail has been in business since 1977, being one of the wholesale markets’ major suppliers of pecans, watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, jalapenos, and peaches. All these farm-fresh products are grown and harvested in their over 1200 acres in the heart of Comanche County in Texas. They work all-year-round to be able to provide high-quality pecans and produce for all seasons. For them, pecans are their passion, with some of the family members serving the Texas Pecan Growers Association and Texas Pecan Board.  Aside from the produce, Sorrells Farms Retail also offers gift selections, registries and has a large garden center as well!

OMGoodness Homestead

Farm & Ranch in Comanche - 0.90 mi

OMGoodness Homestead is a veteran-owned and operated homestead and is also a proud member of Homegrown by Heroes. It's all about serving "healthy and delicious foods" to the community through their sustainable small farm and bakery.  "The muffins, bread and cinnamon rolls" they sell are all "AMAZING". You can also "try the cocoa bombs", you will become "regular customers!!" Also, the items sold by OMGoodness Homestead are not the typical run-of-the-mill products you can get at the grocery store because "every single thing is made with love". Also, their "farm-raised chickens cooked up so well". And you will also be "so impressed with unique jams that you can’t find at the store". They also have "homemade granola" that is "perfect too". Plus, "awesome customer service and awesome products!"

Bluebonnet Beef

Farm & Ranch in Alto - 15.12 mi

Blue Bonnet Beef is home to fat and happy cattle, free-ranging chickens, and an assortment of wildlife. Bluebonnet Beef believes in an “open farm” policy, their goal is to provide healthy beef and poultry products free of the chemicals, antibiotics, and G.M.O.’s found on today’s grocery store shelves. They have a "fantastic store" with "the best meat you can buy". They also have "some of the best services in town". You will "love this place, these people, and GREAT grass-fed beef, healthy chickens and pork". They are a "great family and an additional plus for the city of Deleon" and "their meats are unbeatable".

Artesian Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Gustine - 18.36 mi

Artesian Ranch, which is located in Gustine, Texas, raises quality full-blood and half-blood Akaushi cattle and native pecans. Their Angus, Red Angus and Angus Cross cowherds feature HeartBrand Akaushi Bulls. You can be sure you will get a tasty, delicious, great quality beef if you buy from Artesian Ranch. Choose from any cut or item available: filet, boneless, tri-tip, roast, shank, short ribs, back ribs, or ground beef. There are also a lot of choices for steak - round steak, skirt steak, or flank steak. There's also liver, heart, tongue, oxtail, cheek meat, soup bones and marrow bones, beef fat, and beef head with tongue for the more exotic dishes you plan to cook. Besides cattle, meat, and pecans, the farm also has a space for vacation rental and this is available throughout the year.

Resley Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Carlton - 22.05 mi

John Delaney and his wife Anne bought a "beautiful 93-acre farm" in the rugged hills of Commanche County in North Central Texas and named it the Resley Creek Farm. Since 1977, the farm is into "planting luscious fruit trees" such as "Paper Shell Pecans" with the varieties of Choctaw, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Witchita, and Pawnee. Native Pecans are available in both retail and wholesale, and they can be picked up in their orchards. They currently sell Texas Papershell Pecans: in-shell, cracked, or fully shelled Pecans. Visit their farm and try the fruits that they offer. Please contact John Delaney at (254) 386-8753. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the most delicious nutmeats in town. Check their website and inquire now!

Legend MeatsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Gorman - 22.21 mi

Discover Legend Meats in north-central Texas, where Larry Barton, a passionate advocate for gourmet-quality Red Wattle pork and farm-to-table principles, owns and operates a private family-owned ranch. Alongside USDA-approved elk, red stag, axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck antelope, and wild boar, they offer limited supplies of Red Wattle hogs. Renowned chefs and connoisseurs recommend their all-natural, pasture-raised cattle, prized for their marbled lean and juicy meat. All animals are raised without hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Currently, Legend Meats serves high-end restaurants and discerning individuals. Gourmet chef Michael Vignola raves, "Larry Barton's Red Wattle pigs are truly an amazing heritage breed of pork, from head to tail." Taste the excellence at Legend Meats today!

Koen Family Farm and Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Laredo - 22.65 mi

Koen Family Farm and Ranch opened on September 9, 1891. Claiborne Hobbs Koen and his wife, Prudence Angelina Dunlap Koen, were the original owners of it. With over a century of experience in farming, they produce one of the best meat in Texas. The farm offers high-quality pastured lamb, beef, eggs, and pork. The farm also produces seasonal organic produce. They continue to use holistic approaches that exist on the farm for over a hundred years. Happy customers say that the farm provides high-quality meat all the time.  Therefore, people highly-recommend their products. Check them out at Dripping Springs Farmers Market today!  

Gold Nugget Farm

Farm & Ranch in Dublin - 23.39 mi

Gold Nugget Farm, which is located in Dublin, Texas, is owned by Tye and Shelby Thompson. The farm produces sustainable grass-fed beef. Like many other businesses in Texas, Gold Nugget Farm came to be out of necessity. In this case, it is because Tye and Shelby wanted to have a source of great, quality beef. The beef produced on this farm is 100% antibiotic-free. The cattle in this farm were never given steroids or hormones. They simply lived a great, natural life outdoors, like how cattle are supposed to live. You will surely find the beef here worth every penny spent. They have cut beef, burger box, an all-in beef sampler, steak box, and more.

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