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Z Best Milk

Farm & Ranch in Marquez - 5.31 mi

It is important for Marquez, Texas-based dairy farm Z Best Milk that the people know they are producing Grade A raw Jersey milk. Grade A means that the dairy farm - through its cows - are producing milk under sanitary conditions that makes it good for consumption. It is important for them because this is a testament to the care of every dairy worker working at Z Best Milk. Milk is an important part of an everyday diet and here at Z Best Milk, they make sure what you get is the best possible milk product they can produce following standards and guidelines that protect consumer health and welfare. Other products sold on this dairy farm are also top quality, like eggs and ground beef.

Driftwood Meadows

Farm & Ranch in Centerville - 8.16 mi

Driftwood Meadows is a family farm in Centerville, Texas.  The owners take pride in farming practices that focus on regenerative land management, animal welfare and revitalizing the health of our family and community.  Driftwood Farms offer pasture-raised chicken and eggs year-round and turkey during the fall and winter holidays.

My Mark61 Cattle Co.

Farm & Ranch in Leona - 11.72 mi

If you need all-natural, grass-fed beef, My Mark61 Cattle Co. is a great choice for you. They stock prime beef cuts. This business is located in Leona, Texas. This business promises to provide fresh quality cuts of beef. More importantly, they promise that there is little to no stress affecting the quality of the meat they sell. They source the meat they sell from local suppliers vetted for their good practice of raising grass-fed cattle. They know it makes a lot of difference regarding flavor, texture, and overall appeal. That is why they make sure they only sell meat that passes their strict standards.

Hollydew Farm

Farm & Ranch in Franklin - 13.12 mi

Hollydew Farm is established by a couple who wanted to consume the freshest food possible, especially for their son who had a reaction with preservatives and additives in food.  Now they are proud to say that most of what they eat is made and grown by them from scratch!  They grow their own fruits, vegetables, whole grains and raise their own meat. They assure everyone that they use organic, sustainable, and humane methods when it comes to their farm.  Their products are all homemade and handmade in small batches.  

B2 Ranch (Beall Ranch & Beall Beef)

Farm & Ranch in Buffalo - 15.18 mi

B2 Ranch Natural Pastured Veal is completely grass-fed and is harvested from 6 to 8-month-old calves. These calves have been raised by their mothers in grass pastures and have not been treated with antibiotics or hormones. They are truly all-natural. They also have pastured beef and chicken. Aside from providing great pastured-beef, they also have a lovely Lake Cabin that you can rent out if you're in the mood to get away from it all and experience a bit of farm life.

Ashkolgra Pasture Poultry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Midway - 18.41 mi

Owned by Max and Celia Hamilton, the Ashkolgra Pasture Poultry Farm is continuously raising poultry on native and improved pasture. They also supply their chickens with apple cider vinegar for probiotics and use garlic and oregano as natural antibiotics. The chickens are processed in a USDA Inspected Facility. They can also deliver weekly priced per pound. Also, their whole chickens are sized per individual restaurant requirements. They also deliver it iced, fresh with a 5-7 day shelf life or frozen. Also, check out their website and Facebook page for updates on their farm. You can also order online at their website.

Rockin JR Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Buffalo - 19.15 mi

Rockin JR Ranch is a specialty food producer focusing on New Orleans favorites, jellies, and sweet treats. They also provide cooking classes. You will "not believe how many flavors of jellies they have available". They have "AMAZING fig jam and Meyer lemon marmalade". It is "worth the drive to the farmers market every time". Also, their "Strawberry Jalapeño is to die for!" You will also "love the remoulade sauce, just the right amount of spice and a whipped texture!" You can also buy their products at the  Fall Creek Farmers’ Market too. Or, you can buy their products at their website.

Prime Beef Company

Farm & Ranch in Donie - 19.82 mi

Meet Jessica and her husband, the passionate ranchers behind Prime Beef Company. With deep ranching roots, they continue to raise their family alongside their beloved Wagyu cattle breed. Known for its exceptional quality, Wagyu offers a melt-in-your-mouth beef experience, with embryos and semen available on the farm. Their herd also includes Hereford and Angus crosses, providing a variety of premium beef options. If you're craving the finest Kobe beef in Texas, you're in luck! Conveniently located between Houston and Dallas, they ensure effortless shipping to your location. Savor the best in town at Prime Beef Company.

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