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Texas Pepper WorksNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 0.00 mi

To say these are just peppers, mustard or bread and butter pickles is like saying Texas is just a state. Texas Pepper Works is a specialty brand, made in “small artisanal batches”, so there are only three flavor-packed items: Candy-Krisp Jalapenos, Jalapeno Mustard and Raspberry Chipotle Salsa. These products stand apart because they use fresh vegetables, selected peppers and classic ingredients for an even, not too chunky texture. From the first bite you notice right off they are crispy. But then hang on to your hat. Your taste buds are in for a wild bronco ride from sweet, to sour, to tart, to spicy! Texas Pepper Works products are a culinary homage to our home state, as the brand is all about Texas and fun! This makes for great dipping as well as a special flavor when brushed on during cooking or grilling.

Three Bowls BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 0.00 mi

Three Bowls Bakery is a home bakery that's located in Cypress, Texas. It specializes in "such delicious" gourmet cookies and they are mostly likely the "best" ones you'll ever have – no kidding! "There are lots of choices and each one" has the "perfect amount of sweetness" that you won't get bored or fed up. We must say, the "butterscotch toffee" cookies are "fresh and so yummy" that "a dozen" won't even last for a night!
And, if you're intolerant or allergic to gluten, they also have "GF pumpkin spice latte cookies" that are so "delicious!" Or, if you're an expecting mom, they also have "lactation cookies" for you to enjoy! Indeed, everybody in the family will have a favorite cookie – guaranteed!
Clearly, your "whole experience" here at Three Bowls Bakery will definitely be an "excellent" and remarkable one. Everything was so "convenient" and superb; "from the easiness of ordering online, to the peaceful drive through her neighborhood," and of course, "the delicious smell and taste of these amazing cookies."

What’s CrackalackinNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 0.62 mi

What’s Crackalackin is a Houston-based artisan food vendor that offers the freshest pork rinds and cracklings around. These keto snacks are made weekly in small batches, cooked in lard, and seasoned with their secret blend of Cajun-Asian inspired spices. Thus, they are “absolutely the perfect snack! It’s great with just about everything. Try munching them with your favorite beverage,” or while watching your favorite series or movie, and you’re good to go. But I gotta warn you, “these are so addicting!” Their “cracklings are meaty and delicious”; and, their “small bite pork rinds” are so “flavorful too!” Oh, their “small bites are the bomb!” Trust me, you cannot resist eating it “in one sitting!” Such “excellent product and quality” is something that no one should miss. Therefore, we highly recommend you trying them as soon as possible.


Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 0.64 mi

Sugareto, which is located in Cypress, Texas, is a boutique bakery specializing in keto products, gourmet donuts, cakes, and cupcakes. This is a particularly exciting year for Sugareto customers because starting 2021, they are now offering coast-to-coast shipping! This means the delicious and healthy products made from this bakery are not exclusive to Cypress residents anymore. Their innovative creations like the Keto Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake or the Keto Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake will surely be enjoyed by people all over the country.

Hazel Loves PieNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 1.67 mi

Whether you are going for a whole pie, or just craving for a slice, Hazel Loves Pie got you covered! A sweet tribute to her hardworking grandmother Hazel, piemaker Jenn Wilson personally handmakes the pies, crusts, cookies, candies, and toppings "from scratch, using all-natural, premium, and minimally-processed ingredients." She also supports local in sourcing nuts, honey and produce. As she follows her directive to “do everything in love,” you will surely love all her delectable offerings! You can choose from the 13 amazingly smooth, rich, sweet, or tangy options of her full-size 9-inch pies or grab some of them in individually-wrapped party-sized slices. If you are still in the mood for more treats, she also whips up a mean batch of flavored muffins and cookies!  

The Pie LadyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 1.67 mi

Pies that “taste just as wonderful as they look,” grab them from The Pie Lady!  She has made it her mission to use only the “best all-natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients and premium extracts,” to create the best-tasting pies. Everything is “handcrafted from scratch and made in small batches,” upon order, ensuring the freshness of each pie! Her faithful buyers and even the new believers believe that her creations are “heavenly pies” “that taste fresh from the farm!” And you can grab your own pie too, from her extensive selection: like the Sinful Bourbon Pecan Pie, Cherry Cheese, Key Lime, Blackberry Peach, Caramel Apple and so much more!  And to make it even better, she offers these pies with a gluten-free option! So, for your next pie fix, parties and family gatherings, just remember “pie makes everything better!” 

Hungry Hippo Ice Cream & Treats

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 1.67 mi

Hungry Hippo Ice Cream & Treats makes and sells scratch-made ice cream, fresh marshmallows, meringue cookies, and other treats at various farmers’ markets and pop-ups. We bet “no other ice cream is good enough once you’ve had Hungry Hippo” as “you can definitely tell the difference in taste and texture versus commercial ice creams” that y’all will certainly “doubt store-bought ice cream from now on or think of store-bought ice cream like frozen pizzas.” This is the real deal, folks! Imagine a rich chocolate ice cream, loaded with caramel, and toasted with walnuts. Think of a perfect bite of rich and oozing ganache poured in a graham cracker base and topped with “amazing” marshmallow fluff. Visualize a toffee ice cream that is so rich and decadent with lots of toffee pieces, roasted nuts, and fresh caramel. All these are made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, you know what to do.

Kickin Dips & Salsa

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 1.67 mi

Even the most delicious salsa can taste stale or boring if there is no variety. Thankfully, Kickin Dips & Salsa had the foresight to make several different salsa dips. They have Wrangler Ranch, Dadgum Spicy Garlic Sauce, Bless Your Heart Pineapple & Roasted Rodeo Red Medium, and Hot Salsa. The question now is what you are having? If you are craving their salsa, you can always visit the nearby farmers market. Or leave them a message and see how you can stock up on salsa so you don't run out of supply fast.

Pied Out CookiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 1.69 mi

If you want to be strict with your diet and eat only vegan, soy-free food, then try Pied Out Cookies. They take pride in making cookies that vegan and soy-free. Their cookies are made using virgin organic coconut oil, unbleached flour, and organic sugars. Like you, they too understand the value and benefits of cooking and eating this way and having them is good for the community. Just by looking at the photos of the cookies, I am convinced that these are really yummy sweet treats!

Cafe ZunZun

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 2.75 mi

Anyone interested in having high quality coffee and tea? Cafe ZunZun is an “artisan coffee roaster,” located in Cypress, Texas, founded in 2013 by “Pascale and Joel” They roast single origin coffees from around the world. With their delicious artisanal and fair trade coffees, they aim to contribute to a better world one cup at a time. All their excellent cup of coffee came from a bean that was responsibly grown on an “organic farm by fair trade farmers” using sustainable environmental farming practices. Aside from roasting on demand organic coffee, Cafe ZunZun also creates organic loose leaves tea blends that can be delivered to your door. They also offer private events to teach aspiring roasters on how to prepare a better coup of coffee.

Milk Mustache

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 5.46 mi

Milk Mustache knows cookies can solve almost every problem. Craving for something sweet? Eat a cookie. Do you need to do something to turn your day around? Eat a cookie. Do you want a cookie that is crunchy and yet gooey on the inside, freshly-baked and handcrafted? Go order at Milk Mustache. And don't worry if you are not in Houston, because Milk Mustache accommodates local orders and delivers nationwide. If you want that additional cookie store smell, drop by the store one of these days and pick up your cookies there.

Salsa Maya

Artisan Food Producer in Cypress - 5.65 mi

A spread for spicy food lovers! Made in Texas, Salsa Maya is a Gonzalez family recipe. It's handmade in small batches with the freshest ingredients. It is potently spicy and tastes good with everything. Every batch is made with “all natural ingredients” and is gluten free, and dairy free. They don’t use artificial flavorings or preservatives. Salsa Maya is a multi-use sauce, it can be used to marinade any kind of meat, chicken, seafood, or simply as a dip or spread. It goes great on everything and will enhance any dish. Salsa Maya's creamy texture makes you want more with every bite, and has a great kick to it. Since the habaneros used are so fresh, the heat can differ slightly from batch to batch and in that way Salsa Maya is like a fine wine!

Big Bayou Cocktail Sauce

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 6.46 mi

After thirty years of refinement and adjustments, Big Bayou has crafted the perfect balance of what we all expect from a cocktail sauce- one that complements not only seafood but all of the dishes without overpowering its delicate flavors. Are you looking for a bold, robust, and versatile flavor cocktail sauce? Search no more as “Big Bayou’s Lime and Cilantro with Jalapeño Cocktail Sauce” is just what you need. Brush some meatloaf with their traditional sauce and bake it in the oven for that Sunday dinner. Marinate that chicken wings with the “Jalapeño Cocktail Sauce”, bake or fry it for that Superbowl party! You can even finish it with some Bloody Mary with the help of the “Big Bayou Bloody Mary Mix”. Just be careful of the alcohol though, as it is completely addicting!

Charley’s Honey

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 7.48 mi

Is your honey that good? Selling pure, raw, local honey, you’ll be “surprised by how pure and good” Charley's Honey's bee nectars are. “The feeders are adorable and the honey is amazing.” Not only does it have “very pure and great taste,” but it also helps you “fight illnesses” and alleviates that annoying “allergies.” Honey is very healthy in “so many ways,” especially if it is “always fresh” and has an “excellent price.” Replace that coffee sweetener with Charley’s Honey and you will never regret it. So when it’s “time to stock up again,” go for “the very best around” honey. Charley also sells honeycombs when they are available. Y’all better to stay tuned!

MB ChocolatierNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 8.25 mi

MB Chocolatier is a local food business that specializes in handcrafted gourmet chocolate truffles. “Marla makes everything from scratch and doesn't add any artificial colors/preservatives,” which is “truly important” to most of us. Each bite was savory, full of unique, delicious bliss. The Honey & Rosemary is smooth and creamy, the coconut topped dark chocolate sensation was also blended perfectly,” and “the raspberry sprinkled with red sugar is a gentle promise of the tasty infusion of fruit in the chocolate ganache.” The locals’ favorite by far is the “Fyreball”; you’ll be “pleasantly surprised” by “the way the flavor gently explodes” in your mouth, “leaving you with the sensation of wanting more.” Indeed, her chocolates are more than a confection, they are works of art.” So, if you’re lucky enough to find MB Chocolatier at a festival, farmers’ market, or tasting event, stop by for a sample. You’ll discover a treat that speaks directly to you in the sweet, silky-smooth, international language of gourmet chocolate.

District Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Greenville - 8.88 mi

Based in Houston, Texas, District Roasters is a fourth-wave, artisan, hand-roasted, small batch coffee roaster that offers “premium coffees and blends” sourced from the world’s best coffee farmers. They are fighting for the eradication of poverty around the world by re-purposing profits back to the original source. That means they partner directly with “independent coffee farmers” across the globe to bring you the finest organic coffees available. District Roasters is on a mission to identify, qualify, source, roast, package, and deliver the absolute best roasted coffee beans available. They are committed to complete product, market, program, project, and fiscal integrity. All of their coffees are “direct trade, fair trade, and organic.” They strive to maintain a freshness, an aroma, and a taste that can only be delivered by the finest of specialty coffees.

Harvest Moon Canning CoNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in College Station - 9.16 mi

Did someone say brunch? Harvest Moon Canning Co. is the perfect combo for biscuits and toast perfect for everyday! Harvest Moon Canning Co. is a homemade jam and jelly company that supports local farmers by buying local ingredients whenever possible. Their specialties are jalapeno jellies, agave jams, and fruit butters. They also make conserve, sweet breads and cookies. They are using one-piece lids for their jars instead of the typical two-pieces because one-piece lids are easier to remove and more convenient. At times, you will see them selling farm fresh eggs, honey and produce at the local farmers markets. Come and taste the love that goes into each jar of their creation!

Della Casa Pasta

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 9.42 mi

Craving some pasta for your next meal? Della Casa Pasta makes the freshest pasta on the block that is handcrafted in Texas! Their wholesome, delicious pasta are made at home using “traditional techniques and natural ingredients”. No preservatives or artificial ingredients, just fresh, all-natural pasta. They serve real pasta, the way it was meant to be. Della Casa has made quite a name in the Houston area in the years. They have huge selection of fresh, handmade pasta, ravioli, lasagna and more. You won't believe how gourmet, delicious and easy your weekly dinners will become fresh meals, without all the work! Try it, you’ll taste the difference!

The Spice HippiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 9.66 mi

When we talk about seasoning, we usually think about savory flavors. And the name The Spice Hippies certainly evokes flavors in the spicy-salty-savory range. But looking at their recent creation, the one they called Caramel Snickerdoodle Gourmet Popcorn, I am convinced that The Spice Hippies are real flavor geniuses. They can help you and me explore the bounds of taste and flavor beyond the traditional and conventional. Spice blends, vinegar, oils, seasoning - everything and anything can be an effective tool to ramp up or experiment on flavors.

Tiny TemptationsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 9.76 mi

When I read that Tiny Temptations sells many macarons of different flavors, I believed them. However, I didn't imagine that the variety is this extensive. There's blueberry lemon, and then there's coffee. It gets interesting: there's caramel macchiato, and then there's also HOT Cheetos too! I don't know which flavor to pick first. I don't know which flavors pair best (because I definitely want to eat more than one). It is a good problem to have, I guess.

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