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Isiah 58 Farms

Farm & Ranch in De Berry - 8.69 mi

Isiah 58 Farms is an income-producing farm for the Wiseman Ministries. It is a non-profit organization project that allows residents to experience recovery and restoration. The farm project started in April 2016. With over 160 acres of farmland, they can produce a massive supply of blackberries. It is currently the largest blackberry farm in East Texas. In addition to that, the farm also grows a limited amount of peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes, pecans, and muscadines. Moreover, they offer Catalpa tree worms for anyone interested. Aside from that, they also recently purchased more beehives. Expect to see honey in their product list soon!  

Alexander Blueberry Farms

Farm & Ranch in De Berry - 8.71 mi

In East Texas in Panola County, De Berry, Alexander Blueberry Farms is a "family farm offering top-quality, locally grown berries". Moreover, they have blueberry acreage in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas. Aside from that, they offer low prices on sweet and juicy fresh and frozen blueberries. "Fresh blueberries are available during harvest", typically from early June through late July. Meanwhile, "frozen blueberries are also available year-round", depending on availability. They "pick, grade, process, and package their fruit in a grading facility" at the Texas location. Other than that, they sell frozen grade A and B blueberries ($1.50 per pound) and blueberry juice in the off-season. Contact Amanda at 318-609-3960 for more information.

Rural Reverie LLC

Farm & Ranch in Carthage - 18.73 mi

Rural Reverie LLC is a first-generation family farm providing the community with agricultural products. The farm specializes in providing meat - beef, pork, and lamb.  They offer a wide selection, including options for wholes and halves. They also have discount boxes which you might want to check out. The family that owns and manages Rural Reverie LLC is open to visitors who want to tour the farm and stop by for a chat. Rural Reverie LLC is located in Carthage, Texas.

Ancient Acres Farms

Farm & Ranch in Tenaha - 21.71 mi

Ancient Acres Farms is pioneering the way as the first in their surrounding area to offer USDA-certified pastured poultry and eggs on a large scale. With an expansive expanse of cleared pasture and plans for further land clearing, they are committed to providing their chickens with ample space for free-ranging during the day and secure roosting at night within mobile chicken tractors. The use of top-of-the-line portable fencing allows the chickens to roam freely, and daily relocation to fresh grass minimizes manure build-up, ensuring the birds remain clean while naturally fertilizing the pasture for enhanced nutritional value. This innovative approach not only prioritizes the well-being of the chickens but also promotes sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, setting a commendable standard for pastured poultry farming.

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