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Cheeza PleezaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Grand Prairie - 0.00 mi

Cheeza Pleeza specializes in gourmet cheese blends in a variety of flavors such as pimento, hatch, Greek, pesto, sweet. Each cheeses has a different fusion of more than 6 cheeses and over 20 herbs and spices that gives each spread its “own unique flavor”. It can be used for dips, fantastic as a sandwich, and perfect for a keto friendly desk lunch. But even better, anyone can give a meal a “Flavor Upgrade” with a scoop of a Cheeza Pleeza chunky cheese spread. Cheeza Pleeza is ideal for food pairing. Their savory cheese spreads has rich flavors and versatile enough to be used on eggs for breakfast, avocados for lunch, after-school snack with veggies, topping for baked potatoes, or top any meat for a do-it-yourself gourmet for guests. Cheeza Pleeza also have seasonal offerings like Mustang jams, crunchy honey, and pestos.

Nottingham Bees

Artisan Food Producer in Grand Prairie - 3.64 mi

Providing honey bee education and local "Products of the Hive" since 2013, Nottingham bees offers Raw Honey and Fresh Bee Pollen Made by Grand Prairie, Texas Bees. They also have other products such as Beeswax Lip Balm, Lotion Bars,Body Butter & Beard Balm. Honey Sugar Scrubs, Propolis Tincture, Propolis Ointment that are “Handmade by Texas Beekeepers”. Their suburban hives are located in the heart of the DFW metro area. You can visit their Apiary, also known as a Bee Yard, and take a peek inside a honey bee hive! Your tour begins with an educational talk about honey bees and beekeeping equipment. You will wear protective gear, open an active honey bee hive, and hold a frame of bees!

3 Sons SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 5.19 mi

Need some spice in your life? 3 Sons Salsa have what you need! This family owned “artisan food business” is proud to provide you with a “Texas Style Picnic” They have a wide selection of menu that includes sweet southern chicken salad, baked tater salad, white corn chips, liquid gold queso, and of course, their healthy, award winning salsa! 3 Sons Salsa deliver all over Dallas-Fort Worth area. You can also find them at the Keller and Flower Mound Farmer Markets. Their products are also available at Nosh and Bottle in Valley Ranch. If you need a caterer, 3 Sons Salsa can also handle it for you!

Social Ice wine-Infused Ice popsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Merit - 6.45 mi

Experience a new way of drinking! Social Ice produces the “coolest, all-natural wine-infused ice pops” in Texas. They are dedicated to providing the “freshest ingredients” in their ice pops while also contributing to local and state farmers, winery owners, and business owners. Their ice pops are unique and have a taste unlike any other. With each bite, the taste of Texas wine combined with the freshness of all-natural fruit delivers a “refreshing and enjoyable experience.” They offer different flavors including “Mimosa Orange, Sangria Grape, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Margarita Lime.” Social Ice is another way to celebrate the joys of socializing with friends and family by making the choice to try something new, different, and refreshing.

Louisianas’ Best KettlecornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Arlington - 6.45 mi

Louisianas' Best Kettlecorn isn't kidding when they said they had the best kettlecorn. If you're looking for them at a particular farmers' market, then just follow the smell! They don't have a permanent location but you can check out their Facebook page to see where they're popping up next, get it? Popping up next! They also have specially flavored kettlecorn depending on the event or the location where they sell at.

Gold Pops Ice Cream

Artisan Food Producer in Arlington - 6.54 mi

Gold Pops started its frozen desserts journey in 2018 with the intention of using unique and fresh ingredients. Unlike the others, this artisan does not use pre-frozen fruits that come in packages. Instead, they hand-pick their fruit selections in order to bring the best all-natural flavors. Indeed, “fresh, simple, quality ingredients make for an excellent frozen treat.” A year later, they have introduced a new concept that is first to Texas: fried ice cream on a stick. The experience of both fire and ice in your mouth will just make you “blown away.” Besides their “many delicious flavors,” the owners “listen to what the customer suggests. They tweak the menu every two weeks based upon popular requests, and offers an assortment of mixed flavors.” Think of “apple pie” and “KitKat” flavor. So, “if you love gourmet popsicles, this is the place for you.”

Sweet Tooth VelleNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Irving - 7.51 mi

Sweet Tooth Velle is a home bakery that provides southern style fashion influenced cakes, teacakes, cupcakes, and cookies for all occasions. Jevelle Holt, owner and baker, is really talented and versatile. She can work with both buttercream and fondant on her cakes. Vegan options are also available and the cupcakes come in mini, regular, and jumbo sizes that can surely fit your preferences. She offers unique cake flavors like champagne, pineapple upside-down, key lime, strawberry shortcake, and more. And if you think that this bakery is just an ordinary one, you got it all wrong. Jevelle uses premium and standard products like fresh fruit and gourmet chocolates for all her creations, including cookies. Yes, she also offers cookies that are inspired by art and fashion. So, if you’re up for something artsy and fashionable, yet consistently delectable, be sure to try Sweet Tooth Velle.

Providence PreservesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Duncanville - 7.63 mi

Providence Preserves LLC is a small Texas-based business that specializes in gourmet chutney, jams, chow-chow, and pickles the old fashion way with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. To ensure the highest quality confitures with uncompromised taste, their products are hand-ladled and made in small batches using fresh, local, and regionally grown produce. They have a great variety of goodies but two of them got the locals’ vote. Their Watermelon Rind Pickles won 2nd place on the 2017 Texas State Fair and their Chow-Chow won 1st place on the 2018 Texas State Fair contest. Indeed, these two products are “amazing” and so delectable that we highly recommend you trying. You can order via their website or you may catch them at select farmers’ markets.

Holy KombuchaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 7.66 mi

Drinking Holy Kombucha beverage is not the path towards becoming a holy person. Nonetheless, this is good for the body because of its nutritional properties. Many people believe drinking kombucha can help you center, find stillness in your mind, and easily decompress. A true drink for the body and the soul, especially now that there are a lot of things that cause us stress and anxiety.

Empa Mundo

Artisan Food Producer in Irving - 7.86 mi

Located in Irving, Empa Mundo specializes in the Latin American filled pastries called empanadas, delicious wonders with “unparalleled quality and at an unbeatable price”. They are proud to bring delicious “Argentinean Empanadas” to the metroplex! The menu consists of just twelve flavors of empanada including the best sellers - Cheesesteak, Chorizo, Chilipanzinga, and the Texas Brisket. Each emapanda is cooked to order using freshly made ingredients and delivered in labeled cellophane bags. Originally from Argentina, the owner, Raul Gordon developed all the recipes for his empanadas. Inside his thin, strong dough, he uses all fresh ingredients and nothing out of a can. The empanada are stuffed and packed with filling, and the crust is savory and crisp.

Mama Moore’s Gourmet Popcorn

Artisan Food Producer in Grand Prairie - 7.87 mi

Cheese popcorn. Salted popcorn. Sweet-flavored popcorn. Over time, it gets boring having nothing else but these three flavors. Unless you've heard of Mama Moore's Gourmet Popcorn. They have more than 40 different popcorn flavors. Who could have imagined 40 different popcorn flavors are possible? Someone creative, who perhaps have grown tired of eating just three different flavors of popcorns too. Order now. Mama Moore's Gourmet Popcorn delivers. If you are in a hurry, a curbside pick up is also an option.  

Mi Favorito Handcrafted SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Euless - 7.97 mi

Inspired by the love for flavor and quality, Mi Favorito Handcrafted Salsa is an artisan food business that specializes in local and small-batch salsas. They use hand-selected ingredients and no unnecessary additives to ensure that every jar of their salsa is made with the quality the company strives for. Their products come in three variants: Original, Garlic Habanero, and Hot (Inferno). The original flavor is good for the ones who like it “mild.” In spite of this, “it was amazing” and “had so much flavor.” The “Garlic Habanero was by far the best salsa” and the locals favorite among the three. It has the “perfect blend” of flavors like that of “a fine wine.” Also, “it tastes so fresh and full of flavor” and I think “everyone should try” this one first. “And for people who truly like hot, their Inferno is” just “whew!” It “is actually spicy yet delicious – which is so hard to find.” Try them and you’re gonna say for sure, “Mi favorito es Mi Favorito!”

Freaky FermentsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Arlington - 8.53 mi

Freaky Ferments is located in Arlington, Texas. It is a food and beverage business that makes home-brewed beer and craft hot sauce, among others. They have a great roster of hot sauce flavors. They have Ginger Cayenne, Jalapeño, Ghost, Verde, and Mango Pineapple Habanero. Customer feedback about this product is generally very positive which is a testament to the taste and flavor of these products. When it comes to selling their beers, they usually set up in craft brewery taprooms like at the Legal Draft Beer Co. so that customers can sample the product.

Stephen’s Sweet Sensations

Artisan Food Producer in Irving - 8.97 mi

Established in 2014, Stephen’s Sweet Sensations is a highly reputable home-based bakery in Fort Worth, Texas. It operates under the Texas Cottage Food Law and it offers a range of custom created cakes and dessert treats for any type of special event. The master baker and owner, Stephen Swartzendruber, is the person behind all these “wonderful creations.” He carries an associate degree in arts from TCC and has more than three years of professional work experience in this field. Nonetheless, expect “excellent cakes and professional service” when you use this bakery. “His designs are stellar” and the “cakes” are “always yummy.” Not to mention that he does the same thing to his desserts such as cookies, cupcakes, and more. We “definitely recommend” this bakery “to everyone.”  

Emotions Made EdibleNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Arlington - 9.12 mi

Emotions Made Edible is a Texas-based home bakery that specializes in cookies, cupcakes, and candies for all occasions. Michelle, the owner and baker, got “such cute and fun little pastries” that can easily be a crowd-pleaser. Her “cake was amazing,” her “marshmallows” are “the best,” and her “cookies” are “delicious and precious!” She also got “amazingly delicious keto recipes” and “vegan yummies” to savor. “She is so talented and strives to make sure you’re absolutely in love with your order.” And “not only does Michelle make amazing bakery items,” but “she is also a fabulous teacher.” She hosts and teaches “cake decorating class” that you will surely enjoy. We “highly recommend her to anyone looking for sweet treats” or interested in making one.

Fire Grounds Coffee CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 9.28 mi

Fire Grounds Coffee is a veteran and firefighter owned coffee and apparel company that supports the first responders in Dallas, Texas. Paul, the founder, started this company because he wanted the first responders to enjoy quality coffee and give back to the group of men and women he is proud to represent. Carrying this passion and commitment, with the help of his dad, best friend, a fellow marine captain, and two Air Force captains, Paul was able to provide delicious, fresh, and “amazing coffee” to first responders and friends. Their company offers four varieties of coffee namely: Rescue Roast, Bubba Brew, Bury Up Black and Back The Blue. The coffee is “not bitter.” It’s “super smooth and honestly just right.”  And, for every five bags of coffee sold, one will be donated to a first responder. “Buy some coffee and ensure your local firehouse gets some good coffee in return!”

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 9.36 mi

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters is a local micro-roaster in Dallas that strive to serve the freshest and highest quality coffee possible. They want to connect and contribute in the community and have concern for the farmers across the globe that provides “excellent products”. It's not just about what you consume, but also what you create. When you choose their coffee, you choose to support our farmers and employees who have both committed themselves to delivering an exceptional product. They also have few subscription packages that can satisfy any household's need for fresh coffee. You can pick which coffee you receive, or let them surprise you with our seasonal favorites!

Five Mile Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 9.36 mi

With roots in coffee and the sweeter side of the culinary world, Five Mile Chocolate was created by the idea of building “craft chocolate in Dallas,” not only as an opportunity for creation, but as an invitation to join an economy of good work. Their chocolate bars are made from the bean with the only two things needed for great chocolate – “75% cacao and 25% organic sugar.” These are carefully handcrafted, made in small batches with chocolate from all over the world. And don’t worry, these beans are sourced from sustainable farms at prices well above commodity and Fair Trade prices.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 9.82 mi

Dude, Sweet Chocolate offers a wide assortment of sweet treats with all the "interesting and unusual flavors."  Some of the definite must-tries are the Crack In A Box, Chubby Nuts, the large selection of dark chocolates, as well as the Whistle Pig, a great flavor fusion of chocolate and whiskey.  Other specialty items include the hot choco powder, soft-serve sundae, and other sweet and tasty gift options.

Azucar Ice Cream Company

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 9.85 mi

Hot and tropical climate is the perfect excuse to have an ice cream from Azucar Ice Cream Company! It is an “ice cream and sorbet boutique” located in Dallas Texas. The concept of the store came out of the love for the owner’s abuela (grand mother) who has the passion for ice cream and admiration for Miami's little Havana neighborhood and what it represents. They use the “highest quality, all natural ingredients” and a desire to bring smiles to friends faces. Whenever possible, they use locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables from “South Florida farmer's markets” and red land, Florida growers. Azucar Ice Cream Company makes ice cream and sorbet flavors daily, continuing to challenge their creativity with new tropical flavors and striving to bring delight to their client's faces.

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