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Three Sister Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 0.35 mi

Three Sister Farm uses sustainable agricultural practices to provide local and healthy food for the greater Houston area. "The team at Three Sister Farms takes great care of their animals, and it shows in their product". They have "the BEST eggs from the happiest chickens". You will "love their pan sausage too". It is really "quality farm and service". Also, try their "pork cuts" and you will notice that "they are as high a quality as the eggs". Aside from their mission to bring natural, sustainable food to their community, they also strive to educate their community and empower everyone to make healthy food decisions.They're regulars at Tomball Farmers Market and Urban Harvest Farmers Market. Although their meats are always available at both farmers' markets, eggs are only available for walk-ins at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market. For Tomball Farmers Market Shoppers, you'll have to  pre-order them by texting them at 832-914-EGGS (3447) from Monday at 9 am, until Friday at 2:00 PM with your name, location of choice and product choices.To learn more about their offerings and product availability, check out their website and subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest news from Three Sister Farm

(281) 854-8488

Lone Star Organics

Farm & Ranch in Skidmore - 6.00 mi

Lone Star Organics uses certified organic wheatgrass seeds and add no chemicals of any kind. Located in Northwest Houston - south Magnolia/north Tomball area. They can meet you at "4 corners" - Hwy 249/FM2920 to deliver. They also have dewberries/blackberries in the spring, and figs in the summer, and mustang/natural wild grapes (with the seed) in the late summer.

(281) 356-6168

Weinberg’s Rosehill Farms

Farm & Ranch in Tomball - 6.23 mi

The Weinberg’s Rosehill Farms in Tomball is a family-owned and operated farm established in 1895. The current 6th generation owner, Bud, and his mother and daughter all work in different roles on the farm and farm store. The store is open Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm, and on Sundays from 12:00pm to 6:00pm.Their customers appreciate the fact that the farm sells most of its produce to Tomball residents and residents of surrounding areas instead of going commercial. From online reviews:
  • “Great prices. Freshest veggies and really friendly people.”
  • “Nice folks. Veggies straight from their farm. Reasonable prices.”
The farm has the distinction of being named a historic farm by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

(281) 961-6852

Lone Star Mushrooms

Farm & Ranch in Tomball - 7.17 mi

Lone Star Mushrooms is a family owned and operated farm that strives to offer fresh, locally grown mushrooms delivered with the highest quality in the industry. You can visit them at Tomball Farmer's Market.  Their products include Gourmet mushroom varieties such as Blue Oyster, King Trumpet, Lions Mane, and Shiitake. Their Mushroom Extracts are Lions Mane, and Reishi. You can also buy their mushrooms at the Braeswood Farmers Market. They also partnered with  Verdegreens Farms where they offer "FARMBOX to the Tomball area". This includes "a great variety of produce from Gundermann Acres, mushrooms from Lone Star Mushrooms , and two heads of living lettuce as well as a large bag of salad mix and more from Verdegreens".You can also get products from Lone Star Mushrooms when you join the Farm to Kitchen Collective. 

(724) 581-7657

H2OrganicsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in The Woodlands - 8.34 mi

H2Organics is an organic, aquaponic vegetable farm in The Woodlands, Texas. It offers Farm to Table Organic microgreens like cilantro, kohlrabi, purple basil, mustard, Daikon radish, arugula, and more. Oh, you're gonna "love" the "microgreens from this place!" They're so fresh and "delicious!" Even better, they also have a "Spicy Salad Mix" that makes "a fabulous addition to sandwiches in lieu of leaf lettuce." But of course, they're also perfect to be eaten as is. Nonetheless, these goodies are available for purchase at select farmers' markets. Or, you may order online and have it delivered right to your front door.

(832) 477-7716

Atkinson Farms

Farm & Ranch in Spring - 8.90 mi

In the 1990s, Atkinson Farms owner Mike Atkinson, a 4th generation farmer, was experiencing a crisis. Competing with foreign-sourced produce was getting more difficult and more robust. Finally, he and wife Theresa had an idea. Why not market and sell their food on the farm’s premises? In 2000, they did just that and built a grocery store on-site. Besides buying produce at retail at the onsite store, visitors of the farm can also treat themselves to a “pick-your-own” activity during strawberry season, a popular event with kids. The farm also participates and sells seasonal produce at other farmers’ markets in the area. A happy buyer says, "I love the fresh produce, jams, and jellies."

(832) 381-8202

Victoria’s Natural Market

Farm & Ranch in Tomball - 9.91 mi

You can tell that the owners of Victoria’s Natural Market are passionate about their food. Their market is a “farmer’s market style storefront” located at the grounds of their own farm. Aside from providing farm fresh products grown at the farm, the market also sources and sells the highest quality local and organic milk, eggs, produce, meats, artisanal foods, and other products from like-minded growers and makers. It is also the drop-off and pickup point for the Cypress Raw Milk Co-op.The owners personally vet the sources of all items sold at the store. Conveniently located near the Houston, Cypress, and The Woodlands areas, they invite nearby residents to visit and tour the farm, and learn about truly natural food.

(713) 815-8513

Aitken Farm and Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Tomball - 9.98 mi

Are you dreaming of savory beef for your meatballs and burger patties? Search no more as the Aitken Farm and Ranch allows you to make your dreams a reality.What is unique about this ranch is that they allow an up-close encounter with their animals. Please do keep in mind that they don't offer this service during summer days. It is mainly because it gets scorchingly hot in the petting pen.From Angus beef to Charbray/Jersey beef, rest assured that every cut you get is exceptional. You can instantly tell the difference between store-bought meat and a grass-fed one once you try them.‘No grease, tender steak, fantastic taste, great-quality, and impressive beef’ are just some of the words their customers used to describe their products.Furthermore, satisfied customers shared (on Facebook reviews) that the owners are knowledgable and passionate, not to mention, fabulous and sweet during visits.Aside from beef, they also carry free range eggs and raw honey.

(832) 422-5164

Sweet Magnolia Farms

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 10.70 mi

Sweet Magnolia Farms is an organically run, family-operated farm, raising chickens, vegetables, herbs, and fruits". They have "great produce" that is "fresh as it gets". Some of these fresh produce includes Summer squash, Hubbard blue squash, Mint, Parsley, Basil, Cilantro, Beets, Borage, Peas, Sage, Catnip, Stevia, Echinacea, and Zucchini. "And you can’t beat the service with a smile!" With remarkable "farm fresh vegetables", "what more could you ask!" They do not have a website but you can always check out their Facebook page for updates regarding their farm produce. They are currently working on clearing the hoop house and getting new plants in the ground for fall.

(409) 443-4084

Texas Eco FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Magnolia - 11.01 mi

Texas Eco Farms is a small scale ecological farm in Magnolia, TX. They grow fresh, clean & poison-free foods for their community in organically managed, remineralized soil.  Their CSA Program brings their members a weekly box of fresh veggies they can trust. Their CSA helps you eat healthy with less hassle and headaches. They offer seasonal subscriptions for a 16-week journey of healthy eating from their farm.

FarmGoodsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Premont - 11.01 mi

FarmGoods is a family farm that provides local produce and farm goods. They practice organic methods, focusing on heirloom varieties not found at conventional stores. All their chickens are free-range. The cows are grass-fed plus the pigs are also pastured. They are constantly adding new products based on their website description. You may need to contact them via the contact form of their website to know the prices and available products. They can also deliver within a 10-mile radius on most Saturdays for an additional fee. You just need to include your address, contact information and specific order in your message.

Stanley Family FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Spring - 11.12 mi

The Stanley Family Farms is a small beautiful farm in Spring, Texas. The farm provides its customers with their free-range chickens, turkey, and eggs. Aside from that, they also have dairy, fruits & berries, honey, and vegetables. They do not use any pesticides or chemicals, and their farm is a certified non-GMO, organic seed. They are raising poultry for quite long now, and they are slowly expanding and adding more products. Happy client says, “The vegetables in Stanley Family Farms is essential to our family since we need fresh organic vegetables regularly. When we need something specific, the farm tries to get it for us. Their staff is helpful, and they hire people who don't wear perfume, which contaminates food items.” To know more about Stanley Family Farms, you can visit them or inquire through their social media pages!

(936) 205-2228

Edmonds FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Spring - 11.12 mi

Edmonds Farms is still preserving the heritage of family farming. It has been passed down through many generations dating back to 1872. Edmonds Farms is relatively young, but part of a much older, established family farm. This farm is also currently handled by three generations of family working on the farm. This family farm is also a working farm growing fresh produce and raising grass-fed cattle. They also offer completely grass-fed beef, without the use of any hormones or antibiotics. They also grow their produce pesticide-free. You may check out their Facebook page for more updates on their farm and produce.

(832) 830-1912

The Mushroom Factory LLCNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Magnolia - 11.70 mi

The Mushroom Factory LLC is a mushroom farm in Magnolia, Texas that grows gourmet mushrooms. Oh, these mushrooms are "absolutely gorgeous!" Chestnut mushroom, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, and Oyster mushroom are just some of them. And the best part is, "not only do they look beautiful" but "they are very tasty" as well! You won't be needing a lot of ingredients as you can simply sauté them in "butter, salt, and pepper" and you're good to go! On top of that, they also offer a variety of eggs like ducks, chickens, and quails.
You can catch all these goodies at Eleanor's Farmers Market, every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and at the Bay Area Farmers Market, every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

1(281) 736-1348

Wolff Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Spring - 11.99 mi

Wolff Family Farm, in Spring, Texas, is a family farm producing aquaponic lettuce and various vegetables to sell direct to the public at various farmers markets. You can buy from them when they sell at Brazos Valley Farmers' Market or The Groves. Besides aquaponic lettuce, they also sell celery, red vein sorrel, mixed green salad, Asian greens, tomatoes, broccoli and broccoli leaves, cut microgreens, cilantro, and turnips. All of these are produced in the 230-acre farm which is already 110-year-old.

(281) 853-4619

Fare House FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Conroe - 12.06 mi

Fare House Farms produces fresh, local greens using a vertical hydroponic approach they describe as a "smart, sustainable, and environmentally friendly hydroponic system." They also use advanced an lighting system to grow the best vegetables. It is easy to be convinced that the vegetables are very fresh and great tasting. Just look how vibrant they are! They set up shop in local and nearby locations like The Woodlands Farmers Market. They also visit the Sterling Ridge Village Artisans and Farmers Market. If you want to buy from them, there's your chance! Fare House Farms is in Conroe, Texas.

(713) 870-1681

Dragon Weyr Farms

Farm & Ranch in Port Bolivar - 12.32 mi

The farmers at Dragon Weyr Farms moved to the small town of Magnolia in 2005. They were originally from Katy, Texas. They have always dreamed to raise lots of food on the land for as much as they could. Aside from that, they also wanted to remove all processed food from their diet. For this reason, they have continued to improve and grow their animals. Dragon Weyr Farms started with chickens from which they have harvested fresh eggs. Today, they already have over seventy chicken laying eggs and over fifty maturing ones. After that, they ventured into raising rabbits, peafowls, and turkeys. Recently, they had their first goat. Check them out today!

(832) 934-2648

Stump FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Montgomery - 13.26 mi

Stump Farms is a local farm that cultivate “seasonally and naturally” farmed fresh produce, canned goods, honey, herbs, jellies, and more. It started 2 years ago in Magnolia, Texas, trying to cultivate a way of better living for the family. Always “health and happiness driven,” they focus on producing food and canning for their family and share the excess. The mini-farm has grown so much, so they added more items straight from the farm! They now have bees for honey, gardens for produce, goats for milk, herbs for seasoning, tea, and so much more! Stump Farms always try to make everything as natural and organic as possible.

(936) 276-0235

Jenkins Sunshine FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Montgomery - 14.80 mi

Jenkins Sunshine Farm is all about making natural solutions for everyone’s daily health.  They craft natural products that can promote a healthier lifestyle while also doing our part to take care of the environment.  Sunshine Farm is located in an almost 12-acre property, equipped with a barn and greenhouse.  This is where they craft their natural skincare and healthy living products as well as their herbal teas, which are “certified organic teas with a purpose.”

(936) 337-4421

Jenkins Sunshine Farm

Farm & Ranch in Montgomery - 14.80 mi

Jim and Lisa Jenkins are the owners of Jenkins Sunshine Farm LLC that started in 2004. Their awards include The Green Parent Natural Beauty Award Bronze medal 2018, Clean Eating Clean Choice Award 2019, andEco Excellence Awards Finalist 2019. Moreover, it is a diversified and sustainable teaching farm where they raise St Croix haired sheep, donkeys, barn pigeons, free-range chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese, eggs, sheep, and lamb meat. Additionally, natural skin care products such as soaps, lotions, body powder, scrubs, and fragrancing items are available, as well as herbal remedies and CBD therapeutics. Also, they offer farm tours daily with a guided tour through the gardens, animal barns, and an aquaponics greenhouse. If you want to visit them, they require an appointment. 

(936) 648-6145


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