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Tamale Addiction

Artisan Food Producer in Manor - 0.02 mi

Tamale Addiction was born from hard work and a passion for cooking. Led by husband-and-wife duo, took a few trips around the block trying to sell Mexican desserts and flautas before discovering their niche, “health conscious tamales” that is 100% organic. Since then, they turned the business into a large success. Tamale Addiction is famous for being fresh, organic, local, and delicious! Since their first set up at a farmer’s market in 2010, these Tamales have managed to collect a following of ”tamale addicts”. Each Tamale are handcrafted using the highest-quality ingredients out there. Think 100% organic masa and 0% gluten, lard, trans-fat oils, food additives, or preservatives. You’ve finally found an addiction you can feel good about it!

Bee Tree Farms and Dairy

Artisan Food Producer in Manor - 5.05 mi

Bee Tree Farms and Dairy is not just a farm producing and selling their own products. It is also a distribution point for other local businesses who shared the vision of Bee Tree Farms and Dairy that there is a greater potential in building partnerships in the community. So go ahead and support them! Bee Tree Farms and Dairy has fresh seasonal vegetables and goat products. They also offer a tour of the farm, if you are curious where the items they sell come from. They love to have you visit and explore the property.

Kosmic Kombucha

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 7.21 mi

Kosmic Kombucha is brewed with a “blend of organic oolong and green teas.” It is lovingly brewed in the heart of Austin by Omar and Mina Rio. Their unique flavors are made with the freshest natural ingredients that add powerful nutrients needed for a healthy body. As Kosmic’s brew-mistress, Mina goes through meticulous testing procedures when developing new flavors with a variety of fresh, organic, and delicious ingredients. Flavors such as “Salty Dog, Groovy Green, and Purple Haze” have been a hit with Austinites. Through partnerships with some amazing local vendors, Mina and Omar and the dedicated team at Kosmic Kombucha are grateful to offer their booch throughout the Austin area.

Madhu Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 7.52 mi

Madhu Chocolate makes small-batch artisanal hand-made chocolate bar using unique flavors with Indian spices! It all started their kitchen in Austin where they experimented combining flavors they love “traditional Indian cuisine” with their favorite sweet treat, chocolate. Now, they have a growing business of bean-to-bar Indian-Inspired chocolates in Austin, Texas. They currently offer 9 different chocolate bars like “Saffron Mix, Rose Pistachio Dark, Coconut Milk, Cashew, and more”. They source the cacao from the Tumaco region of Colombia, then roast, crack, winnow, grind, flavor, temper and wrap all the bars by hand striving to create the highest of quality bean-to-bar product. From the beautiful packaging inspired by Indian textiles, to the gorgeous bars themselves, Madhu chocolate is a true labor of love.

Beba’s Pfresh SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pflugerville - 7.79 mi

A new favorite! Beba's Pfresh Salsa is a 100% all natural "pfresh", delicious, homemade salsa made in the heart of Pflugerville Texas. She produces incredible red jalapeno-based salsa and other varieties that is truly delicious! You can use it for cooking or straight out of the jar. It started when Beba made salsa for her husband to take to work. His coworkers enjoyed it, and some coworkers liked it enough to ask if they would be able to purchase some for themselves. At the time, her salsas became increasingly popular. She began selling her salsa at the Farmers Market and soon attracted a following of repeat customers. By the end of 2014, Beba has expanded her salsa to 8 different markets and 3 small stores.

Good Flow Honey Co

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.14 mi

Good Flow Honey Co is a family operated business with great passion that offers local, Texas wildflower honey, as well as Orange Blossom, Clover and South Texas wildflower honeys. They also sell two specialty "raw" honeys-which are unfiltered and unheated. All of the products are available in a variety of sizes, including gallon buckets and bulk honey which can be purchased from several area retail stores. It has always been their goal to provide customers with the purest, highest quality honey available. Everything in this honey is fresh from the beehive, which allows more of the natural taste and nutrition of the nectars, beeswax, pollen, and propolis to be experienced.

Sara’s SweetsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.17 mi

Sara's Sweets does “commissioned sugar art pieces.” Each piece is custom designed to be the showcase of your event. The owner learned to bake as a youngster in the Wilton heyday when buttercream ruled. Now cakes are coming alive with “sugar engineering.” She enjoy coming up with “whimsical but simple designs” that make everyone smile. Each sugar piece or set is a collaborative process and each customers gets to enjoy the excitement of surprise when the custom designed cake, cookies or cupcakes are revealed. Sara’s Sweets uses only the finest ingredients. They also offer allergen sensitive recipes and designs. Today, Sara’s Sweets still create simple buttercream cakes and she’s developing all-natural, organic, cakes that are not only delicious, but also beautiful.

Fallen Oak MycologyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Del Valle - 8.61 mi

Adaptogenic mushrooms make up some of the most nutritious foods in the world! Based in Austin, Fallen Oak Mycology specializes in the “cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.” They produce “high quality mushroom products” including Oyster Master Spawn, Reishi Mushrooms, Shiitake Plug Spawn, and “Cordyceps & Chaga Mushroom Coffee.” Fallen Oak Mushroom strive to cultivate a positive impact on our environment through ethical and innovative business practices such as bin swapping with restaurants to reduce the number of one-use containers. They promote health, vitality and a high level of awareness and productivity through the use of powerful mushrooms and their wonderful flavors and health benefits.

Denise’s DelightsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pflugerville - 8.79 mi

From the beautiful plant to the gorgeous fruit, to the wonderful confitures, Denise’s Delights crafts and sells Texas made, small-batch preserves, marmalades, and French macarons using local, homegrown, organic, and sustainably raised produce and product. Her treats are always 100% gluten-free and her preserves and marmalades are paleo-friendly and vegan-friendly without using any refined sugars. With a wide selection of variants that comes in different sizes, you all will surely find something that would be perfect to be given as a gift – but that is if you don’t finish the jars by yourself. Shop local and catch her in the nearby farmers market.

Local Leaf

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.89 mi

Eric Knight and Stacy Coplin established Local Leaf in 2016, captivated by the abundant foliage of Central Texas. Their passion lies in providing locally sourced Yaupon tea, harvested from the wild. While they briefly ventured away from Texas, their deep-rooted affection for local Yaupon tea never waned. In 2016, they returned to their Texan roots and birthed Local Leaf, now known for offering Yaupon Mate and Yaupon Matcha. Each week, they embark on forest forages to craft North America's sole caffeinated beverage from Yaupon leaves. This remarkable plant is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, and inflammation-fighting flavonoids. One delighted customer raves, "The flavor is absolutely divine! Roasted Yaupon is my personal favorite!" Discover the natural goodness of Local Leaf's Yaupon tea today.

Wow Texas Honey

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.89 mi

Providing excellent honey and honey based products to locals and worldwide beyond, Wow Texas Honey has the “finest raw honey” in the state! They produce Raw Guajillo Honey, Whipped Clover Honey, Honey with Pecans, Infused Honey, and Jelly. Their “Guajillo honey” is sourced from beehives located on prime Guajillo rich acreage in South Texas. This 100% raw Guajillo honey has an extremely delicate and distinctive taste and perfect viscosity; its honey perfection! The “raw honey” is sourced from beehives located on their family ranch and other surrounding leased acreage in Pearsall. It is not processed and doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup, GMO's, preservatives, or any other additives.

Maine RootNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Ector - 9.28 mi

For six years now, Maine Root has been the most outrageously “refreshing thirst-quencher” in town. It all started when the owner, Matt, brewed his own root beer. Their organically sweetened sodas have been thrilling fans from New England to Texas. Maine Root’s are made from “100% organic sugar cane” and it comes Fair Trade from the owner’s friends in Brazil. They farm their key ingredient, and in exchange, Maine root supports their hospitals and schools and you get to enjoy a variety of amazing refreshments. It’s a pretty sweet supply chain! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a Maine Root rookie, feel free to try all the delicious concoctions. Fill your refrigerator, throw some bottles in a cooler, or mix them with your favorite spirit!

Lick Honest Ice Creams (East Austin)No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.34 mi

A cone of Lick Honest Ice Creams is a feel-good food with a feel-good story. Since it opened shop, Lick Honest Ice Creams has grown and became successful simply because the ice cream and other treats sold here at delicious and customers keep coming back. This is good karma at work. Local businesses provide Lick Honest Ice Creams quality ingredients which are transformed into a wide array of delicious treats. The business is successful. The customers are happy. The local community is thriving. All that and all you need to do is eat ice cream.

SoCo Ginger Beer

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.53 mi

SoCo Ginger Beer believes that simple and fresh ingredients make for the best nourishment. Thus, this company offers “the best ginger beer in the United States,” made from natural and fresh ingredients – “no chemicals,” no preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup. Just fresh ginger, fresh lemon, organic cane sugar, and sparkling water that they cold-press and serve up as quickly as possible to maintain a fresh, clean, and crisp ginger beer. This refreshment has “just the right amount of tart and sweet with the expected delicious ginger kick.” It’s “great by itself,” or you can “add some adult beverage for a nice summer cocktail.” Clearly, this ginger beer can be enjoyed whatever mood you’re in. So, “do yourself a favor and get some!” 

Zhi Tea

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.55 mi

Zhi Tea was created by die-hard tea lovers with a love and deep respect for traditional farming, Fair Trade practices, and high-quality necessities. They produce Premium Tea and Hand Blended Artisan Signatures that are hand picked and processed in small batches to make sure they are fresh and flavorful. Zhi Tea strives to elevate the “American tea culture” by sourcing and providing a cross section of the world's finest tea. They specialize in oolong tea, and also carry organic green, white, black, and rooibos. Zhi Tea is a homegrown business in Austin, Texas and the owners are active in the community. They participate in many foodie, local, and sustainable events throughout the year and won a "Local Heroes Award" through the Edible Communities for 2009.

Lammes Candies

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.56 mi

Lammes Candies gives only the most wonderful shopping experience to their customers.  Proudly made in Austin, its current bestseller is the world-famous "Texas Chewie Pecan Praline."  It took seven years of recipe testing to present to the world this delightful perfection!  Lammes' kitchen prepares a good variety of chocolates, taffies, brittles, and more sweet surprises.  Lammes Candies is able to go the extra mile to offer mouth-watering confections in all their branches.

Barrett’s Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.58 mi

Barrett’s Coffee Roaster is all about “good coffee and relaxing atmosphere”. With over 20 years in Austin native business, they are roasting really tasty coffees! They specialize in “single origins”, with a revolving in-shop retail menu and full list of blends online. Nice space, lovely people, great coffee! What more could you ask for? Barrett’s Coffee Roaster is perfect for getting work done or if you just want to hang out. They have the “smoothest brew ever” and staff are super friendly. They are responsible in bringing you the best possible coffees from farms around the world. Their approach to roasting is to skillfully let the natural beauty of any coffee come through in the character of each cup.

Spokesman Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Howe - 9.58 mi

Representing the “finest quality-roasted coffee and draft beverages” in South Austin, Spokesman Coffee was developed by service industry professionals that desired more than the usual coffee experience. Spokesman Coffee's cafe was designed to be the ultimate platform for their “small-batch roasted coffee” to shine. Some of their coffees include Mexico Mocabe, Colombia La Paz Microlot, Kenya Nguvu AA Plus, Nicaragua Finca Porvenir, Colombia El Paraiso Natural, and Decaf Colombia Trilladora Andes Mill. They also offer Beers in can and bottles at night. Spokesman work to provide an outstanding product that speaks for itself with an eye for being friendly, educated and approachable throughout.

Leaning R SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.67 mi

Bringing a unique “southwest flavor” to your table, Leaning R Salsa originated in Austin, Texas which boasts a unique and rich flavor with a perfect combination of southwest vegetables, tropical fruit, and herbs and seasonings. They have a unique blends and variations of sweet and heat offer versatility across a wide range of menu choices. Their Salsa will perfectly go along with your favorite tortilla chips or Mexican meal, with cream cheese and crackers, or for a sweet yet spicy garnish over seafood. This will also be a hit for your party, game day or fine dining menu. It is also a great gift for your loved ones at holiday time, and any other time you have the desire to give!

Zucchini Kill BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.68 mi

If not for the third word in its name, it would have been difficult to guess what particular enterprise this represents. But Zucchini Kill Bakery is a bakery with a personality. And at the end of the day, the food is really good. That's the bottom line. I don't care what's the name of the bakery if they are making oatmeal cream pies, pumpkin diamond cupcakes, chocolate donuts, pumpkin brownies, and orange cranberry almond muffins as delicious as this.

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