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Farm to Table & Local Ingredients Restaurants near Midfield, TX (3)


The Fat Grass Restaurant

Restaurant in Bay City - 14.99 mi

Set in the heart of downtown City Bay, The Fat Grass Restaurant is dedicated to the farm-to-table philosophy. We take pride in sourcing fresh produce and herbs from local farms and ranches, ensuring the highest quality ingredients. Our menu, available from lunch until midnight, offers a range of delectable options, from bacon-wrapped jalapenos to Caesar salads, turkey boursin club sandwiches, succulent filet mignon entrees, and indulgent blackberry cobbler desserts. Families can take advantage of our kid's menu, where every item is just $5. At The Fat Grass Restaurant, you'll savor classic Southern dishes made with the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients in a modern and casual setting. Join us for a memorable dining experience.

Pier 77 of Fulton

Restaurant in Fulton - 16.36 mi

Pier 77 Fulton offers southern dishes, international flavors, and a lot of seafood. Their gumbo bowls may seem expensive but the serving size makes up for it once it's served. If you've ever tried a big bowl of ramen, this is what you're getting in terms of size. Of course, Pier 77 serves up dishes that are big on flavors that hits close to home with their cajun boiled lobster and seafood gumbo.

The Feed Store

Restaurant in El Campo - 17.97 mi

The Feed Store is dedicated to serving the "freshest meals" using the "freshest ingredients" in a "relaxing", "vibrant" atmosphere. The menu showcases authentic Southern cooking, featuring brunch fare like "avocado toast", starters like "gulf coast crab cakes", salads like "caesar", sandwiches like "the burger", seafood like "grilled salmon", poultry like "herb-roasted chicken", steaks and chops like "filet mignon", and you can even make your own pasta dish with your choice of pasta, sauce, and proteins. At The Feed Store, you can indulge in freshly-prepared "delicious", "good for the soul" food all the while following a "clean eating regime".

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