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Hollydew Farm

Farm & Ranch in Franklin - 9.14 mi

Hollydew Farm is established by a couple who wanted to consume the freshest food possible, especially for their son who had a reaction with preservatives and additives in food.  Now they are proud to say that most of what they eat is made and grown by them from scratch!  They grow their own fruits, vegetables, whole grains and raise their own meat. They assure everyone that they use organic, sustainable, and humane methods when it comes to their farm.  Their products are all homemade and handmade in small batches.  


Farm & Ranch in San Diego - 14.44 mi

HerbanEggs has "the best customer service and best organic eggs!" It is "delicious" and "the chickens are beautiful and well cared for". The chickens are also registered with the Texas Animal Health Commission and of National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). The herbs, produce, plants and chicks and fertile eggs for hatching are available from time to time. They also plant Texas Tulips and Daffodils and are also breeding Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats. As posted on their website, they have moved to Wheelock, Texas for larger produce gardens, more grazing areas for animals and native wildflower meadows. They will have a grand re-opening in Spring 2020.

Z Best Milk

Farm & Ranch in Marquez - 16.73 mi

It is important for Marquez, Texas-based dairy farm Z Best Milk that the people know they are producing Grade A raw Jersey milk. Grade A means that the dairy farm - through its cows - are producing milk under sanitary conditions that makes it good for consumption. It is important for them because this is a testament to the care of every dairy worker working at Z Best Milk. Milk is an important part of an everyday diet and here at Z Best Milk, they make sure what you get is the best possible milk product they can produce following standards and guidelines that protect consumer health and welfare. Other products sold on this dairy farm are also top quality, like eggs and ground beef.

Kelumac Christmas Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast

Farm & Ranch in Bryan - 17.90 mi

Kelumac Christmas Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast planted their first one thousand trees in 1988 and started selling in 1993. They have been "doing the 'Go Green' campaign since the beginning". Now, they have approximately "two thousand five hundred trees in the field and will have at least four hundred in the Choose and Cut area". They also have "one hundred containerized live trees and precut Frasier Fir Trees from North Carolina for the Christmas Season"This Bed and Breakfast is on a "twenty three-acre Christmas Tree Farm in Bryan, Texas". Here, you may enjoy the smell of nature and the aroma of pines as they spill out their fragrance. You may also catch a catfish out of the pond. Squirrels, Whitetail deer, and Songbirds may come into sight when you visit this place. Make it a family tradition to visit Kelumac Christmas Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast! You can find them on the left side end of Taylor Road.

RainWater FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Kosse - 21.41 mi

Rainwater Farms also operates under the name Kenda Eckols. "A Christian owned family operation growing organic tomatoes that have unbelievable flavor". They have "been growing organic greenhouse tomatoes since it started operations in 2014". They also have "excellent large, full-bodied tomatoes". And, they also provide "excellent service" to their customers. You may contact them via their social media page or give them a call for more information because their "tomatoes are fantastic!"

Wickersham Angus Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bryan - 23.06 mi

Meet Bill and Tony Wickersham, owners of the 400-acre Wickersham Angus Ranch since 1994. Their love for this land, rich with trees, pastures, and ponds, has been a lifelong passion. From the beginning, their focus has been on raising Angus cattle that thrive in southeast Texas weather. In 2006, Tyron and Erin Wickersham joined the family venture. At the ranch, breeding begins in March, with calves typically born in late December after a nine-month gestation period. In winter, their cattle graze on clover, rye, and dormant Bermudagrass, while summer sees them feasting on Tifton 85, Bermudagrass, and Bahiagrass. Today, the ranch is a registered Angus Cattle operation in College Station. Come and visit us to experience the legacy of quality and care that defines Wickersham Angus Ranch!

Mariposa Valley Farm

Farm & Ranch in Caldwell - 23.36 mi

Amy Hill is the proud owner of Mariposa Valley Farm, established in June 2016. Customers rave about their healing solid lotions and aromatic candles in Facebook reviews. Alongside these, the farm offers a range of meats, including chicken thighs, wings, drumsticks, and more. Don't miss their limited Easter-ready supply of lamb meat, featuring chops, legs, and shanks. Discover Mariposa Valley Farm's quality products at Brazos Valley Farmer's Market. Your source for natural goodness!

Aquatic Greens Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bryan - 23.47 mi

Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in March 2014. Aquatic Greens Farm offers fresh, organic produce for local residents and businesses in the Bryan/College Station community by email orders & farm pick-up. They are also available at occasional Saturday mornings at the Brazos Valley Farmers Market. This is the "best fresh vegetable farms you will find in the Brazos Valley". The owner is "very knowledgeable" and "helpful". Also, "if you try her produce you'll understand why aquaponic is such an interesting system". They also have aquaponic classes to those interested in starting their own systems and do consultations. This is by appointment only and inclusive of a farm tour.

Lewinski Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Rosebud - 23.65 mi

Lewinski Family Farm is a small, diversified, natural family farm. But just because it says "small farm" doesn't mean there is little happening here. On the contrary, Lewinski Family Farm is a very busy and productive enterprise. They specialize in pasture-fed, humanely slaughtered chicken. They also grow and harvest hand-raised tomatoes. They make soap made with milk from the herd of goats on the farm. They have honey too, made from the bees on the farm. Lewinski Family Farm, GOTEXAN member and Homegrown by Heroes-certified, is the epitome of making the most of every moment, of every space, of every useful resource.

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