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Green Acres Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location - 6.82 mi

Green Acres Cattle Company owns 410 Farms. The farm got its name because they are located on County Road 410 on 4th generation family farm and ranch land. And they also have a 4X brand name. This is from their farm name - 410 Farms - which is a creative combo of 4 and the roman numeral for 10, which is X. They raise some crops including rice and specialty hay for their cattle. But, their primary program is Green Acres Grass Fed Beef. This is an American Grassfed Association certified grass fed Angus influenced cattle operation. Green Acres provides both individual cuts direct to consumer as well as larger wholesale "beef share" orders while delivering in parts of Texas and Louisiana and shipping nationwide. They have "exceptional beef, from steaks to burgers". "Great quality and amazing delivery service" which is "only the best from 410 Farms!"

Gundermann Acres

Farm & Ranch in Weesatche - 8.06 mi

Gundermann Acres is owned and operated by Garrett and Stacie Gundermann. Originally named Gundermann Farms, Garrett took over running the farm from his parents in 2009. He is a fourth-generation farmer, and, with his wife Stacie, has two children. The farm grows over 90 varieties of fruits and vegetables! Gundermann Farms only used to grow peaches when Garrett’s grandparents were running the farm. In the 1990s, his parents expanded the farm’s operations and grew a variety of fruits and vegetables. When Garrett and his wife took over, they christened the farm Gundermann Acres. These days, with help from real and adopted families, friends, and staff, the farm participates at two Houston area farmers markets – Urban Harvest at 2752 Buffalo Speedway (from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm) and Imperial-Sugarland at 234 Matlage Way (from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm).

Gundermann Farms

Farm & Ranch in Glen Flora - 8.07 mi

In its earlier days, Gundermann Acres graced Peachland's landscape, but in the mid-1990s, Garett Gundermann's parents transitioned to growing fruits and vegetables. Today, Garett, a fourth-generation farmer, and his wife Stacie manage the 500-acre farm in Wharton County, Texas. At the local farmer's markets, they offer a diverse array of seasonal produce, including arugula, green beans, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, sweet corn, cucumbers, cauliflower, and kale. Their offerings also include strawberries, melons, and citrus fruits. Catch them mainly at Urban Harvest in Houston and Imperial-Sugarland in Sugarland, Texas.

Harrison Hog FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Lissie - 9.42 mi

Harrison Hog Farms started raising pigs for personal consumption. However, when they realized how tasty their homegrown livestock meat is, they decided to make it available for the community. Harrison Hog Farms produce high-quality pork in the Houston area where they allow pigs to roam freely in a 3-acre paddock. With a lot of sunlight, a whole day at mud puddles, and instant access to fresh water, their pigs remain happy until harvest day. None of their hogs took growth enhancers, antibiotics, nor chemicals. As a result, their pork is good smelling and great tasting. Moreover, the farm now offers lamb and goat meat. Visit the farm today to know more!

The Medina Farm

Farm & Ranch in Wharton - 10.31 mi

On four acres of land, the Medina Farm is a small biodynamic and sustainable farm in Wharton, Texas. The owners Noe and Debra Medina combine conventional concepts. These concepts encourage natural and self-sustaining practices. Moreover, they offer homegrown pasture-raised chicken & beef and seasonal organically-grown produce. Also, they sell select products for healthy eating. These products include goat milk soaps, lotions & essential oils. Also, their poultry is guaranteed non-GMO, soy-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free. You can buy their merchandise and farm products at Provisions Bistro & Market in downtown Wharton from Mondays to Saturdays, 10 am to 6 pm. Farm visits during nights and weekends by appointment are available as well. Contact Debra Medina for more information. 

Genzer Farms

Farm & Ranch in Inez - 12.01 mi

Genzer Farms is a family farm that provides farm-fresh and free-range chicken eggs to Wharton County and surrounding areas. All their eggs are produced from pasture-raised chickens, that are fed a non-soy, non-GMO diet, free from antibiotics, and hormones. You can also find them at Eleanora’s Market, LLC. Check out their website for the updated schedule on when they sell at this local market. They also accept pre-orders on their website.

Milliesbarn Veggie Farm

Farm & Ranch in Eagle Lake - 14.73 mi

Milliesbarn Veggie Farm is a 12-acre farm located in Eagle Lake, Texas. If you are looking for a local supplier of locally-grown fruits and vegetables, visit Milliesbarn Veggie Farm. They are part of Texas’ growing community of vegetables and fruits growers. They are growing Mandarin oranges using seeds from the Middle East. They are also growing watermelons and strawberries! As for vegetables, expect them to sell mustard greens, cauliflower, and broccoli. They will also sell cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and red cabbage come harvest season. If you like herbs and herbal flowers, they have lots of hibiscus plants and they are harvesting a lot of hibiscus flowers. You can dry this and use it for tea.

Schilling FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Garwood - 18.77 mi

James A. Schilling, "a true Texan and true FARMER!" He is a former constable, farmer and rancher of over 50 years who embodies the Texan farmer/rancher in its truest form. He proudly carries on the family business and traditions that his father started in 1933. A good old fashioned cowboy who enjoys selling his organically grown produce and fresh chicken eggs at area farmer's markets. You can find his products at the "Pearland Farmers Market". You can also "pay him a visit at Sugar Land Farmers Market + More On Lexington Blvd". Or, you can also buy on their website. Pick-ups are available at Fulshear Farmer's Market and Molina's Restaurants.

Anala Goat Company

Farm & Ranch in Beasley - 18.88 mi

Experience the passion of Anala Goat Company, owned by Shelby Ann Brown and Teg Gregory. Since 1998, they have dedicated themselves to raising and caring for Boer goats in Kendleton, TX. As licensed raw dairy producers, they offer an array of sustainably farmed goat products, including raw milk, kefir, whey, cheese varieties, and handmade soap. Discover the exceptional flavors and quality that come from their meticulous approach to goat farming. At Anala Goat Company, the focus is on providing the best possible care for their goats. Separating male and female goats ensures the highest quality milk, as the owners believe that the male scent can impact the milk's aroma. Their goats enjoy a healthy diet consisting of milo, cottonseed meal, corn, and alfalfa, resulting in exceptional flavor and nutrition. Indulge in the exceptional goat products crafted by Anala Goat Company. From the richness of raw goat's milk to the delightful tang of kefir and the variety of cheese options, there's something for every palate. Treat yourself to the luxury of their handmade goat milk soap. Experience the dedication, craftsmanship, and exceptional taste that define Anala Goat Company's sustainably farmed products.

Sunshine Chicken Farm

Farm & Ranch in Garwood - 19.84 mi

In Highway 71 Garwood, Sunshine Chicken Farm is a non-GMO producer of heritage and rare breed chickens since 2011. Moreover, they sell fresh eggs where they collect and store daily, ready for you to take home. Also, they are P/T-tested and free. Besides, they offer typhoid testing services, and they can provide certificates when requested. Furthermore, they provide various egg colors on any given day, including white, olive, brown, green, blue, chocolate, and pink. Some of their chicken breeds include old type Rhode Island Reds, Black Jersey Giants, Dominiques, Barred Rock, New Hampshire Red, Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Light Brahma Wyandotte, Leghorn, Easter Egger-Olive and Blue, Black Cochin, Partridge Cochin Frizzle Cochins, Red Star, and more hatching every season. Visit their farm, and they would be happy to tour you around.

Boling Bunny Farm

Farm & Ranch in Boling - 20.23 mi

Welcome to Boling Bunny Farm, a charming rabbit haven in Boling-Iago, just southwest of Houston. Housing a wide array of rabbit breeds, we've dedicated over five decades to breeding and showcasing these furry friends across the USA. Looking to add a unique touch to your special occasions like birthday parties or showers? You can even rent our bunnies! At Boling Bunny Farm, we're not just about bunnies; we also have peacocks, guinea pigs, chickens, and friendly dogs. Have questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]. Join our satisfied customers who rave about our impressive farm and impeccable upkeep, complete with free-roaming peacocks and every rabbit breed imaginable. For all your rabbit needs, we're here to make your events unforgettable!

Moonbow Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bay City - 20.90 mi

Moonbow farms is a naturally grown produce farm and offers a community-supported agriculture program in Bay City, Texas.  This local farmer sells grass-fed beef, chicken, eggs, local honey, and fresh fruits and vegetables sold in produce boxes.  Some of the produce they grow and harvest are peas, squash, carrots, potatoes, cucumber, peaches, figs, zucchini and more!  They use natural methods to sustain their crops with "protective measures and natural remedies which do not damage the environment."  No pesticides, herbicides nor GMO crops were used in this farm.

Rab Farm and Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bay City - 24.24 mi

Rab Farm and Ranch in Cedar Lane, Bay City, is a small family-owned business that grows and "sells fresh produce and free-range eggs year-round". Aside from chicken eggs, they also have "duck eggs". At their ranch, you can pick "various vegetables such as beans, broccoli, carrots, corn, cucumbers, eggplants, onions, peas (snap), squash, and tomatoes". For meet-ups, they have in "Lake Jackson, Bay City". They are also in "Sargent" when they have enough amount of orders or happen to be in town on business. Moreover, they also "make deliveries to surrounding cities" while keeping their prices down. Call them at 979-373-6542 or send them a message.

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