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The Plain Ole Salsa CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 0.00 mi

Are You In with the Ole? Founded on January 2016, The Plain Ole Salsa Company adds a “unique spin to classic salsa recipes” to give you new experiences that are far from plain. Salsa is apparently the new Ketchup. The owners love chips and ketchup so they decided to make their own versions of delicious "whatever you wanna call it". They use fresh ingredients from local farmers to make their unique salsas. Nothing comes out of a can! They have different varieties including the chunk, green T, fire, smack, smoke - a “Zestfest award winner.” The tomatoes are smoked in Applewood and vegetables are smoked in Cherrywood.

The Amazing Dip CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 0.00 mi

The Amazing Dip Company is a small food manufacturing business that offers gourmet smoked gouda and fontina cheese dips. Such products are aged to perfection; then, they're beautifully paired with locally grown vegetables and crisp bacon to create a mouthwatering sensation. “The eclectic flavors” are “literally mind-blowing!” But beware, all of them are “highly addictive!” These dips that come in six varieties are extremely versatile and can be used in limitless recipes like “veggies, crackers, apple chips,” and “sandwiches.” They also “makes a great addition to pasta salad” and works “good in stuffed peppers.” Or, you can simply eat it with “a spoon.” All of their products are inherently sugar-free, low carb, and gluten-free that are bursting with fresh ingredients and taste. Rest assured that a “diabetic” person “can enjoy this dip without the guilt!” They’re “totally worth the price” too!

Wilder SweetsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 0.00 mi

Wilder Sweets is a home-based bakery that specializes in delicious and all-vegan sweets. This bakery offers a wide variety of products from the year-round flavors to the seasonal ones. There are tons of “good things about these cookies” and the business itself. And, the only way to prove it is to see, taste, and experience for yourself. First on the list, they offer such “innovative recipes” and all of them are “super moist and delicious” that “you’d never know it was vegan.” Second, they can also “make a gluten-free and soy-free version of the cookies.” And let me tell you, they’re nothing less than their vegan ones! Lastly, their “customer service is top-notch”; they have a “prompt service” with helpful and reliable staff. Not to mention that “Ms. Kiara” is such an “amazing young lady” herself. Thus, we “highly recommend” you try this bakery. “You won’t be disappointed!”

Farmhouse Cakes & CookiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 0.00 mi

Farmhouse Cakes & Cookies, which is located in Plano, Texas, is previously known as Sara's Sweets. This home baker makes cakes and cookies. With more than 12 years of experience making these timeless sweet treats, you can be sure that the cake and cookies you are buying are delicious, freshly-made, and truly enjoyable to eat. Farmhouse Cakes & Cookies accepts orders from customers from Caddo Mills to Plano, and everywhere in between. So if you live in these parts and you need home-baked cookies and cakes, you know who to call. Customers love the custom-themed cookies they ordered here. They described the cookies they bought here as cute, amazing, and delicious. They look and taste fantastic.

Conscious Choice

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 0.58 mi

Launched in December 2010, Conscious Choice Food offers three outstanding products: Frances Cowley Dill Pickles, Harold’s 2X Habanero Pickles & Harold’s 4X Habanero Pickles. These are made by hand with a recipe straight from the “old farm cellar”. Conscious Choice only use the highest quality organic produce with no additives or preservatives. They use a depression era, family kept recipe that has stood up against all competitors in blind taste tests. The first bite in to these, you get a nice crunch and the taste of a well concocted garlic and dill pickle, and then it comes, that sudden surprise of habanero bit. Harold's 2X took home “Best New Product” award at the 2011 Fiery Food Challenge in Irving.

Coffee Del ReyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 0.91 mi

Serving the Plano area for the past 7 years, Coffee Del Rey have made a name as coffee roasters who are “quality oriented, and community driven.” They are proud to partner with the North Texas Food Bank, and have a portion of all our profits go right back into the community. Coffee Del Rey specialize in “Micro-Roasted Speciality” coffees from around the work. Their coffee is freshly roasted weekly providing the very best flavor. They make sure they are using only the highest quality coffees from around the world. If you enjoy coffee, do yourself a favor and come taste some of the best coffee in Texas. Buy some whole beans and treat yourself every single morning to fresh-ground beans in whatever method you brew your coffee maker.

Therapie BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 2.07 mi

Grab tasty sweets and treats that are delightful to the eyes as well from Therapie Bakery! This home-based bakery can be your go-to place for any celebrations and gatherings you may have, or to just give yourself a well-deserved treat, as the name suggests, this can be “your prescription for yum.” They offer an extensive menu of cake flavors, that you can customize from the base to the frostings and fillings, cookies, bars, pies, sweet rolls, pound cakes, crackers, and a whole lotta selection of bread. Cookie kits are also available – which provides the cookies and buttercream in seasonal flavors and colors, so you can DIY the design at home! Whether you are craving for something sweet, or savory, or maybe you’re a bit picky, you will surely find something you’ll love here.  

Lucky LaylaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 2.13 mi

Contributing to a healthy lifestyle, Lucky Layla’s yogurts are handcrafted by in-house yogurt artisans and feature real fruit pulp, active probiotics, no additives or preservatives and are low in sugar, sodium and cholesterol. At 200 calories or less per serving, these yogurts are the perfect meal replacement or snack for the entire family! Lucky Layla’s goal is to provide you the healthiest farm-fresh locally-made dairy products available. Aside from the “Award Winning Drinkable yogurts”, they also produces handcrafted cheeses, raw milk, golden butter and caramel. Each of these products are all-natural and handcrafted using milk from their own cows.

Texas Toffee

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 3.02 mi

Texas Toffee is a new spin on an old favorite. Known for providing a variety of delicious “English Toffee flavors,” Texas Toffee have a unique approach to making that time honored candy. Over the years this delightful candy has been made by thousands of people, perhaps even your own great grandmother boasted of having the best toffee recipe ever. But their Toffee is different. It is naturally gluten free, has no preservatives and is “proudly made in Texas.” They have taken many seasoned and proven “old recipes for toffee” and spun the recipe into their very own Texas blend of ingredients to produce the best toffee guaranteed to please any palate.

Josie’s Gourmet Sauces & Dips

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 3.09 mi

Josie's Potato & Pasta Dressings sells delicious potato salad and pasta salads that you will be proud to serve your family and guests. Each was “created by Josie herself” using her own unique recipe. She makes both a delicious “southwest-flavored pasta salad and gourmet potato salad”, livens up chicken salad recipes and adds a new zest to burgers or sandwiches. It also makes an excellent dipping sauce for vegetables and party trays. The basic flavor comes from combining different ingredients to achieve the perfect taste. Smooth and creamy with the right blend of mayonnaise and mustard, combined with other spices, is the reason these dressings and sauces make a perfect potato or pasta salad. She decided to bottle them so that it could be easily made in one's own kitchen by adding potatoes, pasta, chicken or other cold salad ingredients.

Chelles Macarons

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 3.10 mi

Chelles Macarons in Dallas, Texas strives not only to create beautiful macarons, but tasty ones as well. They have an assortment of flavors and they also have some seasonanal specials depending on the month as well! They have two locations in Texas, Dallas and Plano, and they sell through their website as well! With their unique flavors, you can enjoy a different treat every single time! Their special flavors will also depend on the fruit (or vegetable!) in season! Pumpkin season? They have pumpkin spice macarons. Strawberry season? Try out their strawberry macarons. The possibilities are endless!

The Jar Bar DFW

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 3.36 mi

The Jar Bar DFW is a catering and food service that serves handcrafted, homemade, from scratch, dinners, and desserts in Mason Jars. They specialize in desserts and known for their “Peach cobbler and Banana Pudding cake in a jar” Since they like to spice it up, they change their flavors often. Some of their most popular desserts are caramel apple cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and carrot cake. They also offer food like, jambalaya, chili and cornbread, shrimp and grits, chicken salad, gumbo, and so many dinner items that you can also get in a jar. The idea of selling foods and desserts in jars is mind-blowing enough for people, but the originality and flavor and love that they put into their dishes is what really sets them apart.

Queen of SconesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 3.36 mi

Queen of Scones is an order-to-go bakery in Plano, Texas that specializes in freshly baked buttery fruit and savory scones. Since they are not a walk-in bakery, they get to focus more on the quality of its products rather than the quantity. “If you are one that loves scones, you have to try Queen of Scones.” These goodies are “amazingly fabulous!” They are so tender, “moist, fresh, and the flavor is on point.” They have “so many different choices” including lemon blueberry, Ghirardelli chocolate, ham cheddar, bacon cheddar, cranberry orange, double chocolate, pumpkin spice, cranberry almond, banana walnut, glazed, and unglazed scones. And I must say, “every single one of them is mind-blowing yummy!” Especially that “chocolate” scones equipped with a “sweet, fluffy, and melt-in-your-mouth goodness.” Trust me, you’ll be doing “yourself a favor” if you “try each and every single one” of them – highly recommended. 

Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 3.41 mi

Stop by Henry's Homemade Ice Cream for an ice cream on a hot summer day! They serves ice cream in a nice casual environment and is perfect if you're looking for classic flavors. Their ice creams are “handmade, all natural, and super-premium”. If you don't have that much of a sweet tooth, you will still enjoy it a lot! Also, henry's gives generous portions, so they're huge. I would say one regular scoop is definitely more than enough if you're stopping by for a casual dessert. Henry has provided wholesale and retail scoop ice cream for ice cream lovers in Texas. They also have full service catering that provides and includes Ice Cream, Yogurt and Sorbet cups, 10 – 12 different toppings – including whip cream and cherries, spoons and napkins.

Martinez MunchiezNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Richardson - 3.49 mi

Martinez Munchiez offers to the market unique desserts and treats that are "yummy for your tummy!" Homemade bread, muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and more that are “to die for,"  making these “highly recommended for your home or as gift items”.  This bakery has very distinctive combinations and creations that are absolutely “praiseworthy,” since “the flavors of each bread are so well blended that you can taste the fruit.”  Some of their bestsellers include their exceptionally good Blueberry Lemon loaves and bars, and even this giant Peppered Cheeseball that is “a game-changer” when you serve it to your guests.  

ShowTyme LemonadeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Richardson - 3.81 mi

Nothing beats the simple selling point of using fresh ingredients. It is easy to make a quick buck by using cheap, processed, artificial intelligence, but that is not what ShowTyme Lemonade is all about. ShowTyme Lemonade does not use or add any powdered mix to your drink. You will see lemonade made from freshly-squeezed lemons. You will taste ShowTyme Lemonade's award-winning flavors and realize that there is a better version of the traditional lemonade.

Dibs DessertsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Richardson - 4.12 mi

Are you looking for a unique and “such a wonderful dessert idea?” Behold! Dibs Desserts is ready to serve you! Dibs, which stands for “desserts in bite size,” is now taking custom orders in the Dallas area. Evidently, Dibs Desserts crafts bite-sized versions of your favorite treats. Everything is served on a spoon for easy snacking and traveling. It is indeed “great for showers, professional meetings, birthday celebrating, tasty gifts, get wells, etc!” They are “so darn cute” it’s hard not to eat them! Also, “Dibs are unbelievably delicious!” They have “so many creative flavors” to choose from and their menu changes every season; you’ll surely not get bored of them.

Eiland Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Richardson - 4.61 mi

Eiland Coffee Roasters is a small batch, ”artisan coffee roaster” that specializes in rare & unique single estate coffees.They integrate old-school roasting equipment, retrofitted with modern technology, roasting single-origin coffees for their retail storefront and for wholesale. Eiland Coffee Roasters is passionate about “roasting, and developing palates”. They want to make consistently great coffee available in your shop or home. Roasting coffee for over a decade, plus numerous trips to coffee-producing countries across the world has fueled their passion for this craft. All of the time spent honing their craft is only made more worthwhile when shared with the customers. Aside from retail and wholesale artisanal coffees, they also sell Coffee Brewing Supplies, Synesso Espresso Machines and offers Coffee Shop Development Training.

Ked’s Artisan Ice Cream and Treats

Artisan Food Producer in Plano - 4.95 mi

Located in a prime location, Ked's Artisan Ice Cream and Treats offers the local community some of the best tasting international flavors and supreme quality products in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They specialize in “Homemade and Natural ice cream” with more than 50 flavors from all over the world! They have the best ice cream in town and they keep bringing new flavors very often. Their award winning ice cream has won the “Best in DFW list for Best Frozen Treats”. Under new management as of the beginning of 2009, they were able to kept the same supreme quality product with a new outlook on expansion and extended services.

Heirloom Gourmet Delights

Artisan Food Producer in Frisco - 5.20 mi

Herloom Gourmet Delights believes that happiness is a jar of pickles. Their sweet, spicy, and tangy pickles are guaranteed to open up your taste buds! Their website even has some "Chow Chow Wisdom" that did a play on words on where to pair their pickles with! Some samples are "Honor your omelet", "Relish your hot dog" "Back your Beans" and so much more!

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