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RainWater FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Kosse - 10.89 mi

Rainwater Farms also operates under the name Kenda Eckols. "A Christian owned family operation growing organic tomatoes that have unbelievable flavor". They have "been growing organic greenhouse tomatoes since it started operations in 2014". They also have "excellent large, full-bodied tomatoes". And, they also provide "excellent service" to their customers. You may contact them via their social media page or give them a call for more information because their "tomatoes are fantastic!"

Lewinski Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Rosebud - 12.16 mi

Lewinski Family Farm is a small, diversified, natural family farm. But just because it says "small farm" doesn't mean there is little happening here. On the contrary, Lewinski Family Farm is a very busy and productive enterprise. They specialize in pasture-fed, humanely slaughtered chicken. They also grow and harvest hand-raised tomatoes. They make soap made with milk from the herd of goats on the farm. They have honey too, made from the bees on the farm. Lewinski Family Farm, GOTEXAN member and Homegrown by Heroes-certified, is the epitome of making the most of every moment, of every space, of every useful resource.

Blackland Farm and Cattle

Farm & Ranch in Riesel - 13.33 mi

Discover the exceptional offerings of Blackhand Farm and Cattle, your source for pasture-raised chicken, eggs, and premium grass-fed beef. Experience the difference of clean, sustainable food, and connect with the farmers who personally share their story during a farm tour. Savor the exquisite raw honey and turkey, nourished by the diverse nutrients of cedar, mesquite, and wildflowers. With convenient delivery options to selected zip codes, accessing their products is effortless. Trust Blackhand Farm and Cattle for superior quality and a farm-to-table experience like no other.

Smith and Smith Farms

Farm & Ranch in Burlington - 19.61 mi

In 2008, Smith and Smiths Farm sprouted when Colby Smith, a 10-year job layoff survivor, turned entrepreneur. A united family effort, including parents, siblings, in-laws, and more, drove success through dedication, not just payroll. Today, our farm nurtures Dorper lambs, Broad Breasted White turkeys, Cornish Rock chickens, Red Wattle hogs, and various egg-laying hen breeds. All animals thrive on our farm and undergo rigorous state and USDA inspections. With our tight-knit family, we serve multiple farmers markets, including Downtown Market and Mueller Farmers Market. Discover farm-fresh goodness!

Wild Type Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Cameron - 21.73 mi

Discover Wild Type Ranch, overseen by the Mitchel family—Ralph, Sara, Eric, and Alex—in Texas. They nurture registered Black Angus and Red Angus cows primarily on 100% pasture grass, supplemented with organic grain feeds as required. Renowned for their 'Captain's cut' and top-grade marbling, their beef guarantees a delightful experience. Feel free to inquire about their CSA program, although the latest update was in May 2010.

WK Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Groesbeck - 23.75 mi

WK Cattle Company takes pride in providing delicious and nutritious pasture-raised beef. All of their animals are not receiving any hormones nor antibiotics, resulting in meat that nature has intended it to be. They believe that healthy livestock is the byproduct of healthy soil and healthy, nutritious forage, truly a reflection of their passion for stewardship of the land.   From taking care of the family herd, to starting a cattle company in 2020, WK Company has come a long way and are excited for the coming years as they continue implementing regenerative methods and begin adding other livestock to the farm!

44 Farms


Farm & Ranch in Cameron - 24.98 mi

44 Farms is a Black Angus cattle operation established by S.W. McClaren way back in 1909. He is known for “developing new agricultural practices and sharing innovation with others,” a standard which they have bee ...

44 Farms is our “go to” place for healthy food... More

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