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3F Premier CateringNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 8.61 mi

3F Premier Catering promises that the foods they serve are always fresh and made from scratch. They are located in Grapevine, Texas. They make excellent and really delicious arepas and empanadas, so if you are among those who consider these foods one of your favorites, order from 3F Premier Catering. Make sure to specify what you want, because they arepas and empanadas with different fillings. If you visit the 3F Premier Catering website, you can view their farmers market menu as well as their catering menu.

Valerie’s Thyme

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 9.71 mi

Valerie's Thyme, which is located in Grapevine, Texas, makes hand-crafted artisan specialty nuts, granola, and pure chile blends. The owner describes the food products they make as a Texas–Carolina fusion. Some of the products they sell include pecan granola, bagel nuts, cinnamon toast cashews, roasted walnuts, coffee rub, and more. The good thing about Valerie's Thyme is that you can order online if you cannot make it to any of the select stores in North Texas that sells Valerie's Thyme products. If you love the food here, you can introduce them to your family and friends by gifting them with gift boxes. They have small, medium, and large gift boxes for you to choose from.

Dr. Sue’s Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 9.73 mi

Dr. Sue's Chocolate is just what the doctor ordered. Owned and operated by Dr. Sue, a practicing physician, this chocolatier in Grapevine, Texas specializes in health-oriented dark chocolate confections. Their chocolates use all-natural premium ingredients and stress that all of their sweet treats are free of any preservatives. To add to Dr. Sue's campaign towards healthier chocolates, they also engage in educating the community to make healthier food choices.

The Kettle Corn Company

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 9.73 mi

The Kettle Corn Company is a family-owned and operated business in Grapevine, Texas that specializes in fresh kettle corn. Every batch is popped from scratch using only the best ingredients on the market. Thus, they use mushroom popcorns to make it consistently perfect. And to make their product even better, they don’t use preservatives at all. Their original kettle corn is gluten-free and soy-free. “This is by far the best kettle corn you will ever eat! It’s light and delicious” you can’t “even compare” them to anything else. And although this variant has become their most popular, they also offer kettle corn in different flavors like caramel, tutti-frutti, strawberry, candy apple, caramel apple, Texas mix, jalapeño, and so much more. Try them once and I’m sure you “will be coming back for more.” You may find them at select farmers’ markets and events in the neighborhood.

Chocolate Hangover

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 9.73 mi

Chocolate Hangover, which is located in Grapevine, Texas, sells a wide assortment of different chocolates including alcohol chocolates, Texas truffles, and more. Those who want a little boozy flavor in their alcohol will enjoy alcohol chocolates sold here. The ruby chocolates are a nice choice too, as well as the Texas truffle, fudge, or truffle bars. And that is just the tip of this chocolate-covered iceberg experience you get to have when you visit the store. They also have chocolate-covered bacon, turtles, toffee, rice krispies, and marshmallows. They have hot cocoa bombs (a seasonal product) and alcohol pushup popsicles. They have flavored coffees too!

Hip Pop

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 9.73 mi

Hip Pop is a local dessert shop right in downtown Grapevine. They sell very “Instagram-worthy” shaved ices, handcrafted pops, and slushes. They have “the best and hippest popsicles since the creation of popsicles.” With their “unusual flavors, mixed to perfection, and wonderful organic choices,” you’d know “you’re in for a great treat and a great taste bud surprise,” especially “when you enjoy these creative and delicious popsicles” that comes in “intriguing mix of flavors” and some “unexpected” ones such as “toasted marshmallow, strawberry lemon, and mango coconut.” Their classic “strawberry cheesecake was fantastic”; the “lemon ginger slushie is amazing,” and the “sour cherry, ninja turtle, strawberry and lemon pop are the must-tries!” Indeed, it’s “an awesome way to cool down, even if you’re too cool for school!” So “if you are in the area, definitely go give it a try!”

Honey Bunch Bake ShopNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 9.82 mi

Honey Bunch Bake Shop is a bakery business based in Fort Worth, Texas. This is a cottage food company selling breads, muffins, cakes, and cookies. Their Honey Glazed Pumpkin Bread is just delectable. The shortbreads they make are sweet and divine. The choco-latte muffin looks like it is best with a hot cup of coffee. And who doesn't love the classic chocolate chip cookies? They have that here too! If you love the bread and baked items they are selling, they sell at the Four Seasons Farmers Market - Watauga. Or leave them a message for any purchase inquiry or other concerns.

TX Brisket BiscuitNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 9.83 mi

It's combining brisket and biscuits - all I can see is a delicious upside. Meat and bread have had a long history of partnership. It is as if it is an instinct for the curious human being to pair meat and bread, and the result is always tasty. Without a doubt, the creative minds behind TX Brisket Biscuit made an excellent culinary contribution. If you were lucky enough to have tasted one of these delicious snacks, you would never agree to eat a plain biscuit ever again.

Ri’s TreatsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 10.31 mi

Ri’s Treats is a home-based bakery that offers a variety of sweet treats from cakes to cookies, cobblers, and more! All the “fresh baked goods” are “homemade from scratch” and “made to order.” Indeed, these are “tastiest treats around!” The “cranberry chocolate chip cookies and key lime pie” are “great,” the “lemon pound cake, choco chip cookies, s’mores cookies, and oatmeal butterscotch cookies” are “all amazing” and “delicious.” Plus, the best “melt-in-your-mouth brownies and sweet apple-crab cobbler in mason jars, beautifully wrapped and arranged, were a huge hit” too! They were just “like heaven in your mouth!” So, if you haven’t “put in your holiday order yet,” consider Ri’s Treats. Or, have her create a “custom dessert menu for” your next “party!”

Aurora Coffee Roasting & Trading

Artisan Food Producer in Flower Mound - 10.38 mi

Located in Mckinney, this family-owned, tailor-made coffee maker supplies artisan roasted coffee from Latin American origins. The beans are natural and certified organic, “roasted to order in small batches so the flavor is always great. These are the freshest coffee you can get in North Texas.” Aurora Coffee Roasting & Trading's “coffee is so good, you can drink it black.” They have a wide selection of beans but the most famous ones are Antioquia Colombia, Organic Columbian, and Chiapas Turqueasa. “The Finca de Rubio Nicaragua is fantastic! Full-bodied and lots of flavors” without adding anything to it. If you are in Frisco, Plano, or Prosper, they can deliver your coffee right to your doorsteps. But no need to worry if you’re not from these areas as Aurora Coffee also ships via USPS. So hurry and order yours now.

Brutti Ma BuoniNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Flower Mound - 10.48 mi

Brutti Ma Buoni is a local bakery that bakes and sells modern heirloom pastries to the market. They also accept “special orders” for standard and challenging dessert requirements. They’ve “got a variety of delicious pastries and treats” from biscotti to tiramisu, to decorated sugar cookies, whole pies, tarts, and cakes. Just tell them what you need and they’ll be glad to whip it up for you. “Special orders for Italian cookies” are “taken here” as well! “Gabrielle’s family are all fab cooks and bakers”; credits to both her grandmas and her heritage with her love of baking. Just try her “cuccidati cookie” and it’ll be “the best cookie” you’ll ever eat. It has “the perfect texture, flaky but not dry, sweet, and the fresh fig was fabulous.” You can find them at “Flower Mound Farmers’ Market.”

South Texas Beef JerkyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Argyle - 10.57 mi

South Texas Beef Jerky prides itself as they offer real smokehouse beef jerky. The jerkies are made the old-fashioned way, continuing the tradition that this family has started many years ago. They use 100% Black Angus beef and use the Eye of Round, an extremely lean cut similar to tenderloin. That, together with all-natural ingredients, concocted and smoked in a real mesquite wood, makes “the best jerky ever!” It is indeed an “awesome product”; it’s high in protein and “not full of sugar.” It is something that you can enjoy without having all the guilt around it. And the good news is, it is “reasonably priced.” They’ve got an easy online ordering system and “they ship pretty quickly too!”


Artisan Food Producer in Bedford - 11.02 mi

Jerktastophy is a local business that focuses on making and selling homemade jerkies from beef, turkey, chicken, and bacon, with over a dozen amazing flavors to choose from. Their “ghost pepper is the bomb”; however, it becomes “a walk in the park compared to the Carolina reaper.” Not to mention that “the longer the jerky sits, the hotter it gets.” So better be prepared when you try these. If you’re a spice newbie, their “habañero was the best” choice with “just the right amount of kick.” Or perhaps, the “peppered bacon jerky” is the one you’re looking for; “the texture is amazing – chewy and flakey at the same time.” But if you’re totally on the other side of the road, their “sweet and spicy” variant is “delicious” as well; “the sweetness will pull you in and the spice will send you running to tell your neighbors.” 

Lucido’s PastaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Flower Mound - 11.14 mi

Lucido’s Pasta is a local food vendor based in Flower Mound that offers “fantastic” produce, herbs, spices, sauces, Italian sausages, and ready-to-cook specialty pasta at various farmers' markets. The owner, “Lucido, started growing herbs and produce with his father at the age of 5.” Having that amazing green thumb is really amazing as Lucido still continues growing products and actually crafting something delicious out of them. Selling in 1 lb packages, “Lucido’s Pasta is perfect for whipping up some nice plates at home,” especially if you’re running out of time to cook. All you ever need is Lucido to make the perfect meal. Toss in some Italian sausages in the pan, mix in your cooked pasta, drizzle that sauce, season with his herbs and spices, and voila! You’ve got dinner served in less than 15 minutes!

Crista’s CupcakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Denton - 11.71 mi

Crista’s Cupcake is a local artisan that is committed to making the “best cupcakes worldwide!” With such “creative decorations and great flavor choices,” her cupcakes “are for the lack of words, spectacular! The taste is always splendid. The presentation is phenomenal.” Plus, “they’re always perfectly moist with just the right balance of sweetness and flavor. It’s evident how passionate she is about baking,” as all of her cakes are “hand-crafted to perfection, with love” being the main ingredient. It will “always” be “a wonderful treat to receive one” from her as “you will always have a mouthful of yumminess in every bite” with “quality ingredients at a reasonable price.” And the best part is, “she makes gluten-free cupcakes” that will surely make you “scared you’re eating a non-GF one.” Don’t miss this chance – definitely “worth every penny!” 

The Dark FudgeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in North Richland Hills - 11.73 mi

The Dark Fudgery is the only family-owned hand-crafted “gourmet fudge” shop in the DFW/HEB/NRH area of Texas. Behind this is a brother and sister duo that uses the fudge recipe of their mom taught them growing up, except they use “60% cacao dark chocolate” instead of semi-sweet. They are the only company that makes dark chocolate fudge in one ounce ounce pieces, with 18 dangerously awesome flavors and a garnish on each to indicate every flavor. This allows everyone to select multiple kinds in small or large batches, without the pressure of eating a lot at one sitting. They have popular flavors to choose from like classic, peanut butter, salted caramel, and walnut, but also plenty of interesting options like coffee, gingerbread, bacon, and cayenne.

Tony’s JerkyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in North Richland Hills - 11.73 mi

Tony’s Jerky is a small business that prides itself on providing fresh made to order beef jerkies. These dehydrated meats are made from the purest and highest quality ingredients without added preservatives. On top of that, they also offer trail mixes and protein packs that are perfect for a healthy and quick snack urge, packed lunches, and campings. The jerkies come in a “great” selection of flavor, but three of them made it to the locals’ favorites. “The garlic teriyaki jerky” is “yummy” and the “peppered jerky” is “delicious” as well. But, their “sweet heat is to die for!” Oh, it’s the perfect combination of sweet and spice! And the best part about this business is that they deliver. And, they “deliver on time!” Now, you don’t need to worry about coming to the market just to get all these goodies. Try them, you will “not” be “disappointed.”

Simply Done BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in North Richland Hills - 11.73 mi

Simply Done Bakery prides itself on delivering the finest handmade bread, cookies, cakes, and so much more. Kat Lucas, owner and operator, has been in the business of creating unique and scrumptious baked goods for over a decade now. Handed down recipes all the way from her great-grandmother, garnished with Kat's own unique touch is certainly the secret behind this business's success. Kat has already built a reputation for creating masterful wedding cakes, special event cakes, and desserts throughout the years. Her attention to detail combined with her abundantly creative imagination will make your occasion truly special. Thus, this bakery makes the most “beautiful and delicious” masterpieces. So, if you’re looking forward to that special flair, just reach her out and consider all your baking needs “Simply Done!”   

Rejuv Juice

Artisan Food Producer in Hurst - 11.88 mi

Are you ready for something tasty and nutritious? Offering you the best organic, non-GMO foods available, Rejuv Juice serve cold-pressed juices, nut milks and cleanses that are healthy, tasty, all natural and nutritious. All of the drinks they produce are “made from organic fruits and vegetables!” Each bottle is individually made and full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to aid your body in “maintaining optimum health”. The juices are alive, and are not artificially preserved in any way. They also offer smoothie blends, cleanse bowls, and green smoothies that is perfect for increasing your daily intake of leafy greens. Expect to feel energized, refreshed, and excited to embark on the lifelong project of feeling your best. Try a juice from Rejuv today!

River Bird Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Lewisville - 12.54 mi

Local, fresh roasted coffee makes a big difference. Located in Lewisville, River Bird Coffee Community Roasting is a small independent micro-coffee roaster that provides a superior coffee drinking experience and delivers the “freshest bean possible”. They are supporting the connections between farmer and consumer by sourcing the best coffees from around the world and roast it in small batches. Aaron, who started River Bird Community Roasting recommends the "Full City Roast" for great espresso and lattes. Whether you want it hot or iced, you can taste its rich caramel flavor! River bird’s mission is to help “strengthen the local community” through various different initiatives, that they feel a personal connection with and they do it through the brilliance of their coffees.

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