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Megg’s Cafe

Restaurant in Temple - 13.03 mi

Megg's Cafe is a culinary destination, serving innovative Central Texas cuisine. Embracing local partnerships, they create dishes with fresh, local ingredients. Indulge in favorites like deviled eggs, crab cakes, and lamb burgers from their evolving menu. Don't miss their irresistible desserts, like the beloved brown butter pecan. Experience their hand-selected craft beer and curated wine list, highlighting Texas craft beer and an ever-growing selection of wines. Discover the taste of Central Texas at Megg's Cafe.

Bird Creek Burger Co.

Restaurant in Temple - 13.27 mi

Bird Creek Burger Co. is for the diner that comes in with a mighty hunger and some room for a couple of mimosas. This locally-owned and managed restaurant in Temple, Texas stands by the quality of their American comfort food that is made in-house and all from scratch. What they're all about are their different gourmet-style burgers with protein options such as beef, chicken, bison, lamb, and even black bean. Local craft beers are also available on tap because what's a burger without a good cold pint, right?

Schoepf’s BBQ

Restaurant in Belton - 16.10 mi

Schoepf's BBQ is a place for good food. Here, barbecued meat is done to perfection, and there are lots to choose from. Schoepf's BBQ has brisket, pork chop, pulled pork, ribs, steak, turkey breast, chicken, quail, and sausage poppers. The wide variety of food selection underscores the cooking talent of the people here, and there is nothing on the menu that disappoints. Their signature barbecued meat is the star of their sandwiches, while their chicken salad is comfort food. Schoepf's BBQ ups the ante by entertaining customers with live music. All things considered - no wonder Schoepf's BBQ is iconic.  

La Luncheonette

Restaurant in Belton - 16.42 mi

La Luncheonette is a food truck and catering business in Belton, Texas. It is well-known for its delicious Mexican craft food and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. La Luncheonette uses fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Its use of homemade sauces gives the food here at La Luncheonette a stamp of originality and unique flavor. A must-try when you visit is La Luncheonette's award-winning black bean and corn empanadas.

Arusha Coffee Co.

Restaurant in Belton - 16.43 mi

At Arusha Coffee Co., you'll get that much-needed jolt even before your first sip of their delicious coffee. As you enter the coffee shop, you'll immediately notice the cozy-warm feeling as a result of the fusion of several elements. First is the scent of freshly-brewed coffee. Next is the simple yet homely and inviting interiors. Last but not the least - the surprising entries in the menu which are unexpected for a coffee shop, like tacos. But they make it work!

PJ’s Table Top Southern Cuisine

Restaurant in Temple - 17.73 mi

Soul food for your soul - that is the promise of PJ’s Table Top Southern Cuisine, a restaurant located in Temple, Texas. And customers who have been here call the food here the best soul food in town. Customers had an excellent time dining here. The review for the restaurant include praises for delicious, fresh, and hot food, as well as the excellent and friendly staff. Some of the items on the menu that satisfied customers found delicious include fried fish, pork chop, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. They liked it that the food is served in large portions.  Many customers also loved the tea here! You can order a plate with your choice of meats and sides. Lunch special is available from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. They have pudding, pound cake, sweet potato, and peach cobbler for dessert. It is no surprise many customers are planning on returning here to eat here again.

Dead Fish Grill

Restaurant in Belton - 19.12 mi

At Dead Fish Grill, the description is "great food with a view." We think this is a more fitting description: seafood, and something to see. It is hard to create an ambiance that makes dining enjoyable. More so, one that completes the theme. Delicious oysters and shrimps and a view of Belton Lake in between mouthfuls? Dead Fish Grill is paradise, especially if you are close to the bottom of your first margarita. And don't worry about coming in early. They have brunch, and yes, did I mention a view of the lake? No one will fault you if you keep on coming back. Yes, even if it's for the steak, or the burger, or the waffles. Everything is delish here.

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