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Wildberry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sadler - 3.17 mi

In 2013, the Capps and Bloomer families established Wildberry Farm in Sadler, offering beloved U-Pick services (Update 2021: U-Pick services no longer available). From blackberries and blueberries to vegetables, everyone adores their berries. With over 2400 blueberry trees and 6000 blackberry plants planted in 2014, they now have 80 mature trees supplying their berries. In just a few more years, there will be even more berries to enjoy during the summer. The farm also welcomes flower picking with zinnias, yellow sunflowers, and red sunflowers. Plan your visit to this fabulous place today! One satisfied customer shared, "Fabulous place. Picked our blackberries, fed the catfish and the quail. I loved the fields of flowers!"

Sandusty’s EggsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Copeville - 3.83 mi

Are you looking for Free-Range eggs? Sandusty’s Eggs in Sandusky, Texas, sell fresh and free-range eggs at the Chicken Ranch. Sandy and Dusty, the owners of Sandusty’s Eggs, have a variety of chickens that lays plenty of fresh eggs. Sandy releases the flock every morning, and Dusty tucks it every night. The secret to the flavor-filled, orange yolks is the free-range practices and lots of loving care of their chickens. The people keep coming back on the ranch because of the high quality and delicious eggs that they always offer to their visitors. The chicken ranch is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Also, you can find them at The Market at Bridget's Basket every Tuesday – Sunday at 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. 

Frances Foy Farm

Farm & Ranch in Gordonville - 9.17 mi

Meet Debre Felske, affectionately known as 'Debbie,' the driving force behind the remarkable success story of France Foy Farm. What began as raising goats for homemade soaps has flourished into a diverse array of offerings, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meticulously crafted homemade products. Debbie's farm boasts a harvest of apples, pears, melons, and an assortment of vibrant vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, cherries, and kale. Her dedication extends to a selection of fresh and dried herbs, from thyme to marjoram. Beyond produce, indulge in her handcrafted candles, artisanal soaps, and thoughtfully blended oils that elevate your self-care routine. A Facebook Review raves, "Experience awesome prices and products that truly stand out!" Catch Debre 'Debbie' Felske at the bustling Sherman Farmers Market, where her passion for quality and creativity has cultivated a haven of excellence for all seeking farm-fresh goodness and handcrafted delights. France Foy Farm invites you to savor the fruits of Debbie's labor and explore a world of sensory delights.

Bar CS Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford - 9.35 mi

In Jack County and Parker County, Texas, about an hour and a half north and west of Fort Worth, Bar CS Ranch, LLC offers pasture-raised beef with a taste of Jack County’s rich flavors. The Squire family, who owns the ranch, experiences various food allergies. Because of this, they realize that one diet does not fit all. Bar CS Ranch offers an alternative to conventional grain-finished beef. Moreover, their cattle do not receive antibiotics or growth hormones. Currently, they have packaged meat available for individuals who cannot use a whole or half beef. Call, email, or text them at 817-694-5571 for current prices and cut availability.

R & C Dairy and Farmstead

Farm & Ranch in Collinsville - 10.83 mi

R & C Dairy and Farmstead is a family-owned sustainable farm growing animals that are free of hormones and antibiotics. Moreover, they are "a state-certified Raw for Retail dairy" that offers "Wonderful dairy and products". They are milking miniature "Jersey cows and Alpine and Saanen dairy goats, and selling milk, yogurt, kefir, cream, buttermilk, and homemade goat milk soap". Furthermore, they have "free-range eggs, seasonal produce (orchard with peaches, pears, plums, apples, cherries, figs, and pluots), cuts of goat meat, as well as whole-grain foods, granola, muffins, and bread". Aside from that, they also have a U-pick strawberry season during spring, followed by U-pick blackberries. Also, their farm tours are available during spring and fall festivals. Visit and experience a "great place and best tasting goat milk!"

Diggin It Farm

Farm & Ranch in Collinsville - 10.94 mi

Nestled in Collinsville, Diggin It Farm is a charming small-scale operation specializing in raising USDA broiler/roasters and providing a steady supply of fresh eggs year-round, all sourced from their free-range chickens on their expansive 40-acre pasture. Founded by the dedicated duo of Marty and Anna Diggs in 2016, the farm prides itself on ensuring its chickens enjoy a diet free from animal by-products, pesticides, toxins, antibiotics, or chemicals, opting instead for natural grass and bug-based nourishment. Committed to clean, nutritious, sustainable, and humane practices, you can easily find their products at the Local Dairy Market. Join our delighted customers who have been thoroughly impressed with the delightful flavor of our chicken, and you'll likely find yourself returning for more soon!

River Creek WagyuNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Sherman - 11.21 mi

River Creek comprises over 1,800 acres in Central Texas near the Regency Bridge in San Saba County. The Ranch lies on the northern edge of the Edward’s Plateau in the Texas Hill County, where the landscape and terrain is Texas through and through. From Mesquite patches to Cedar thickets, to stands of Live Oak trees and boulders; vistas allowing you to see for miles to bottom land of the Colorado River Basin; and crop fields that yield quality hay and forage.  River Creek Wagyu is a proud member of the American Wagyu Association, Texas Wagyu Association, and Texas Southwest Cattle Raisers Association.

Their cattle is NEVER introduced to antibiotics or hormones and is raised to the highest standards. On top of that, all of the meats that they sell are Aged for Maximum Flavor. They're aged for 14-days using a 14-day method to further concentrate the flavor of the beef. When you order from them, each order is carefully packed in insulated boxes, ensuring that they arrive in top quality when they get delivered to your door.

K Bar K Meats

Farm & Ranch in Pottsboro - 11.22 mi

Kent and Karen Black established K Bar K Meats, now managed by Scott Galyon. Their 1300+ acres support a diverse cowherd of 400, including Angus, Hereford, and Black Baldy Cattle. With lamb, hogs, and chickens, their exceptional meats earn accolades. Facebook Reviews highlight their top-tier products. For restaurants, meat markets, and families, their extensive land ensures ample supply. Visit Frisco Farmers Market on Saturdays to savor their offerings. Explore K Bar K Meats in Pottsboro, Texas.

Hilltop FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Denison - 12.35 mi

Hilltop Farm in Denison Texas employ nothing but organic methods on their farm. The owners guarantee that there are no inorganic inputs on all of their egg or vegetable production. They utilize only non-GMO, heirloom seeds in all of their veggies. On top of that, they don't use any chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, pesticides, or anything artificial. They're usually in full production beginning early June all the way up to fall. Why are their products so plump and yummy without artificial fertilizers? Well, they make their own organic compost and organic compost teas! To get rid of weed, they pull out weeds the old-fashioned way, by hand, and they control pests with their own organic concoctions!

Dominion Farms

Farm & Ranch in Denison - 13.33 mi

Dominion Farms is a local, family-owned farm offering grass-fed/finished beef, pastured pork, range-fed chickens and eggs, and all-natural lamb. Check out their website for the updated price list because "it is always best to pre-order them (meat or eggs)". Dominion Farms also "runs a smaller stall at the farmers market than the other meat vendor, and carries different items from week to week. They are always accommodating if you want something special though". You can always contact them if you want to do a tour. "Tours of the farm are always encouraged!" Also, "if you have pets, be sure to ask about the bones and raw food (BARF diet) meats they have available". Their "chickens live out in the field" and "the cattle are gorgeous". They also "humanely kill them and its obvious that they care about how the animals are treated".

GF Beef

Farm & Ranch in Denison - 13.95 mi

GF Beef LLC, founded by Jason in 2011, is known for its exceptional cattle breeds including Wagyu, Angus, Longhorn, Charolais, Limousine, and Hotlander. Their focus on genetic lineage ensures excellent marbling and flavor. Be sure to try their unique crossbreed of Wagyu and Aberdeen cows. Customers rave about the best beef and prices, with new specialties in the works. Stay updated by following them on Facebook.

Prairie Farmstead

Farm & Ranch in Sherman - 14.14 mi

Prairie Farmstead, located in Sherman, Texas, prioritizes delivering wholesome products to your kids and the local community. Their chicken laying flock exclusively feeds on 100% Non-GMO diet, while their cows graze on chemical-free pastures, free from hormones and unnecessary medications. Many satisfied patrons can attest to the exceptional quality of Prairie Farmstead eggs, which stand out from other organic options. These eggs are allergen-friendly and promote good health. Prairie Farmstead is dedicated to producing the cleanest meat and eggs while nurturing the land they oversee. To purchase their products, simply get in touch with them or plan a visit to their farm. Your journey to cleaner, healthier options begins here.

Arrow G RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Sherman - 14.15 mi

Owned by "a sweet family", "Arrow G Ranch, LLC has some awesome beef jerky" which can be purchased at the Downtown Denison Farmers Market.   They also have "super fresh Arrow G eggs" which you can have along with  "toast with avocados and cheese".  The owners of this farm have a goal of producing high quality and healthy products through honest, ethical practices. They have free-range eggs from pastured poultry and grass fed beef through rotational grazing. Visit their website and Facebook page to contact them for purchase and delivery options. Remember, their farm has "grass-fed, happy cows!" They have "NO UNNECESSARY CHEMICALS".

Grace Acres FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Sherman - 14.15 mi

The Johnston family owns Grace Acres Farm. This farm has cows, milk goats, livestock guardian dogs, barn cats, meat and egg chickens and bees. They do not use chemicals on their animals. They also make every effort to have fresh pasture or good quality hay and freshwater available at all times. They also use herbs to fight parasites and to keep all their animals healthy. They also have fresh vegetables and planted fig, peach, apple, pear, plum, nectarine, olive and pomegranate trees in their orchard. Their other products include homegrown herbal tea, jams and preserves.

B&G Farms

Farm & Ranch in Denison - 14.44 mi

In Denison, North Texas, B&G is a family-operated farm and ranch with a 100-acre land. They raise well-bred cattle alongside continuing their aunt’s passion for taking care and rescuing horses. Also, they grow hay, fruit, pecans, and other produce while offering high-quality harvest from thoroughly selected non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds. Currently, they are working on raising chickens and goats, building a vineyard, beekeeping, and growing herbs (for cooking and medicinal purposes.) Soon, you can get eggs, honey, herbs, and more! Delighted customers said, "Great work Audrey and family! They are bringing the farm back to life" and "Wonderful, fantastic posts. Great sense of humor."

Texoma MicroNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 15.69 mi

Texoma Micro, which is located in Fredericksburg, Texas, specializes in providing microgreens, sprouts, and produce. The entire sprout is edible. Eat the roots, shoots, and developed leaves. They use hydroponics to germinate the sprouts in glass jars. If you are looking for protein-rich food, go for Protein Mix. It is made up of fenugreek, green lentil, and mung bean. Another option is the Spicy Protein Mix which also has broccoli and radish. There are different microgreens to choose from. They have broccoli (live or harvested), radish, a Salad Mix (speckled pea shoots, sunflower shoots, broccoli, and radish), a Sandwich Mix (alfalfa, arugula, clover, kohlrabi, mustard, red cabbage), speckled pea shoots, and sunflower. If you have a restaurant, grocery store, catering, or any business and you need microgreens, sprouts, and produce, you may contact Texoma Micro to arrange delivery. Make sure to inquire ahead, especially if you want to buy in bulk, because the available products may vary week to week depending on availability. They also sell at the Denison Farmers Market. You can buy it here every Saturday morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon.

Baskets By Bluebird ProduceNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Gainesville - 16.86 mi

Baskets By Bluebird Produce, which is located in Gainesville, Texas, has farm-fresh, locally grown produce. They have tomatoes, squash, onions, okra, cucumbers, peaches, carrots, and watermelon. Bring your family and friends and enjoy shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables sourced locally. They have many regular customers who love buying produce from them. Many of them really love the sweet, delicious cantaloupes! They sell at the Gainesville Texas Farmers Market. They sell here from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. They also sell at the Muenster Market Days from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Come visit and help support your local growers and vendors!

SP Ranches

Farm & Ranch in Sherman - 17.56 mi

At SP Ranches, we nurture registered Tamworth piglets and South Poll cattle, crafting premium grass-fed, non-GMO Heritage Tamworth pork. Our commitment extends to rabbits, ducks, and chickens, all raised GMO-free. SP Ranches embodies the Staggs family's love for nature, animals, and the pursuit of wholesome meat alternatives. Join our Facebook community and discover why people are raving about our products: "These folks are fantastic! From short ribs to bacon, everything's been amazing!"

Spring Creek Farms, LLC

Farm & Ranch in Gainesville - 17.85 mi

Spring Creek Farms LLC takes pride in what they do. They take pride in being able to produce fresh, dairy products which they believe are essential to the health of everyone in the family. They take pride in the fact that what they sell is fresh, whole, raw milk bottled daily and that the cream is never skimmed off the milk produced here on the farm. And while there are other farms producing milk, Spring Creek Farms LLC is proud that their milk is rated grade "A" and Texas State Certified. That is how they are doing it and that is how they want things to stay. This is for the sake of the community and the people who rely on them, whose health depends on their ability to continue producing safe, quality, and fresh milk and eggs.

Livestock First RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Denison - 18.61 mi

In Denison, Texas, Taylor owns and manages Livestock First Ranch. Discover pasture-raised chicken, beef, and Berkshire pork, raised with care and integrity. Taylor's humane approach ensures animals' well-being comes first, resulting in less stress, superior meat quality, and enhanced flavor. Beyond sustenance, his principles offer preventive health through food. Experience excellence and compassionate service at Livestock First Ranch.

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