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Happy Hollow – Native Foods & Apothecary

Artisan Food Producer in Spicewood - 7.46 mi

Connecting more with our land and seeing what offerings are there from Mother Earth, whether it’d the community, plants, the forest, local food, love, soil, and health – this is what Happy Hollow Native Foods & Apothecary is all about. This husband and wife duo makes natural and “good products” that are ecologically driven for a healthier and happier planet. They offer a wide variety of items including but not limited to: native fruit syrup, jams, jellies, preserves, herbal tinctures, and organic local tea herbs that's handmade in small batches to ensure purity and quality. Don’t miss to try their “prickly pear jam” that works “great on ice cream!” Follow them on social media to know their whereabouts.

Numinous Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Marble Falls - 9.81 mi

Numinous Coffee is a coffee roaster and café located in the heart of beautiful Marble Falls, Texas.  They have “excellent” and “really good freshly roasted espresso” with “no bitter taste at all.” All “the food selections are truly gourmet and incredibly delicious” as “they always pay attention to every little detail in making their menu incredible” with the shortest ingredients’ lists possible. “All their pastries are the bomb! Their pizza is amazing and much healthier too. You basically can’t go wrong” with this place. Not to mention that “the atmosphere is welcoming, cozy, and relaxing.” Plus, “the owners are so extremely knowledgeable and the staff is very friendly.” So, if you take your “coffee very seriously,” this is the perfect place to go to.

Kuxtal Coffee And Tea

Artisan Food Producer in Leander - 10.70 mi

Kuxtal Coffee and Tea is a local coffee roaster that crafts farm direct award-winning coffee, tea, cacao, Mayan seed coffee alternative, kombucha, and so much more. It all started with their 200-year old farm located in the beautiful valley of Antigua, Guatemala. This farm, where the beans are harvested and processed, is one of the only 34 farms certified by the ACAP as producers of true Antigua coffee. Upon Kuxtal's receipt, the beans are roasted by hand in small batches, oftentimes to order. This makes this artisan “one of the premier coffee roasters in the country. The flavor of their coffee specifically is delectable and unique,” in addition to being “so aromatic.” Its texture is “smooth with no bitter after taste” – something that “you can drink” at any time of the day. They also carry “life-changing kombucha” and "fabulous sandwiches." Folks, “make sure they are your next stop!”

Vinilly FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 13.92 mi

Vinilly Farms is a family-owned and operated business that is led by Charles and Cynthia Gault. This manufacturer provides organic freeze-dried crafted foods in various forms for healthy snacking and quick quality meals. Carrying a passion for a healthy lifestyle, their products are locally made using quality organic produce and seasonings. Among them are cauliflower, corn, green beans, squash, and yucca. Such fresh ingredients are flavored with spicy-sweet, salsa, garlic parmesan, chipotle, balsamic vinegar, Mexican Street, or even faux popcorn that will surely captivate your palate. A lot of people think of frozen food for being unhealthy; thus, I’m proud to say that 98% of the original nutrients are retained in their craft. As a bonus, it comes with an added bold flavor. The flavor is so concentrated with a texture of a crisp crunch– such an unmistakable treat for your senses. Try it! You won't regret it!

Invader Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 14.51 mi

Invader Coffee is a veteran owned and operated Texas based coffee company that sells freshly roasted coffees. All of their coffee is sourced through fair trade farms, from across the world. Their coffees are freshly roasted and each order is “packaged and shipped on the same day”, bringing you the freshest products! All Invader blends come in 12 ounce and 5 pound packages, and in whole bean and ground profiles. Their blends will be some of your new favorites! One Dollar per bag of “FSU blend” is donated to the “Brothers In Arms Foundation”. Once you try Invader Coffee, you won't go back to the other stuff! They also run a gym open free to Veterans and Law Enforcement at their HQ in Austin, Texas.

The Art of PecanNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 14.52 mi

The Art of Pecan is an artisan producer in Dripping Springs, Texas that specializes in pecans. Pecan nuts, oil, flour, and smoking shells are all available here. The pecan oil that it offers is expeller-pressed in small batches. No chemicals, no solvents, no additives. Thus, you can expect that it's high in antioxidants, which explains the deep golden color of the oil. Likewise, the pecan nuts that it offers only has two ingredients in it: pecans and an all-natural seasoning. But hey, you're in luck! Recently, this producer launched a new product – the Activated Native Texas Pecans. These nuts are available in three flavors: Sea Salt, Maple, and Hatch Chili. So, you can easily choose if you want something savory, sweet, or spicy. What's with the "activate" thing? Interestingly, these nuts are soaked for long hours in purified Texas rainwater before dehydrating them slowly. As a result, the nuts are crispy and they have a softer tannin, making them more palatable and easier to digest. So, whether you need something to snack on or cook with, The Art of Pecan will surely help.

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 15.22 mi

Texas Hill Country Olive Company is a family-owned business located in the beautiful and beloved "Texas Hill Country" of Dripping Springs Texas, committed to supplying the “highest quality olive oil” produced in the United States. Their olive orchard features a Tuscan-inspired mill house, a state-of-the-art Italian olive press and a large tasting room. Since the beginning, the focus has been on preserving the natural beauty of the area while providing fresh locally produced extra virgin olive oil and other premium quality products. All the olive oil for sale is made on site, from crushing to filtering to bottling and labeling. They also have “balsamic vinegar” that is delightful! Try them with some bread and then grab a bite to eat at the bistro.

Barton Springs Mill

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 16.99 mi

Barton Springs Mill has "great people, great product. If you’re serious about baking, use the best flour and that can be found at Barton Spring Mill". A "great source of flours from a large variety of grains, including local and heritage types. Several types of wheat and rye, as well as einkorn, blue emmer, spelt and corn. They have a huge 46" stone mill that produces very very fine whole grain flour". You can also buy heritage grains, landrace grains, ancient grains, heirloom grains, wheat, rye, spelt, corn, flour, grits, polenta. "James and the whole team at Barton Springs Mill are not only great people, they know their stuff". Also, "the flours they mill are superb -- the highest quality". You will "turn out some fantastic bread with them". You will also "appreciate the relationships they build with Texas farmers and their customers". They are "truly a gem here in Central Texas".

Anti Social Icecream Co

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 17.51 mi

Make the world a better place with ice cream! Anti Social Ice Cream Co has less impact on the environment and the human body. They offer “dairy and gluten free” options to all those with dietary restrictions because the owner believes that everyone should be included when it comes to the finer desserts in life. A modern dessert alternative! First timers were impressed because they have great experience overall! The “ice cream and soft serve” were both amazing. It is worth every penny! Not only that, Anti Social Ice Cream Co maintains an “excellent customer service”. No wonder why the customers always comeback to have some ice cream or brownies. Definitely the best ice cream shop in town that you shouldn’t miss!

Two Hot Mamas

Artisan Food Producer in Spicewood - 18.26 mi

Two Hot Mamas produce award winning, wholesale salsa & dip and has been seducing the taste buds of Central Texans since 2002. They always strive to use the freshest ingredients available and adhere to the absolute highest taste standards, which probably explains why they have won more awards in “the world’s largest hot sauce festival” than any other salsa company. They use use simple, fresh ingredients, such as tomatoes, tomatillos, fresh onions, garlic, limes, cilantro, and cumin which they always get from local growers. They currently have 5 unique salsas and dips including “Roasted Almond Chimichurri with mint” to spice up your enchiladas and “Mambo Combo,” a blend of our Roja and Verde salsas.

PAIR Smoked Cheeses

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 18.37 mi

PAIR Smoked Cheeses caters to cheese lovers, and even turning a non-lover into a “cheese person.”  If you are looking for local delicious smoked cheese and garlic and herb extra virgin olive oil, PAIR Smoked Cheeses is your best bet! They’ve got “local cheese and family cheeses thoughtfully paired with the most complimentary flavor profiles.” Some of the flavors include mesquite smoke aged raw cheddar and pecan smoked parmesan cheese. Pair the cheeses and the oil with bread to make your cheese board or grate it over anything and everything.  “The pairing of wood and cheese flavor profiles will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.”

The Salumeria

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 18.74 mi

The Salumeria, which is located in Austin, Texas, specializes in making hand-crafted salami and curing whole meats using family recipes. The family recipes are handed down from one generation to the next. The same with the techniques used on meats. The result is an excellent taste and quality meats. Their prized heritage pork is pasture-raised. The curing of meats can take as long as three years, but after you have tasted this delicious meat, you will agree that it is worth the wait. If you are looking for quality salami, pancetta, and other meat products, visit or contact The Salumeria.

Soul ChildNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Liberty Hill - 19.08 mi

Soul child a family owned coffee roastery that provides “organic, fair trade coffee and tea.” They work with suppliers to source the most fresh and high quality offerings. They offer a wide variety of smooth refreshing coffee with a “great soulful taste” including House Blend Medium Roast, Coffee and Chicory, Cattleya, White Chocolate, Pecan Praline and Brown Sugar. For teas, they have Peach Black Tea, Matcha Latte, Wellness Propulsion Blend, Digestion Herbal Blend, Chocolate Mint Black Tea, and a lot more! Soul Child also provide a small selection of gifts for you to surprise a loved one or that special someone. So if you got Soul for great coffee and tea, this is the place to be!

Cianfrani Coffee CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Cedar Park - 19.27 mi

Places that has great coffee can make your day wonderful like Cianfrani Coffee, a locally owned and operated coffeehouse and roasting company located on the charming "square" in historical downtown Georgetown. The coffee and baked goodies are “local efforts”. They are incredibly good but with reasonable price. If you are a Vegan, they have delicious options for you too! Here, you can come and hang out with the locals and see their “art gallery” featuring community artists, discover up-and-coming musicians, or get to know their friendly barista while enjoying their freshly roasted coffees and organic teas! You will definitely love the atmosphere. The roasting of fresh coffee fills the air with wonderful aromas.

Delysia Chocolatier

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 19.29 mi

The award-winning Delysia Chocolatier is one of the best stops in Austin for the finest handcrafted chocolates. All of their sweets are made from the freshest ingredients and their proud to be one of the few chocolatiers in the U.S. to ethically source their cacao. Their dedication creates Parisian-inspired year-rounders and seasonal favorites that may spoil the most avid sweet tooth or chocolate lover.

Coyote Moon CoffeeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Leander - 19.34 mi

Committed to providing full-flavored, delicious, and fresh coffee that has a rich, clean, and never bitter taste, these Texas artisans gave birth to Coyote Moon Coffee. Their coffee beans are being meticulously sourced worldwide, locally processed and roasted in small batches to create a bean that has that personal touch – handled and cared for from start to finish. From there, they focus on the perfect espresso shot that will turn your preferred drink into something special. They have “the best flavor, the darkness of roast and smooth finish off any coffee - national or local!” Be sure to try their “Brazil coffee” as it is “one of the best flavors” they offer. Allergic to caffeine? This roaster also has the “best decaf coffee” in the neighborhood. “An amazing find,” indeed. 

CrazypatskettlecornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Leander - 19.41 mi

Thanks to Crazypatskettlecorn, kettle corn flavors don’t have to be old school anymore. Twix bar in a popcorn form isn’t impossible at all with their bourbon caramel mixed with bourbon chocolate and finished with a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt. Feel the magical taste sensation of the Chicago mix, a savory cheddar cheese corn mixed with mouthwatering, buttery, and sweet caramel. Spice up your life with their Jalapeño kettle corn, where sliced Jalapeños are cooked right in the kettle coated with sugar and pink salt. Trick yourself with their creamy garlic dill pickle popcorn that hides a secret Ghost, Jalapeño, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers. So take your chance to try their unique and wonderfully popped kettle corns because they are “fricking amazing stuff!”

Salvation Salumi


Artisan Food Producer in Leander - 19.68 mi

Salvation Salumi is a meat supplier that has a unique take on processing their whole muscle meats. They specialize in utilizing old-world techniques in curing their whole muscle meats. All of their processed meats are expertly handcrafted in small ba ...

Fantastic class. Fun and informative. Great food. ... More

Dripping Springs Chocolate Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 19.70 mi

Dripping Springs Chocolate Company is a family owned business that produce “small batch bean-to-bar craft chocolates” for events, parties or just because, using “ethically sourced raw cacao beans.” All members of the family involved in various aspects of the process. Their goal is help in improving the lives of the farmers and communities that grow the cacao. Dripping Springs Chocolate Co. Sells currently sells their product at the Dripping Springs’ Farmers’ Market and at artisan crafts markets. They have also paired with Texas Hills Vineyard for a chocolate and wine tasting event. Popularity of the business continues to increase wherever they go, especially when they tell people of the process to make chocolate.

Civil Goat Fine Coffee Company

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 19.82 mi

Civil Goat Fine Coffee, based in Austin, Texas is a well-known coffee shop, partnering with sustainable farms across the world for its “coffee beans”, but the interesting here that draws caffeine lovers to this place is “Butters!” It’s a pygmy goat that comes into the shop on his own free will to interact with customers. He was only five weeks old when he met Civil Goat Coffee shop owner, and he now hangs out at the cafe making new friends with people and their dogs! Butters is just one of the reason why you should go here because Civil Goat Coffee has great interiors and they specializes in “small-batch coffee roasting” so your coffee is as fresh as it gets. If you're ever in the area, it's definitely worth a trip to come here to drink coffee and visit Butters.

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