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Local Family Farms & Ranches near the Anna, Texas 75409 Area (70)


Ap’s Apiaries

Farm & Ranch in Anna - 2.06 mi

At 2513 County Road 421 in Anna, Texas, you can find Ap's Apiaries. It is a bee yard of Anthony Paul that produces honey. Traveling together with his wife, Simone, has opened opportunities to work with different honey bees. Additionally, Anthony has been doing beekeeping since 1999. His grandfather was a significant influence on him and made it his hobby. What started as a hobby became a business as soon as he got lots of requests. Moreover, his involvement with Collin County Hobby Beekeepers made him learn new practices and maintenance techniques. Also, he joins some events in Dallas to help educate the public about beekeeping. For hours, pricing, and directions contact them via phone at (972) 924-3928. 

Warne Bee Farm

Farm & Ranch in Anna - 2.12 mi

Warne Bee Farm produces different honey types like the Local/Regional Wildflower, Huajilla, Texas Orange Blossom, Orange Blossom, Buckwheat, Clover, Mesquite, Watermelon, White Brush, and Peach Blossom. You can find them selling at one of the markets located around North Texas that they go to monthly. You can find a list of these locations on their Contacts page. "Great knowledge and always willing to share it, whether it's about bees or honey. And always super nice!" You can find all the products that they offer on their website. You may contact them directly or order on their website or you can visit them too.

Farrell FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne - 3.04 mi

Farrell Farms, situated in the serene rural area of Van Alstyne, is a charming and picturesque farm that has gained recognition for its dedication to two unique practices: raising Clydesdales and beekeeping. The farm's picturesque landscape is likely adorned with rolling pastures, fertile fields, and flourishing beehives, fostering a harmonious and sustainable ecosystem. If you're seeking a glimpse of rural tranquility and sustainable farming practices, Farrell Farms is undoubtedly a must-visit destination.

Pyramid Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Anna - 4.93 mi

The Pyramid Ranch in Anna, Texas, offers natural grass-fed hormone and steroid free beef. For 40 years, they are selling certified Pinzgauer beef. This type of beef is of the most flavorful and tender meats in the market. Furthermore, the Pinzgauer cattle are initially in Austria and have raised in the United States since the early 1970s. It has a unique combination of rapid growth and an excellent feed conversation. Also, its superior carcass quality makes people craze for it even more. If you want to have a fine dining establishment to be one of the exclusive providers of the best steak available in the market, choose Pyramid Ranch as your supplier! Visit their website and contact them for more information! Br on of them! 

Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm

Farm & Ranch in McKinney - 5.41 mi

Penney Braley is the driving force behind Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm. Nestled on a 2-acre rural oasis, Penney extends weekly CSA produce access to all members. While she battled health issues in the past, preventing her from fulfilling her CSA commitments, Penney has made a remarkable recovery and is eager to provide her community with healthy, sustainable food once again. Today, she proudly offers USDA-certified organic products fresh from her farm. If you're ready to experience the goodness, don't hesitate to reach out to her today! Please note that their CSA page hasn't been updated since 2015, so it's best to contact them directly for the most current information.

Lewellen Farms

Farm & Ranch in McKinney - 6.14 mi

The Lewellen family owns and manages this hyper-local gem. Established in 2017, Lewellen Farms goes beyond organic to provide top-tier produce for CSA members and Farmer's Market patrons. Committed to their no-till approach, they offer aromatic melons, pears, apples, eggplants, and an array of veggies. From figs to oyster mushrooms, they've got you covered. Discover their bounty at McKinney Farmers Market and Good Local Markets. Conveniently located a brief ten-minute drive from the market.

Stonebranch Microfarm

Farm & Ranch in Celina - 6.67 mi

Meet Alan and Erin Robbins, Texas's top soil farmers at Stonebranch Microfarm, where permaculture reigns. Our seeds grow freely, creating robust produce on our beautifully diverse land. Explore our offerings: handmade soap, fresh chicken and duck eggs, flower bouquets, rabbit meat, and pigeons. Our customers adore us – "I had the pleasure of meeting Alan and Erin at McKinney Farmer’s Market. They were sweet and welcoming even in the relentless heat. Can't wait for a farm tour!" Join our happy community today.

Jolly Acres Farms / The Jolly Good Shop

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne - 6.96 mi

Update: The Jolly Acres Farm is opening up a storefront where you can drop by and pick out your favorite handcrafted goat milk caramels, caramel products, and quality locally produced artisan foods! We've updated their address so if you're in the area, be sure to drop by and say hi and grab some of their fabulous caramels at the same time! Jolly Acres Farm is a micro-farm that specializes in raising, handling, and processing goat dairy. With the right ingredients and proper care at the farm, they can produce creamy goat milk. This milk serves as the star for all of their artisanal products. Laurie's homemade and decadent goodies make it to the top favorites of kids and kids at heart with a sweet tooth. She makes salted caramels, caramel coffee spoons, chocolate caramels, toffee pretzel bark, caramel corn, and more. Moreover, they raise happy hens that, in turn, give them nutritious eggs. 

Hobbit Hoggit

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne - 6.99 mi

Hobbit Hoggit offers purebred New Zealand Registered Kunekune pigs in Dallas, Texas, USA. As a breeder of these exceptional pigs, Hobbit Hoggit is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity. With a focus on preserving the heritage and traits of these purebred pigs, Hobbit Hoggit provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and breeders to acquire top-tier Kunekune pigs. Whether you're seeking a beloved addition to your farm or a purebred companion, Hobbit Hoggit is the trusted source for Kunekune pigs in the Dallas area.

Canticle Farm

Farm & Ranch in Blue Ridge - 7.02 mi

Canticle Farm is a family-run, sustainable farm with a market garden, a free-range flock that produces their eggs, and  Kiko cross goats for meat and dairy. They also have an ever-growing line of handcrafted soaps, balms and lotion bars, many made with their goats milk.  These items are of top quality that "the detail and attention that go into each product is evident."

Cross Timbers Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Franklin - 7.24 mi

The Cross Timbers Ranch is a small ranch located in Robertson County, Texas. They grow their animals in a synthetic chemical-free and environmentally responsible manner. They sell pasture-raised beef and are moved frequently to keep the land healthy.  They are moved frequently for good grazing of a fresh grass/legume mix. They also use a DE, kelp and salt mix is as feed as a de-wormer/mineral mix. No growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides or animal by-products are used on their beef products, ever.

Wholesome Farms & Gardens

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne - 7.44 mi

Wholesome Farms and Gardens in Van Alstyne offers pastured meat, including pork, chicken, grass-fed beef, and pastured eggs. They also provide a new heritage breed dairy for raw and non-homogenized milk products. While not certified organic, their commitment to quality means no pesticides, preservatives, or artificial flavorings are added to their products. Their animals thrive on non-GMO diets, primarily native prairie grass, with a remarkable absence of antibiotic use to date. You can find them at the Plano farmers market and explore their CSA program, ranging from $600 to $6000 annually, with convenient home deliveries. For the latest CSA details, contact them directly.

Sky View Farm

Farm & Ranch in Anna - 7.69 mi

Sky View Farm is a family-owned, sustainable farm producing seasonal vegetables for a Community Supported Agriculture group in Anna, Texas. It is a great idea to support this farm because they have excellent produce every season. They have broccoli, Chinese greens, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, mustard greens, radishes, salad greens, spinach, sweet potatoes, swiss chard, and winter-squash for fall harvest. In the summer, they harvest sweet corn, cucumber, eggplant, garlic, green beans, green onions, hot peppers, okra, onions, potatoes, summer squash, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini. These vegetables are available during spring: artichokes, arugula, asparagus, beets, broccoli, carrots, Chinese greens, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, mustard greens, radishes, salad greens, spinach, and swiss chard. Chinese greens are the only harvest during winter.  They haven't updated their CSA page since February 2013, contact them directly for more information.

Zenubi Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Blue Ridge - 7.89 mi

Meet Mike and Stacy Langfus, proud owners of Zenubi Creek Farm. We specialize in breeding high-quality ADGA-registered Jersey cows and ADGA-registered Nubian Dairy goats. What sets us apart is our unique goat and cow pooling services, allowing families to enjoy these animals without the full-time care responsibilities. We raise the cows and goats to maturity, and when they're ready, the participating families receive their share. Promoting sustainable food for our community is our passion, and animal-pooling is just one of our offerings. Our farm produces a range of dairy products, including butter, cheese, milk, yogurt, raw milk, buttermilk, and goat cheese, milk, and yogurt. For more information, reach out to Mike and Stacy. Join us in fostering sustainable and delicious food options at Zenubi Creek Farm!

Grandkid Acres Farm

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne - 8.07 mi

Grandkid Acres Farm has this goal:  that their "kids and grandkids can eat a healthy diet."  And they do this by growing vegetables, eggs and chickens in a sustainable way.  All of their products are grown and raised organically, without any hormones or antibiotics and chemicals.  They do have a lot of vegetables and even baked goods to offer the community.  This is also a family working farm, with the children even helping out by manning their store!

Sister Grove Farm

Farm & Ranch in Van Alstyne - 8.74 mi

Sister Grove Farm is a pretty patch of Blackland Prairie nestled along a bend in Sister Grove Creek, Grayson County, Texas. Their mission is two-fold: to restore our piece of the earth through regenerative farming practices and to connect people to the sacredness of place in their own story. They sell eggs and "the eggs are beyond delicious". "The best we have ever had", added by a loyal customer. Schedule an appointment to pick some eggs. You can also send them a message to put in your order. Check out their social media page and website for more updates and information.

Jubilant Field Farms

Farm & Ranch in Trenton - 8.77 mi

Jubilant Field Farms brings many things to the table. First, microgreens and baby greens. These are promising in terms of their nutritional value compared to mature leaves. More importantly, microgreens and baby greens are fun and easier to eat because of their size. Sure, Jubilant Field Farms is not the first farming enterprise to explore microgreens and baby greens. Nonetheless, they provide not just good food but an exciting and inspiring story. Their use of regenerative farming is a smart and thoughtful use of the land. This is something that others can consider and follow.

Pure Land Farm

Farm & Ranch in McKinney - 8.78 mi

Meet Jack and Megan Neubauer, the dynamic father-daughter duo who traded corporate life for farming in 2011. Their dedication transformed Pure Land Farm into a thriving urban oasis. Join us for pick-your-own experiences in Summer and Spring. Beyond harvesting, we're passionate about spreading farming awareness, offering tours and educational trips. Located just 30 minutes north of Dallas and 10 minutes from Historic Downtown McKinney, come and experience our farm firsthand. Discover delicious veggies and warm hospitality at Pure Land Farm!

Whitsell Farms

Farm & Ranch in Mesquite - 8.98 mi

Brad and Kim Whitsell own the Whitsell Farms in Princeton, Texas. This 22-acre farm "specializes in onions and cantaloupe" but also have "a beautiful selection of small, tender okra" that you can find "at the McKinney Farmers Market". The onions were grown on raised beds so production was good despite all the spring rains. They also have other vegetables and also grows melons.

Nate’s Raw Harvest

Farm & Ranch in McKinney - 9.31 mi

In 2010, Nathan Jackson, a certified lifestyle/nutrition coach and personal trainer with a UT Arlington degree in Exercise Science, founded Nate's Raw Harvest. His passion for nutrition drove this venture, supported by his wife, Christina Marie Jackson. Together, they sprout, dry, or soak organic ingredients, crafting nutrient-rich snacks for the community. The concept revolves around traditional methods like pre-soaking, dehydrating, and keeping food raw to preserve valuable nutrients lost during cooking or excessive processing. Experience wholesome snacking with Nate's Raw Harvest!

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