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Cristy’s Cake Shop

Artisan Food Producer in Brownsville - 8.34 mi

It is hard to imagine celebrating a special occasion without a cake. And when the cake is fantastic, the celebration of a special occasion is hard to forget. For the locals living in and near Brownsville, there is always the promise of a great cake thanks to Cristy's Cake Shop. In fact, Cristy's Cake Shop has become more than a cakery; it is part of their celebratory tradition. Cristy's Cake Shop made every wedding, quinceañera, birthday, and baby shower a truly sweet memory!

The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce

Artisan Food Producer in Weslaco - 27.95 mi

The Jank is known for its Texas gourmet bbq sauce that is low in sodium, no high fructose corn syrup, no added sugar, and no MSG. It is diabetic-friendly, keto-approved, and children-loved. They offer a great selection of products including original, spicy, goodness, and habanero. And, all are great condiments to complement any meal, including “beef or pork tamales.” You can also use these products as a marinade for all your meats. On top of their liquid products, they also offer a dry all-purpose seasoning blend with a natural smoke flavor – perfect for rubbing all your meat prior to grilling. “You’re missing out on something really special” if you don’t try The Jank.

Mozna Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Hidalgo - 43.02 mi

Established in 2015, Mozna Chocolate is the only artisanal bean to bar chocolate factory in South Texas that crafts “excellent” and “high-quality” dark chocolate using only two ingredients: cane sugar and single-origin cacao beans that are sourced from Mexico, Tanzania, Venezuela, and Vietnam. “It’s a tasty, authentic,” and a unique chocolate experience as the cacao beans inherit specific flavor characteristics according to the region they are grown – just like coffee and wine with its terroir. Equipped with a Certified Chocolate Tester, I must clearly say that this factory has “the best tasting and nutritious bar on the market.” It is meant to satisfy health-conscious patrons, along with the “awesome protein bars” that Mozna offers on top of their craft. They do “tours,” info drive, and “chocolate tasting” where you can learn more about them and chocolates.

Reserva Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in McAllen - 44.63 mi

Roasting and brewing coffee is what Reserva Coffee Roasters do everyday. It is McAllen's newest local “independent coffee shop” serving locally roasted craft specialty coffee, loose leaf teas, and pastries that are made from scratch. They diligently craft each coffee in the “Rio Grande Valley” to deliver fresh and bring out the best of every origin in every batch. Hand roasting each batch honors the effort and ensures the coffee offered by Reserva Coffee Roasters is the best that it can possibly be. This is a nice place to relax if you're in the mood for some quiet time. The ambient is tranquil and provides just the right mood to lift your spirits. Reserva Coffee Roasters is one of the 8 Noteworthy Artisan Coffee Roasters in Texas! Check out the link to read more.

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