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Farm to Table & Local Ingredients Restaurants near the De Berry, Texas 75639 Area (2)

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McGarity’s Restaurant & Saloon No. 61

Restaurant in Jefferson - 37.87 mi

McGarity's Restaurant & Saloon No. 61 proudly serves "delicious" new American homestyle cooking with international influences in the ambiance of an old western Saloon. The menu consists of reinvented classic dishes, featuring brunch food like "traditional eggs benedict", starters like "fried calamari", greens like "iceberg wedge salad", sandwiches like "farmhouse french dip", pasta dishes like "bourbon bacon mac & cheese", seafood like "shrimp creole & grits", entrees like "black angus filet mignon", and desserts like "mini apple pie bites". It also offers a separate kid's menu and a vegetarian menu. The beverage program features martinis, specialty cocktails, and a curated wine list.

24 Karrots

Restaurant in Kilgore - 45.80 mi

Since, "having a vegan Lifestyle is pretty complicated here in East Texas", you will still be "so impressed with everything at 24 Karrots cafe. The interior is nice and cute". Plus, "they have the best chicken and dumplings, cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls AND it’s all vegan". Very "wonderful food, fresh ingredients, friendly staff, cozy atmosphere. Last meal worthy! The portions are big". And, "the cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and food are incredible!" Their "Cinnamon rolls" are also "pillowy soft with nice warm icing on top". Also, "this is by far the best cinnamon roll" you will ever have" and it is "a great way to compliment a meal!" They also "have a good variety of flavors including unique ones you can't find at any other stores". Their "strawberry flavor" is "just perfect with the best frosting" you will ever have, "gourmet, subtle flowery scent, naturally flavored with real strawberries". Finally, the "food" is "amazing as the chef has extensive experience and training in cooking a variety of cuisines".

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