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Honey Doe Farm & Creamery

Farm & Ranch in Madisonville - 6.99 mi

Honey Doe Farm emerged from a family's mission to find lactose-friendly milk for their daughter. Goat milk proved to be the solution, and their dream of producing fresh goat milk and homemade cheese became reality in Idaho. With dedication, their herd grew to 100 goats, specializing in LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarf, and Boer breeds. Their natural approach includes nutritious hay, minerals, and supplements for goats, along with access to water. Hand-crafted goat's milk cheeses are a highlight, led by Lance Hays, a deaf cheesemaker who communicates through American Sign Language, supported by Frances Hays. Satisfied visitors love touring the creamery, milking goats, and tasting fresh goat cheese. Contact Lance at [email protected] for milk or cheese inquiries. Embrace the farm experience and support local farmers at Honey Doe Farm in Idaho!

Ashkolgra Pasture Poultry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Midway - 8.39 mi

Owned by Max and Celia Hamilton, the Ashkolgra Pasture Poultry Farm is continuously raising poultry on native and improved pasture. They also supply their chickens with apple cider vinegar for probiotics and use garlic and oregano as natural antibiotics. The chickens are processed in a USDA Inspected Facility. They can also deliver weekly priced per pound. Also, their whole chickens are sized per individual restaurant requirements. They also deliver it iced, fresh with a 5-7 day shelf life or frozen. Also, check out their website and Facebook page for updates on their farm. You can also order online at their website.

Dragons Journey Homestead

Farm & Ranch in Bedias - 13.02 mi

On a 3-acre property in Bedias, Dragons Journey Homestead is a small "ranch style farm growing a wide range of produce and raising heritage breed chickens, goats", and "pigs". Additionally, the farm started in 2018. The owners live and work their homestead year-round with a produce stand on the property. Also, they have a "farmstead blog focused on transitioning to living a new life and educating people on homesteading". Moreover, they "offer a subscription service", so don't hesitate to contact them. Furthermore, they "provide short farm tours and meet-the-producers program". For scheduling or questions, you may email them and contact Michael.

My Mark61 Cattle Co.

Farm & Ranch in Leona - 14.04 mi

If you need all-natural, grass-fed beef, My Mark61 Cattle Co. is a great choice for you. They stock prime beef cuts. This business is located in Leona, Texas. This business promises to provide fresh quality cuts of beef. More importantly, they promise that there is little to no stress affecting the quality of the meat they sell. They source the meat they sell from local suppliers vetted for their good practice of raising grass-fed cattle. They know it makes a lot of difference regarding flavor, texture, and overall appeal. That is why they make sure they only sell meat that passes their strict standards.

Star Haven Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bedias - 18.29 mi

Journey just 70 miles northwest of Houston to discover Star Haven Farms, also conveniently located 35 miles east of Bryan and College Station. Karen and Ray Hadaway proudly manage this 40-acre family legacy spanning over 75 years. Our farm boasts full-blood Boer goats, grass-fed beef, and pastured egg-laying hens. Notably, pasture-raised offers more omega-3 than free-range chicken, ensuring chemical-free benefits. Plus, we excel in quality Boer goat breeding. Experience the freshness of our grass-fed meats, delivered straight from our farm! Explore why we made Kim's list of "9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas."

Driftwood Meadows

Farm & Ranch in Centerville - 19.19 mi

Driftwood Meadows is a family farm in Centerville, Texas.  The owners take pride in farming practices that focus on regenerative land management, animal welfare and revitalizing the health of our family and community.  Driftwood Farms offer pasture-raised chicken and eggs year-round and turkey during the fall and winter holidays.

Texas US Farms

Farm & Ranch in Iola - 23.22 mi

Discover Texas US Farms, owned by the Leveridge family in Iola. Experience their specialty: aquaponically-grown produce, including a variety of tomatoes, herbs, lettuce, kale, and leafy greens. They also cultivate tilapia, catfish, and Giant Malaysian River Prawn. Embracing sustainability, they raise earthworms for composting, fertilizer, and bait. Attend their workshops on fish and pond management, and innovative aquaponics practices. Looking to build your own system? They offer design and consultation services. Don't miss their newly launched small-batch homemade pepper sauces. Meet the entire family and explore their farm at the Brazos Valley Farmers Market every Saturday.

Texas US Farms

Farm & Ranch in Iola - 23.22 mi

This is an Aggie Family Owned Farm. "They have a very impressive enterprise going on here. It's amazing that something so useful could come from something as simple as worms. The castings are fresh, clean, and very nutritious for your gardening". Also, "the folks in charge are nice and easy to deal with as well". They love to share their love of gardening with their unique projects and sustainable living practices. They are also building aquaponics systems and provides fresh, local produce to their community. Their "produce looks fresh and smells wonderful, the tilapia are clean and freezer-ready, and the Hot Mama sauce is tasty and blazing hot!" So, "if you want great product at a good price and locally grown on top of that, this is the place to go".

Wickersham Angus Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bryan - 23.45 mi

Meet Bill and Tony Wickersham, owners of the 400-acre Wickersham Angus Ranch since 1994. Their love for this land, rich with trees, pastures, and ponds, has been a lifelong passion. From the beginning, their focus has been on raising Angus cattle that thrive in southeast Texas weather. In 2006, Tyron and Erin Wickersham joined the family venture. At the ranch, breeding begins in March, with calves typically born in late December after a nine-month gestation period. In winter, their cattle graze on clover, rye, and dormant Bermudagrass, while summer sees them feasting on Tifton 85, Bermudagrass, and Bahiagrass. Today, the ranch is a registered Angus Cattle operation in College Station. Come and visit us to experience the legacy of quality and care that defines Wickersham Angus Ranch!

Hunzikers FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Huntsville - 24.41 mi

Hunzikers Farm, which is located in Huntsville, Texas, grows and sells a variety of fruits, vegetables, garden plants, and more. The farm produces sugar snaps, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, cantaloupe, corn, beans, and squash. You can buy from them if you need any of these vegetables. They set up shop in different pop-up events and farmers' markets, like Walker County Farmers Market, Wunderlich Historic Farm, and The Wynn Home Herb Festival. Besides fresh produce, they also sell pickled products, avocado salsa, and even hanging baskets for plants.

Cox Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bryan - 24.48 mi

The current owners and managers of Cox Family Farms, Leonard and Cathy, took over the farm a few years back. However, it has been around for over seventy-five years. They sell chicken, beef, eggs, fruits, veggies, milk, and honey. All are fresh and 100% naturally-grown and raised. They also offer tours and fun activities. If you ever go to the farm, your questions about farming will surely be entertained graciously. Whatever you need to know, the farmers will be more than willing to tell you their stories. From riding horses, raising chickens and pigs, milking food, growing food, to eating clean, it will be a fun and informative chat. They haven't updated their CSA page since Feb 26, 2010, contact them directly for more information.

Angell’s Farmstead

Farm & Ranch in Shiro - 24.73 mi

Angell’s Farmstead & Apiary is a family farm that started out with a small garden in the backyard, and quickly realized they wanted to share their passion for local, clean, “garden-to-table food.” They practice “sustainable agriculture” by using only natural methods such as cover crops, mushroom compost, natural manure, crop rotation to maintain the health of their soil. Angell’s Farmstead & Apiary do not practice the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. They currently produces “fresh seasonal vegetables” on 10-acres and maintains eighteen honey bee hives. They harvest and bottle the “raw wonderful honey” themselves. They also have a flock of chickens at the farm and eventually plan to offer eggs as their flock grows.

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