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SisterDoughNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Odessa - 6.53 mi

SisterDough is a baked goods shop. This is located in Odessa, Texas. They make donuts (the donuts they make are unique and they look and taste amazing), scones, baked oatmeal, and cookies (they make Ultimate Cookie Monster, Maple Peca, and Birthday Cake Sprinkle mega cookies). They sell at the local farmers' market and pop-up events. You can find them in local selling events like the Lux A PopUp Market and Friday Night Markets. You can also order seasonal items, like the Halloween Snack Fun & Candy board and the Thanksgiving boards. You can order if you need pastry/baked goods for an event or an occasion, like birthdays, baby showers, etc.

Sugar & AlmondsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Midland - 10.49 mi

Sugar & Almonds, which is located in Midland, Texas, is a home-based bakery specializing in French macarons and custom cakes. They make a variety of French macarons. They have Lavender, Mint Chocolate Chip, Margarita, Dreamsicle, Churro, Raspberry, Lemon, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Ganache, and Pistachio. If you are wondering where to find them, here are two places where they sell. Try the Museum of the Southwest. You can also see them at Parks Legado from 8:00 AM till noon. They sell French macarons in these locations. You can send a text message to place an order. Customers said that the French macarons are really very good! Customers who ordered custom cakes were also impressed.  


Artisan Food Producer in Midland - 13.15 mi

Popping delicious kettle corn for about two years now, Overboard-Kettle-Korn is an artisan food vendor that you can find at select farmers’ markets and events. They have a good selection of flavors including the seasonal caramel, honey sriracha, chocolate and cherry, blueberry, grapes, jalapeño and cheddar, and original. The “grape and caramel are excellent” and the “blueberry” flavor is the kids’ favorite. Pair it up “with some fresh lemonade” and you’re good to go! “Mike and DeeAnn” are extremely awesome and their “popcorns” are “reasonably priced too!” Go “get some for yourself today” to “share with family and friends” – if you can share them! 

Midland Filipino BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Midland - 15.55 mi

Midland Filipino Bakery is a start-up home bakery operating under the Texas Cottage Food Law. This business is located in Midland, Texas. They offer breads popular in the Philippines and among Filipinos. They have cheese ensaymada, pandecoco, ube cheese pandesal, Spanish bread, brioche pandesal, and soft monay. If you are a Filipino in Midland or if you simply enjoy Filipino breads, visit this bakery for your cravings. Good news for Midland residents - delivery is free for a minimum of $33 order. Expect to receive deliveries Tuesday till Thursday from 4:00 PM onwards. They also sell at the Midland Downtown Farmers Market every Saturday, starting at 8:00 AM until they sell out.

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