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Local Family Farms & Ranches near the Odessa, Texas 79765 Area (5)


Hounds Desert Creek Farms

Farm & Ranch in Midland - 16.06 mi

Hounds Desert Creek Farms has "the best fresh herbs in 2 counties". You will also "love the pecans!" They also participate in the Midland Downtown Farmers Market. You can also see them at the Parks Legado Town Center. They also offer salsa, pickles, tomatillo salsa, eggs and homemade breads. You can check out their Facebook and you can contact them if you want to order from them.

Rancho Honduras

Farm & Ranch in Midland - 16.27 mi

Rancho Honduras is a small farm that raises plants, vegetables, and chickens to produce eggs to be sold directly or through farmers market stalls. This farm produces fresh chicken and duck eggs, asparagus, as well as some pickled veggies, fruit jams, and juices. Everything is farm-fresh, cage-free, and all-natural!

Morgan Farm

Farm & Ranch in Midland - 17.46 mi

Morgan Farm provides seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers year-round, as well as farm-fresh eggs.  Aside from the delicious flavor of their products, achieved without the use of pesticides, Morgan Farm is also a place for a great produce picking experience, especially for kids.  Produce from this farm include strawberries, apricots, watermelon, tomatoes, carrots, green onion, fresh white onion, winter flowers, aloe Vera and succulent plants.      

Plants & Produce Midland Texas

Farm & Ranch in Midland - 17.46 mi

Plants & Produce Midland Texas offers fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs all year round! Some of their produce include tomatoes, carrots, green and white onions, aloe vera, succulents, and fruits like watermelons, strawberries, and more. But for Plants & Produce Midland Texas, it’s not just about buying these items from the farmers market, but also giving an unforgettable experience of personally picking these fruits and vegetables from their garden. Families have had rave reviews about their field trips to the farm, with their children having quite an adventure picking fruits and vegetables by themselves!

Fiddlesticks Farms

Farm & Ranch in Midland - 17.92 mi

A family farm, Fiddlesticks Farms in Midland Texas is an 80-acre playground that is perfect for all ages. The farm is "selling vegetables, honey, flowers, etc". Every fall, the farm "offers an exhibit of humorous adventures" that will fascinate people about the world of agriculture. They have a maze that they assemble into a 13-acre cornfield, and most of the people who visit Fiddlesticks farm are excited to experience this incredible maze. Moreover, the farm is open from Monday – Friday from "9:00 am to 2:00 pm for school field trips and private parties". You can visit their website for appointments and reservations. They assemble private picnic areas for events and parties. Reserve your slot now!

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