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Farm to Table & Local Ingredients Restaurants near the Victoria, Texas 77901 Area (4)

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J Welch Farms

Restaurant in Victoria - 10.29 mi

J Welch Farms prides itself as the largest producer of olive oil in the Lone Star State. They have a wide selection of finely-made olive oils and balsamic vinegar that will be right at home in any pantry. If you get to visit their farm, they have what they call 'South Texas Agri-Tainment' where you and your family can enjoy shopping at their farm market, play with the kids at their J Welch Maze, or relax at their winery.

The Water Well Café

Restaurant in Goliad - 25.89 mi

The Water Well Café, which is located in Goliad, Texas, is a family-owned restaurant offering catering and large party accommodations. This is great for people looking for rental space for private events. If you have to hold a private event in a rental space, make sure the food there is great, and this is where this Southern-style restaurant stands out. They have breakfast food here as well as lunch specials, salads, entrees, and burgers. Make sure to call ahead and make the necessary arrangement because the restaurant is closed every Sunday and Monday. From Tuesday to Wednesday, the restaurant opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 3:00 PM. You can dine here until 8:00 PM every Thursday and until 9:00 PM every Friday. Customers enjoyed coming here and eating here. They praised the very friendly staff here and the delicious food served them quick but perfectly cooked, like the Mexican chicken fried steak, hamburgers, and wings. Customers also praised the outstanding qualities of the restaurant itself, appreciating that it is clean and well-lit.

O’Neil & Sons Brewing Company

Restaurant in Port Lavaca - 26.19 mi

O'Neil & Sons Brewing Company is an "incredible place". A "fun little bar" with "friendly people". There "location is waterfront with a viewing deck". You can find "microbrewery beers on tap". They have "top notch selection of house brewed and select craft beers from around Texas and the Nation". Also, "hard to find, rare brews pop up here on a regular basis". Plus, "impromptu karaoke and laughter". It is "worth stopping in". And, the "constantly changing line up of great craft beers keeps thing interesting week to week". You will also "love love love how welcoming they are to you bringing your pups!"

Pier 77 of Fulton

Restaurant in Fulton - 41.82 mi

Pier 77 Fulton offers southern dishes, international flavors, and a lot of seafood. Their gumbo bowls may seem expensive but the serving size makes up for it once it's served. If you've ever tried a big bowl of ramen, this is what you're getting in terms of size. Of course, Pier 77 serves up dishes that are big on flavors that hits close to home with their cajun boiled lobster and seafood gumbo.

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