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Terry Parks Produce

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls - 2.54 mi

Terry Parks Produce offers a wide assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are all farm-fresh!  Grab any of their fresh and tasty fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, watermelons, nectarines, plums, peaches, cherries, and more!  Panty staples like different types of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, asparagus among others are also available.  You may find them selling at the Wichita Falls Farmers Market.

F Bar Springs Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls - 3.26 mi

In 1999, Diaz Murray purchased the Earl Springs Ranch in Clay and Montague Counties. He has a Texas heritage and forage management experiences. And it helped Murray shape his present Clay County ranch and herd of 400 mother cows and 300 yearlings. Murray is also a  2013 “Outstanding Rangeland Management Award” winner from the Texas Section Society for Rangeland Management (TSSRM). An award he received for the "successful management of his cattle and his efforts to preserve the land". Also, “the name F Bar Springs Ranch incorporates the Failing Family, Earl Springs and the faith that brought him back to his Texas roots.” This ranch is also home to 100% natural, grass-finished Black Angus.  

HooFin Wings Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls - 3.45 mi

At HooFin Wings Ranch, Murray Gray cattle take center stage for their exceptional marbling and tenderness. Aged 10-12 days post-harvest, this enhances the beef's flavor and tenderness by minimizing water content and harnessing natural genetics. With a strict pasture diet to preserve omega-3 content, their commitment to quality shines. Delve into the unrivaled taste of authentic 100% grass-finished beef - an experience you won't want to miss!

Whole Plate Farm

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls - 3.66 mi

Whole Plate Farm sells naturally grown local produce and other items like homemade canned foods. The best way to buy from them is by visiting the local farmers market where they will be present as vendors. Whole Plate Farm is a regular at the Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market. They have lemon pepper seasoning, seasoning saite, and salsa. They also have freshly-picked peppers, mushrooms, squash, beets, rainbow chard, pea shoots, and zucchini. They also sell herbs, pepper jelly, jalapeno honey, pickled zucchini, and more. Whole Plate Farm is located in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Young’s GreenHouse

Farm & Ranch in Red Oak - 3.91 mi

Young’s Greenhouse is located in Wichita Falls, Texas. Owned by farmers Cooper and Joyce Young. They use hydroponics method in their greenhouse. They have already produced several crops using this system. Some of these include fancy lettuce, watercress, mint, and herbs bound for what they call "white tablecloth restaurants" across the region. They pick, plant, seed, and send their produce every week to distributors. Distributors that can't keep up with the demand of a booming crop of high-end restaurants looking for top-quality ingredients. They are also a partner of Greener Fields Together. This organization involves farmers and distributors. They also engage foodservice operators and retail locations in efforts to work toward safer produce from seed to fork.

Kelly’s Chicks

Farm & Ranch in Iowa Park - 8.00 mi

Settling at 643 Horseshoe Lake Rd Iowa Park, you can find Kelly's Chicks. Kelly's Chicks offers free-range eggs raised on pasture. Their eggs are from mixed breed chickens. Most of these breeds grew up on their property. Furthermore, their eggs come in a variety of colors and sizes. All of their chickens eat grains and fed supplement with fresh fruit and bugs they encounter. Their dairy poultry is 100% naturally-grown: no hormones, no chemicals, and no medications. Get them for $3.00 a dozen or $2.50 if you bring your own containers. For more information, contact Kelly Vasquez.

YP7 Farm And Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls - 13.68 mi

YP7 Farm and Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch in beautiful North Texas near the Red River. They have more than three decades of farming and ranching experience and they aim to provide a sustainable and renewable food supply for their children and generations to come. They specialize in raising Angus cattle, in fact, all of their beef comes from Angus cattle raised right there in their ranch. They utilize rotational grazing practices that allow the land to naturally heal and they use cover cropping to replenish the soil. All of their products are all-natural, uses no hormones and their pastures are free of any GMOs.

Morath Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls - 14.62 mi

Morath Orchard, which is located in Wichita Falls, Texas, is North Texas' source of fresh produce for the community, farmers markets, and grocers. Husband and wife Jimmy and Becky Morath, along with their son Will, are all hands-on in growing the fruits and vegetables here, making sure the farm is in good condition and the produce is of great quality. The 90-acre farm has vegetables, melons, peaches, pecan, and apple trees. You can find them in the local farmers market. If you want your fresh supply of produce, you can join their CSA program. They also offer farm tours and farm-to-table dinners.

The King’s Good Vineyard and Berry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls - 14.73 mi

The King’s Good Vineyard and Berry Farm grows muscadines, strawberries, and blackberries. It is owned and operated by brothers Will and Jacob Morath. The farm is in Wichita Falls, Texas. You can walk around the farm and pick strawberries and blackberries when these are in season. This is a great way to spend your day with friends, family, and even with co-workers. That's not all. They also set up a corn maze, which is fun, especially for children. So don't be surprised if you see so many kids here when you visit, because the farm is a favorite destination for children's field trips! They also have a café/market so that you can rest and replenish with some delicious food and refreshing drinks. If you want to get a discount on your next purchase of fruits, you can apply for membership.

Young’s Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls - 14.89 mi

Everyone loves Young's Orchard! It is a place where you can "pick the strawberries and then eat them while walking on the field!" They have lots of it that their customers find it "an enjoyable experience!" Other than strawberries, they also produce Summer blackberries, peaches, plums, melons, peas, and beans fall pecans. Steve Young and his family own this farm. "They like to bless their customers", which is why customers love to support this farm! If you are thinking of the best way to start Spring, visit Young's Orchard! The young and old will surely enjoy picking their strawberries. You may also purchase their items at Wichita Falls Market downtown.

Hoegger Family Farms

Farm & Ranch in Scotland - 16.88 mi

You always hear it from farmers, and you'll probably hear the same from Hoegger Family Farms: try to know more about the source of your food. The land, the trees, the vegetation, the animals, and the process. I think they advocate this because this inspires appreciation, especially from people who have become too dependent on commercial mass production they have forgotten all the meaningful work put in by workers just so we can have a glass of fresh milk, for example. Hoegger Family Farms sells fresh, Grade A raw milk to feed and nourish your body. At the same time, they also offer the chance to have a glimpse of what it is like on a dairy farm. Happy family, happy cows, and happy customers.

Morath Vegetables

Farm & Ranch in Scotland - 19.94 mi

Morath Vegetables does wonders by offering fresh vegetables grown locally in Archer and Clay County. They have got a great selection, some of which include tomatoes to eggplants, cucumbers, green beans, carrots, broccoli, kale, jalapenos, squash, and potatoes! Enough to complete your pantry and grocery staples, and more! And aside from fresh produce, Morath Vegetables also sell more exciting yummies: homemade breads, jellies, and canned goods, like pickled beets, candied jalapenos, hot sauce, sweet beets, green tomato relish, blackberry jelly and pickles!

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