Review of Aquilla Creek Farms by TexasRealFood

Ahavah Tindell has been breeding English Springer Spaniels at Aquila Creek Farms since 1996. However, they have only been in Waco, Texas in 2014. At the 114-acre farm, they also raise grass-fed cattle, pigs, 27 Katahdin sheep, 2 horses, and chicken.The family has been organically raising animals and crops for over 20 years. The farm flourishes over a hundred pecan trees, peaches, plums, Texas pears, and blackberries. Also, they have perfected the art of making candies, jams, and jellies.If you want to get one of their high-quality English Springer Spaniel puppies, be sure to check their website first for availability.Reviews on their website generally show satisfied puppy lovers who not only fell in love with their new puppies but also the seamless and responsive customer service they provide.