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Cotton’s Produce Market

Store in Garland - 11.00 mi

Cotton’s Produce Market, sometimes referred to by its customers as Sutton Family Farms, is owned by Chad Sutton and his family. This produce market is not very active on social media, but it doesn’t need to. Sutton Family Farms has been around since 1956. Cotton’s Produce Market, meanwhile, has served the area for decades. They don’t need to do much self-promotion because their customers do it for them. Here’s how one fan puts it:“I will be 46 in May and I remember my mom visiting here often when I was little! I have been a regular customer (and) no matter where we have lived, moved to and no matter how long the drivin’ time increased, this is MY produce market.”If that sounds biased, here’s another customer:“I’m telling you I only get produce from these guys. Chad is the man and knows his stuff.”

1(972) 240-8810

Terrell farmers market

Store in Terrell - 11.49 mi

The Terrell Farmers Market is a family-owned produce store in Terrell. Located at 120 North Virginia St, it offers an assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers. Open seasonally from around mid-February or March to December, the market carries farm fresh seasonal produce grown at their farm or from other Texas farmers. Some items they carry include Pecos cantaloupes, different varieties of watermelon, pecans, raw honey, and many more. Their selection of plants and flowers such as fall mums are popular in the community, too. Hours of operation are Mondays to Saturdays 9:00am to 5:30pm. Follow them on Facebook where they actively post the seasonal items for sale.

(972) 563-1844

Natural Grocers – Dallas – Garland

Store in Dallas - 14.59 mi

"There is a lot to learn about the supplements that are sold in the store". "Other stores in the Dallas area are lacking when it comes to the freshness of their produce". Yes, "they have fresh produce" and "they have the best prices on pastured eggs and a variety of great organic produce". And, their "granola aisle or bulk bagged goods section" has a "very good quality at a reasonable price". "Great staff and good prices, plus they have kombucha on tap". Also, "the interior decor is unified, but you can tell there's a bit of a quirky mind behind it all". "They even have a little reading section!" 

(214) 321-4777

The Green Spot Store

Store in Dallas - 15.49 mi

Green Spot is a "healthy convenience store” that provides high quality healthy choices of food and beverages to their customers at affordable prices. They offers healthy, organic, natural food and beverages as well as some personal care products. They also brew “Direct Trade and Rain Forest Alliance coffee.” All the food that they serve is preservative free. The meats are locally sourced and all natural. They use cage-free eggs from animals that have been humanely treated and without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones, and nitrates. Their sauces including bbq sauce, ranch, and dressings are “made from scratch in the kitchen.” The Green Spot Store also carry a healthy choice of snacks for kids and adults, baked goods, gluten free options, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products. 

(214) 319-7768

Whole Foods Market (Lakewood)

Store in Dallas - 16.94 mi

The Whole Foods Market (Lakewood) "has one of the best layouts and their warm food section is second to none". Also, "the produce and meat selection is the best at this location" aside from doing "a great job in the seafood department". "Their organic meats are way cheaper than anywhere else" too. You will also "love their veggie burger at the grill" after tasting it. You will also "like the underground parking because it keeps the snow off" your "car in the winter" and also keeps your "car cool in the summer". Plus, "they always have amazing lattes as well". Also, "the sushi rolls at this location are super fresh and during the summer they make a rainbow roll with strawberries, mango and REAL  crab meat, so good!!"

(214) 824-1744

1890 Marketplace (Dallas)

Store in Dallas - 18.33 mi

If you are looking for great spices and olive oils, visit 1890 Marketplace in Dallas, Texas because they have different “flavored oils, vinegar, and spices.” The expansive spice collection fills a whole wall of shelving, and tables filled with vats of olive oil resembling mini beer vats at a craft brewery fill in the rest of the space. Each vat has “its own label of a specific flavor of olive oil”, which is made by infusing the crushed olives with various herbs and spices. They also offer “Thai Lemongrass Mint, Honey Ginger, Aged Basalmic,” and pretty much everything. The service is super attentive, and very informative on all the options. The highlights are their house-blend spice, and the Cranberry Pear and White Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.

(214) 306-6766

Central Market (Dallas Lovers Lane)

Store in Dallas - 18.61 mi

"Employees at" Central Market (Dallas Lovers Lane) are "very helpful and friendly, but THE FOOD! That’s what really made the visit spectacular!" Their "selection is huge and diverse". "They have a great selection of healthy choices. Fresh produce and meat". "The produce is always fresh. They have different kinds of grapes that you don’t normally find at the other stores". They also have the "best breakfast bar ever" and "the biscuits and gravy are awesome". This market is "always a good place to be to shop and get out of the heat!! Lots of delicious samples and good ideas for cooking!"

(214) 234-7000

Bar & Garden Dallas

Store in Dallas - 18.68 mi

Bar & Garden Dallas is a “small-batch spirits, natural wine and craft beer store” that also sells barware, glassware and plants. They only carry wine, spirits and cocktail mods “free of artificial colors and flavors.” All of their wines are, at minimum, practicing organic, and many are biodynamic. That means no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides used in the vineyards. It also means you’re not drinking toxic chemicals! As a leader in the “Texas natural wine movement,” Bar & Garden supports the artists, farmers and makers of raw wine. They also carry small-production of “chocolate, bitters,and shrubs”, but nothing that uses any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

(214) 774-9620

Burgundy’s Local Dallas

Store in Dallas - 18.69 mi

Burgundy's Local Dallas offers 100% Grass-Fed Beef & Lamb, Pasture Raised Chicken, Pork, & Rabbit, Raw Milk Cheeses, Free Range Pastured Eggs, and more. They are all "great quality" which "makes you question the grass-fed meats from the grocery". It is "worth the price knowing you are getting local and well cared for product". They even "have a limited number of fresh pasture-raised turkeys". One customer even "tried a beef frank (weiners as we call them in Texas)". It was "so delicious". "I forgot what real meat tasted like!!" according to the customer. You will "be back regularly because of the incredible quality and courteous service".

(972) 707-7241

Royal Blue Grocery – Main Street, Dallas

Store in Dallas - 19.02 mi

Royal Blue Grocery is a "really good little spot in downtown if you're looking for something a few notches above the typical bodega". This Royal Blue Grocery has "everything you need to procrastinate a big-box grocery store visit". This place "makes living in a downtown area bearable". This is also "the only place in the Central Business District to get fresh fruit and produce". It is also a "really nice specialty grocer with sandwiches coffee soup and baked goods". "It's not exactly a coupon cutting kinda spot but it is a specialty cool awesome service little spot you can get everything from fresh macaroons to fresh produce and even toiletries and other household items".  They also "make a great grill cheese sandwich and have a popular coffee menu".

(214) 760-9686

Whole Foods Market (Park Lane)

Store in Dallas - 19.17 mi

"This Wholefoods is LARGE!!!!" You will "love the layout and of course, love all of their products". The Whole Foods Market (Park Lane) also "added an Amazon pick-up location" with a "nice layout, typical great produce and butcher sections". Plus, "the coffee bar is solid and the prices are reasonable" and they sell "excellent produce". They also sell "great meat and seafood" and also there is a "huge selection of organic items, including their store brands". Also, their "gluten-free options are good". This store also "has grass-fed best meat and chicken". "There is also garage parking in case you don't want your car to take on the Texas heat!"

(214) 342-4850

Royal Blue Grocery – Ross Ave, Dallas

Store in Dallas - 19.21 mi

This grocery "is your standard Royal Blue - coffee bar, sandwiches, pastries and grocery items". This place is "perfect for a casual lunch after visiting the museum". "Located in the Trammell Crowe tower lobby, touts delivering a plethora of items and needs, ranging from gourmet goodies to a full-service café and sandwich counter". They also have "frozen meals, ready to go meals, wine and gifts, sushi, sandwiches, snacks, etc". You will also notice that the "coffee and espresso beverages are pretty average, with Starbucks equivalent prices". They are "good for hot sandwiches" because "you will definitely be back" for their "pretty dang good Reuben for $8".

(512) 524-0740

Foxtrot Delivery Market

Store in Dallas - 19.43 mi

Foxtrot Delivery Market is a 3,600-square-foot coffee bar and cafe founded by “Michael LaVitola and Dallas native, Taylor Bloom.” It is the answer to grab-and-go coffee, easy lunch meetings, wine dates and late-night snacking. A platform of “discovery for curated products and brands,” the market’s shelves will be stocked with a carefully selected, rotating assortment of today’s most exciting brands, up-and-coming makers and local favorites like Emporium Pies, and Flower Gals Co. They have a selection of groceries, gift boxes, everyday essentials and even an impressive collection of CBD products. As a digitally native, Foxtrot marries its neighborhood shops with under an hour “delivery via its app and website” for a seamless omni channel experience to discover the city’s best goods, gifts, and everyday essentials.

(972) 685-6499

Whole Foods Market (Uptown Dallas)

Store in Dallas - 19.43 mi

You can find "the BEST floral department" here at Whole Foods Market (Uptown Dallas). They have flowers for "wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, cocktail table arrangements, and table centerpieces" and "everything looked so beautiful". The layout here "is simple and easier than other locations". Plus, "they also have an awesome bar area and the best bartenders". Also, "their gluten-free bread selections are just okay because they never carry egg-free gluten-free bread". There are also "tons of vegan options and a great atmosphere". You can also find "a great selection of food and produce". There is also "an awesome fresh food and salad bar" and "if you want fresh juice, smoothie, or coffee, they've got that too".

(469) 518-5814

Whole Foods Market (Highland Park)

Store in Dallas - 20.51 mi

The Whole Foods Market (Highland Park) is "a little small, so they don't always have all the specialty items we want, but they have almost everything else". You will "like that they have an elaborate salad bar" with "so many options from cold salad to sides to choose from". This makes it "so easy to go in and out for lunch and build a salad". They also "have some samples throughout the store, mainly in produce". They "even have a bar where you can get wines and amazing beer". Also, "their bakery always smells so good & REMEMBER! They have a pizza bar that you can grab a slice or two and head out".

(214) 520-7993

Trinity Haymarket

Store in Dallas - 20.67 mi

Trinity Haymarket is primarily a feed store, and this is an important business in a community. Many small businesses depend on the availability of feeds, without which, farm animals will starve. Feeding the animals is just one part of the job. A farm life involves other tasks, which means other supplies are a necessity as well. That is why Trinity Haymarket does its best to make sure the store has anything and everything farmers need. They also give local artisans exposure, by selling their products in the store, like organic soaps and lotions, homemade pickles and jams, hand-forged farm tools, and beekeeping equipment.

(214) 202-2163

Ann’s Health Food Center & Market

Store in Dallas - 20.92 mi

Ann’s is a family owned and operated “Health Food Center & Market” Located in Dallas & Waxahachie, Texas. They provide the quality you're looking for when it comes to a health food store. They offer a “wide selection of products” from healthy food and organic produce to vitamins, supplements, and natural body care products. Whether you're stopping by to pick up some “fresh produce for your next meal” or if you're looking for “healthy snacks for the kids lunches,” their grocery store has a lot of options available at a price you'll love. From personal customer service and a knowledgeable staff to their quality products, Ann's Health Food Center & Market provide the very best in town!

(214) 942-9483

Becerra’s Tamales at Saint Michael’s Farmers Market

Store in Dallas - 21.05 mi

Becerra’s Tamales at St. Michael’s Farmers Market was originally established in 1963 and now owned and managed by Chef Victor Valdez. Becerra's Tamales was named after Victor’s grandparents who originally owned the tamales-making business. As a young child, Victor learned the recipes handed down by his grandparents while helping at their business, eventually perfecting and innovating on the recipes, and turning his business into the success that it is today. Social media review sites are filled with rave reviews for Victor’s award-winning tamales and salsas, with reviewers trying to outdo each other and almost unanimously agreeing his products are the best they’ve ever tasted. Aside from his regular Saturday presence at the farmers market, Victor maintains a storefront in Fort Worth open only on Fridays from 11am-5pm for pickup of orders. Check out his social media presence for other special appearances via popup stores.

(214) 454-8952

Cox Farms Market – Dallas

Store in Dallas - 21.17 mi

Cox Farms Market - Dallas has "the best produce". This family-owned retailer of natural & organic foods & produce also sells nutritional supplements. This is their second location which is found at Fort Worth Avenue in Dallas, Texas. It's a small store that stocks only high-quality products. If you need some simple and organic groceries then you don't have to deal with searching through endless supermarket aisles, this store is the place for you. Beautiful and fresh produce is available the whole year round and the place has been hailed as being "Just the right size" for all of your naturally grown product needs.

(214) 748-8851

Cheese and Chutney

Store in Dallas - 21.61 mi

Cheese and Chutney offers a delicious domestic and imported cheeses and charcuteries, delectable accompaniments, and a wine and beer bottle shop. They have a wide range of over “50 domestic and imported cheeses,” charcuteries and chutney pairings. True to its name, Cheese and Chutney carry an “extensive line of chutneys and mustards” lovingly selected to pair with their cheeses and charcuteries, as well as an array of olives, crackers, oils, vinegars, tapenades, dried fruit and much more. They cut-to-order any size from a single sliver to hearty wedges for a party. From gorgeous cheeseboards for pick up to grazing table and Cheese Wheel Cake installations in your venue, Cheese and Chutney aim to delight your palate and make a celebration out of every meal.

(469) 917-7318