Even though it’s September, there’s still a bit of fruit left from last month’s harvest so you can expect a bit of tomato, peaches, and watermelons. These fruits are the main go-to this far out in the year and are great if you’re clinging to having a fresh supply of fruits this fall.

Tomatoes, known for their wide use in different culinary dishes, are packed with Vitamin C to help boost the immune system, potassium for maintaining good blood pressure, and lycopene which helps reduce the risk of cancer. While the nutritious peach is full of nutrients that help in reducing the chance of developing mouth cancer and lowering the risk of developing heart disease,

In attaining a balanced diet fruit is necessary but you’ll find supplies are starting to dwindle down around this time of the year. So whenever you can get your hands on locally-sourced and organic fruits, better start stocking up. Winter is about to go full swing and it’s time to get yourself ready with those recipes for some great preserves.