Review of Puaolena’s Delights by TexasRealFood

Named after Jane Formel’s Hawaiian name, Puaolena’s Delights is a small business that offers the taste of Hawaiian desserts and baked goods to the Texas community. Jane always had a passion for baking; and when she moved to Texas from Hawaii in 2008, she got worried that nothing in Texas offers Hawaiian cuisine. Carrying her love for her home and the food, she decided to start baking Hawaiian desserts and other island-inspired treats, which led to the birth of Puaolena’s Delights in August 2014. Two years after, she got married to her wonderful husband Stacey, and they both became business owners of this company. To date, this couple has been “knocking” delectable desserts “out of the park” as they not only sell ready-to-eat food, but they also offer “cake mixes” packaged in some “wonderful jars.” You can visit their website to order, or catch them at the local farmers’ market to avail of these goodies.