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Capra Premium Dorper Lamb

Farm & Ranch in Goldthwaite - 3.06 mi

Experience the real taste of premium-quality lamb at Capra Premium Dorper Lamb. With 100% pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free lambs, they lead the lamb revolution. Local restaurants and chefs are already onboard. Join the movement and inquire on their website today.

2Knight Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Goldthwaite - 5.93 mi

In Goldthwaite, Texas, you'll find 2Knight Ranch that raises superior, grass-fed and Omega3 beef.  Their meat is free from preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics. With their products, the owners Charles and Nancy Knight offer the health benefits of an optimum Omega 6:3 ratio like grass-fed beef and has excellent flavor. Moreover, through their beef cattle program, they focus on retaining and enhancing natural Omega 3 content. Besides, based on their research, Omega 6 and Omega 3 are necessary for our diet, but Omega 6 is inflammatory, while omega 3 is anti-inflammatory. On their farm, you can buy 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef. A beef half is about 160-210 pounds of packaged meat. Call them if you want to inquire, and they will be happy to answer your questions.

Koen Family Farm and Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Laredo - 7.67 mi

Koen Family Farm and Ranch opened on September 9, 1891. Claiborne Hobbs Koen and his wife, Prudence Angelina Dunlap Koen, were the original owners of it. With over a century of experience in farming, they produce one of the best meat in Texas. The farm offers high-quality pastured lamb, beef, eggs, and pork. The farm also produces seasonal organic produce. They continue to use holistic approaches that exist on the farm for over a hundred years. Happy customers say that the farm provides high-quality meat all the time.  Therefore, people highly-recommend their products. Check them out at Dripping Springs Farmers Market today!  

King’s Crossing Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Saba - 12.46 mi

In San Saba, John and Jimma Byrd own and manage King's Crossing Farm, a 110-acre organic pecan orchard. Moreover, they are certified organic for 12 years, and they currently have 800 pecan trees while maintaining their license. They have their USDA Certified Organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Other than pecans, they are selling some organic veggies such as tomatoes, melons, peppers, herbs, squash, potatoes beans, garlic, and onions. Also, aside from studying on their own, the owners learned their farming methods from organic farming conferences. They also read the Acres U.S.A. magazine and associate with other eco-farmers for their advice. Contact Jimma and John Byrd for more information.

Oliver Pecan Co

Farm & Ranch in San Saba - 23.07 mi

The Oliver Pecan Company, founded in 1970, is a family-owned company in San Saba, Texas. The farm has "40,000 pecan trees and offers fresh new crop pecans". They are one of the few pecan companies that grow, harvest, process, and make pecan products. Also, they operate their pecan shelling plant, candy factory, retail stores, mail order, and even wholesale and fundraising. The farm is selling "Chocolate Pecans, Pecan Pies, Pecan Honey Butters, and Pecan Pie in a Jar, Pecan Oils Chocolate Caramel Armadillos, Snacks, Trail Mixes, Gift Tins, Jams, and Jellies". Moreover, tours of their plants are available during fall and winter. Call Shawn Oliver at (800) 657-9291 for inquiries and have an appointment for plant tours.

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