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The Purple Goat

Restaurant in Stephenville - 7.28 mi

The Purple Goat has a "great laid back atmosphere". It is "rustic and comfortable" which "has both inside and patio seating". Also, "the large patio has a very high ceiling with open sides that have portable sides that can be lowered in cold weather". You will enjoy the "view of farm properties nearby". The "large ceiling and area fans helped keep the heat tolerable". And, "next to the patio is a kids' playground". It is "a great place to burn energy while waiting for food or after eating". It is also "a great accommodation for kids and parents". You will "like the patio, and the fried avocados". Their "service" is "good" and "the food" is "great" such as the "Mom's Mac N Cheese" which is a "5 Cheese mac n cheese topped with roasted corn, shredded brisket, fresh grated cheese and served with a slice of TX toast". Or, even the "the Goat Burger" and the "Texas Squealer". They also have "a large variety of beers on tap". Finally, "the purple goat statue at the door is a bonus!"


Restaurant in Hico - 26.55 mi

"Eis pronouced (ICE) is a cute little sandwich shop". This place "is the downstairs shop to a 3 room hotel upstairs". "Eis is lively and offers great artisan sandwiches and ice cream". It is "a good break for a nice, quick sandwich or evening dessert". It is also a "great little local sandwich shop". Try "their vanilla cake with whipped chocolate frosting" which is "delicious and huge". They also have "the turkey melt on wheat". Also, "the smoked ribeye sandwich alone is worth the drive from Mt. Pleasant". This is a "great locally owned business with an emphasis on personal touch and quality" because "the people are friendly and quite helpful". Finally, "this shop has really great ice cream, and if you get a scoop in your coffee it's amazing".

Cockrell Vineyards

Restaurant in Comanche - 33.96 mi

Born from the dream of establishing a Vineyard that produces high-quality wines, owners Craig and Tammy have established Cockrell Vineyards as a premiere wine destination in Comanche, Texas. Established back in 2014, they have molded their property into a destination vineyard that offers a family-friendly space where people can gather to sample one of the best wines the Lone Star State has to offer. If you ever get to visit, ask for their 2014 Texas Tannat. This vintage is sourced from grapes grown in the High Plains of Texas. With an interesting flavor profile, its complex tannins lean toward peppery notes on the palate.

Harvest Restaurant

Restaurant in Comanche - 34.78 mi

Since 2016, Harvest Restaurant has been bringing "big city food" at "affordable" prices to Comanche. This "casual" restaurant is devoted to the "farm-to-table" concept, consistently incorporating the freshest, seasonal produce the neighboring farms and ranches have to offer. Serving lunch and dinner, the menu features appetizers like "fried pickles", salads like "pecan chicken tender salad", sandwiches like "hot roast beef sandwich", and entrees like "harvest country fried steak". At Harvest Restaurant, you get to explore their daily specials, experience the six-course dinner tasting menu, savor prime rib dinners on Saturday nights, and indulge on buffet lunch during Sundays.

Oma Leen’s

Restaurant in Walnut Springs - 34.87 mi

Nostalgia plays an important part in how we experience food. At Oma Leen's, you can feel the deliberate effort of the owners/chefs to bring that old, Southern comfort vibe in the modern setting. And it is not just on choosing an old, rustic building or interior décor; more importantly, Oma Leen's offers its customers with a taste and flavor that harkens to genuine Southern-style cooking. It is neither pretentious nor overreaching. That is when you know they are cooking from the heart.

Slowpoke Farm Market

Restaurant in Cisco - 42.05 mi

The Slowpoke Farm Market is the response of the owners to their goal to "eat healthy."  they decided to leave the big city and settled down in the country while raising their own food.  They started out by joining farmers markets and now have their own store/restaurant.  Their products include grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, duck eggs, pork, seasonal produce, and baked goods.  They raise their cattle ethically. These animals as well as their produce are grown chemical-free!

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