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Denise’s DelightsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pflugerville - 0.00 mi

From the beautiful plant to the gorgeous fruit, to the wonderful confitures, Denise’s Delights crafts and sells Texas made, small-batch preserves, marmalades, and French macarons using local, homegrown, organic, and sustainably raised produce and product. Her treats are always 100% gluten-free and her preserves and marmalades are paleo-friendly and vegan-friendly without using any refined sugars. With a wide selection of variants that comes in different sizes, you all will surely find something that would be perfect to be given as a gift – but that is if you don’t finish the jars by yourself. Shop local and catch her in the nearby farmers market.

Beba’s Pfresh SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pflugerville - 1.05 mi

A new favorite! Beba's Pfresh Salsa is a 100% all natural "pfresh", delicious, homemade salsa made in the heart of Pflugerville Texas. She produces incredible red jalapeno-based salsa and other varieties that is truly delicious! You can use it for cooking or straight out of the jar. It started when Beba made salsa for her husband to take to work. His coworkers enjoyed it, and some coworkers liked it enough to ask if they would be able to purchase some for themselves. At the time, her salsas became increasingly popular. She began selling her salsa at the Farmers Market and soon attracted a following of repeat customers. By the end of 2014, Beba has expanded her salsa to 8 different markets and 3 small stores.

Nearby Coffee Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Pflugerville - 2.77 mi

For many people, drinking coffee gets their minds running. I don't doubt that. The business owners of Nearby Coffee Co. wouldn't have thought of the many different creative ways to sell and market coffee if their brain and imagination aren't caffeinated. Some would settle for a coffee shop, but Nearby Coffee Co. has all the bells. The roastery café is a must-try experience for any decent coffee-loving person. The coffee catering offers exciting options, from the coffee truck to a mobile coffee bar. And if you want to buy freshly-roasted coffee, pick it up at the store or order online. So convenient and so cool!

The Bearded Baking CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in ZZ No Location - 4.38 mi

Owned and operated by Wes Dills, The Bearded Baking Company offers a wide selection of cakes, pies, cookies, bars, and tarts. All their products are “delightful in every way” possible. His “ginger cake” is “beyond amazing. The frosting is light and airy yet has a punch. The local honey stands out but doesn’t overpower.” The “Pearl’s Depression Era coconut cake” is “awesome” too! It “smells scrumptious and tasted 10 times better.” His custom “Smith-Island cake harkens back to an earlier era” with “many thin layers and old-fashioned chocolate frosting.” The same goes for his “7-layer s’mores cake.” Wes really creates “something fun very much out of the ordinary.” On the other note, he also crafts “fantastic cookies.” The original, his flagship product, is a combination of dark and semisweet chocolate chips that turned into beast mode! And if you like bacons, the scout c4 is your perfect choice. “The scout tastes like breakfast with the hint of espresso and real bacon.” Wes is “definitely the best in the area” and it’s a must to try all his products!

Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery

Artisan Food Producer in Round Rock - 4.99 mi

Providing the best coffee house experience for the community, Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery is not just a specialty roaster, it's a personal movement and a way of life. They specialize in a Central/South American coffee house experience, stemming from “Puerto Rican roots with a small Aussie flair”. They are sourcing sustainable, fair trade, organic origin beans that are amazing to drink complemented by delicious appetizers and baked goods in a festive Latino ambiance. You are not just buying a great cup of coffee, you are getting an invigorating experience while making a difference by supporting our communities and the world. Their practices are 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable, based on circular economic practices. 25% of their profits go to local/international charities, with the aim to become 100% non-profit.

Texas Texas SalsasNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Round Rock - 5.33 mi

Texas Texas Salsas began in 1975 in San Saba, selling pecans and snack foods to townsfolk and hunters traveling to the hill country. Over time, they expanded their menu to include “Authentic Texas favorites” – family recipes passed down and perfected over generations. Their confidence in cooking was rewarded with big wins at cook-offs and festivals for everything “from chili to pinto beans and wild game to pecan pies.” With a few gold medals and first-place titles under their belts, they decided to branch out and started making salsa. Now, they are proud makers of such products as Texas-Texas Fresh Roma Roasted Salsa, Texas-Texas Restaurant Style Salsa, Lazy Smoke Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Premium Perfect Hot Salsa and their unique Peach Pecan Salsa.

512 Seasoning CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Round Rock - 5.89 mi

Are you tired of spending money on good quality meats, cooked to perfection, but ultimately lacked the flavor you were craving? After countless disappointing steaks and suffering from "Disgruntled Palate Syndrome”, 512 Seasoning has been researching and developing the best combination of spices to saturate every cut of beef since 2017. The “Salty Steer All Purpose Seasoning” differentiates itself from other seasonings with the Himalayan Pink Salt, the right balance of ingredients, and it's mouthwatering boldness. It was formulated in their home kitchen in Round Rock, Texas using high quality ingredients that are beneficial for us all and without monosodium glutamate (MSG). With the use of Himalayan Pink Salt, they were able to bring out a unique flavor combination as well the benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt.  

Tough MotherNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Round Rock - 5.91 mi

When it comes to defending your health, you need a secret weapon. An Austin, Texas-based holistic foods brand that produces organic, raw, and “pure health tonics and foods” in convenient form is Tough Mother. Tough Mother creates an arsenal of secret weapons which can be an everyday household staples for long-term health and kick-ass natural remedies. At Tough Mother, they develop and redevelop the recipes until the perfect mix is born. Their products are truly a labor of tough love—doing the grunt work for you because you shouldn't have to wait to feel better. Choose between Spicy or Sweet & Spicy Health Shots for your daily shot or try their easygoing Sipping Tonics in Lemonade, Honey crisp Apple or Blueberry Pomegranate!

Gourmet Texas Pasta

Artisan Food Producer in Round Rock - 6.07 mi

Are you looking for delicious, simple, and healthy pasta recipes for your family? Try the award-winning pasta from Gourmet Texas Pasta that fits the busy lifestyle of modern families. Gourmet Texas Pasta is a “local artisan pasta company” based in Round Rock that makes “handcrafted pasta” using only natural ingredients to make fully flavored whole-wheat pasta and gluten-free pasta that's so good! All of the varieties are made with real vegetables and herbs and they never use artificial colors or processed, tasteless powdered veggies. They source most of their vegetables from the “local farmers” in Texas. The fresh vegetables and herbs that they are using are blended with Non GMO 100% Durum Whole Wheat. You get 10 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber in every serving!

Leaning R SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 6.18 mi

Bringing a unique “southwest flavor” to your table, Leaning R Salsa originated in Austin, Texas which boasts a unique and rich flavor with a perfect combination of southwest vegetables, tropical fruit, and herbs and seasonings. They have a unique blends and variations of sweet and heat offer versatility across a wide range of menu choices. Their Salsa will perfectly go along with your favorite tortilla chips or Mexican meal, with cream cheese and crackers, or for a sweet yet spicy garnish over seafood. This will also be a hit for your party, game day or fine dining menu. It is also a great gift for your loved ones at holiday time, and any other time you have the desire to give!

Respect Your ElderberriesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Round Rock - 7.26 mi

Respect Your Elderberries is an artisan producer in Round Rock, Texas that specializes in Elderberry syrup. In fact, it's the Austin area's favorite source of elderberry products. The use of the highest quality ingredients remains the key to create a powerful and delicious elixir. The elderberry syrup is made with responsibly-sourced and organic ingredients which include elderberry juice, raw local honey, ginger, cloves, Ceylon cinnamon, rosehips, reverse osmosis water, and of course, lots of love and positive vibes. In addition to that, Lindsay, the owner, never ever hot pour the raw honey to preserve its medicinal properties. After all, elderberries are noted for its medicinal use.
Aside from the syrup, RYE also offers "elderBEARy gummies" that you and your "family" will "absolutely" love. "If anyone is having doubts about elderberry and its benefits, RYE products are the best place to start. You won't be disappointed!" Lyndsay "is extremely knowledgeable about elderberry benefits and has come up with her own formula." Clearly, she puts her "heart into this syrup." If you "take it on a regular basis," it will help y'all "stay healthy and sniffle-free!" The "immunity support" that it gives is beyond expectations. The "quality is top-notch" we must say. Definitely "highly recommended!"

Sesa Pure

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 7.73 mi

Beverages are important part of our well being. What we drink can and should be meaningful and enjoyable. Sesa Pure is a beverage boutique committed to “sourcing, crafting, and sharing” functional tea, coffee, and botanicals to cultivate balance and to create impactful beverage experiences. It began as a health conscious effort to share homemade tinctures and they continue to progressively blossom into a business that offers “direct trade products and artisanal crafted blends”. In addition to pure direct-trade teas and coffee, they custom blend, brew, and roast in-house and carry an array of ingredients such as organic small farm herbs, spices, and Japanese Matcha. Sesa Pure believes in building an holistic approach to beverages and offering ingredients and support to strengthen the craft of beverage and food preparation.

Kosmic Kombucha

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.03 mi

Kosmic Kombucha is brewed with a “blend of organic oolong and green teas.” It is lovingly brewed in the heart of Austin by Omar and Mina Rio. Their unique flavors are made with the freshest natural ingredients that add powerful nutrients needed for a healthy body. As Kosmic’s brew-mistress, Mina goes through meticulous testing procedures when developing new flavors with a variety of fresh, organic, and delicious ingredients. Flavors such as “Salty Dog, Groovy Green, and Purple Haze” have been a hit with Austinites. Through partnerships with some amazing local vendors, Mina and Omar and the dedicated team at Kosmic Kombucha are grateful to offer their booch throughout the Austin area.

Flavours Indian Food

Artisan Food Producer in Round Rock - 8.14 mi

Located in Cypress, Favours Indian Food offers an Authentic Indian Flavor to Texans. They serves all kind of Pre cooked Indian Food, Meals, breads, chutneys, Rice Biryani, Traditional Beverages, and more! They also have gluten-free and corn-free options. “Chana Masala” is a must try! It’s good by itself or with rice, pasta, or even on top of the eggs! All of the products they are selling has great taste because they are made from high quality ingredients and authentic style of cooking. They also sell at the Farmer’s Market so make sure you drop by and try an Authentic Indian food experience in Texas!

Wild Gift CoffeeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.24 mi

Wild Gift Coffee is an independently owned and operated small-batch coffee roasting company in the Austin, Texas area. It is 100% owned by Clancy Rose who has been roasting coffee professionally for seven years, while Rob Ovitt and Jenée Ovitt have been on the retail side of coffee for 11 years. In the spring of 2014, they joined forces to bring you the best coffees that you can find. Coffee is truly a wild gift! They take a lot of care and pride in the science of roasting for what they do. Do yourself a favor and grab a bag or three of Wild Gift Coffee and taste the difference of quality in their coffee for yourself.

Amy’s Ice Creams – Arboretum

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.71 mi

Amy's Ice Creams in Arboretum is just one of its 15 branches across Texas. It's located right along Research Boulevard in Austin. We must say, this particular branch is perfect for ice cream dates! The ambiance is cozy and there's like a romantic mini-park outside where you can enjoy your treats with your loved ones. The ice cream shop itself offers 350 flavors of “super-premium ice cream” in rotation. This includes their “world-famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream. But, if you're not in the mood for ice cream, they also offer sundaes, smoothies, and seasonal treats. And, if you're in search of a specialty cake, or perhaps, a scrumptious ice cream cake, you can just grab from their fridge and you're ready to go!

Tamale Addiction

Artisan Food Producer in Manor - 8.78 mi

Tamale Addiction was born from hard work and a passion for cooking. Led by husband-and-wife duo, took a few trips around the block trying to sell Mexican desserts and flautas before discovering their niche, “health conscious tamales” that is 100% organic. Since then, they turned the business into a large success. Tamale Addiction is famous for being fresh, organic, local, and delicious! Since their first set up at a farmer’s market in 2010, these Tamales have managed to collect a following of ”tamale addicts”. Each Tamale are handcrafted using the highest-quality ingredients out there. Think 100% organic masa and 0% gluten, lard, trans-fat oils, food additives, or preservatives. You’ve finally found an addiction you can feel good about it!

Floreli Foods

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 8.98 mi

Established in 2013, Floreli Foods is a local food manufacturing company in Austin that specializes in the production of sunflower seed hummus. Hummus has earned a deserved distinction as a delicious and healthy appetizer throughout the world. On the other hand, sunflower seeds are known to be a good source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, copper, and magnesium. With the combination of the two, hummus and sunflower seeds, together with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and spices arise an outstanding concoction of healthy and delightful appetizer that can be enjoyed as is, with bread or chips, or as a dip. Floreli’s sunflower seed hummus comes in six “delicious” flavors but their “red pepper and garlic” is a must-try and the “garlic and dill is amazing.” You can purchase their hummus at Austin farmers market, Natural Grocers, Wheatsville Food Co-Op, and Central Market.

Austin Kefir MicrobreweryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.05 mi

Do you want to drink champagne even before it gets dark but day drinking is really not your style? Austin Kefir Microbrewery has something for you - Mircalo. This is champagne, but this is non-alcoholic. Austin Kefir Microbrewery is currently producing this is a sparkling, non-alcoholic, fermented water kefir that comes in a 750 ml champagne bottle. Mircalo is probiotic and vegan. One bottle has less than 100 calories. Mircalo comes in three flavors - Dry, Rosé, and CBD Infused. This is what they have in store for you; sorry, but they are not selling sodas or tonics. And here is something to look forward to: right now, Austin Kefir Microbrewery is in the middle of research and development for a new hard water kefir cider.

Tickle Me SweetNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 9.35 mi

If there is one thing that could make sweet treats better, that is variety. Sure, we don't get tired of enjoying our desserts or sweet snacks, but we sure want a different kind each time. Tickle Me Sweet can help you with that. For days you are craving for a cupcake, Tickle Me Sweet offers not just the regular-sized cupcake but mini-cupcakes too! You can have pretzel rods the next day, and chocolate-covered Oreos after that. Tickle Me Sweet also makes cake balls, Rice Krispy treats, glampop cakepops, and gourmet popcorn. Or perhaps buy their Pineapple Coconut Macaroons to go with your tea, or enjoy a chocolate-covered apple.

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