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Farm to Table & Local Ingredients Restaurants near Rockdale, TX (2)


The Garden Spot Cafe’

Restaurant in Caldwell - 19.61 mi

Dubbed as Trip Advisor's #1 Restaurant in Caldwell, Texas for over a year, The Garden Spot Cafe' offers some exciting gourmet picks. This Caldwell fresh food joint is a great place to relax and enjoy dishes using farm fresh ingredients, organic lattes, and other food products sourced straight from the farm. They also offer catering services so you can bring the farm-to-table experience to your own home.

The Old Post Office

Restaurant in Caldwell - 20.17 mi

The Old Post Office is a restaurant and premier event venue in Downtown Caldwell, Texas. Their menu options here are always something to get excited about. It features several cuisines, including American and Southern food from omelets, toasts, and pancakes to chicken and waffles, burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Indeed, let's not forget their "delicious, locally grown beef" steak sourced from a nearby local ranch! And, if you're not in the mood for some American food, you can also try other cuisine specialties. Italian pizza, pasta, and bruschettas, among others. Or perhaps, you wanted to enjoy a bowl filled with Asian flavors: Red Curry Shrimp Thai, Bibimbap, and Orange Chicken are the ways to go! Furthermore, they also offer platters for the whole gang to enjoy while watching live bands! It's totally a place where not having fun is impossible! And speaking of live bands, they also host monthly live music events here, on top of their regular lineups. Indeed, it'll bring the ultimate experience for you to get close and personal with artists who are passionate about what they write. Bring on the best music in town! Furthermore, this place also guarantees convenience in a snap. It has roughly 8,500 square feet of venue space, a magnificent courtyard, and an accessible parking area. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and large events!

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