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1st City Cafe

Restaurant in Nacogdoches -

Located at The Fredonia Hotel, 1st City Cafe was conceived as a tribute to Nacogdoches - the oldest town of Texas. It is a family-owned and operated restaurant boasting an open mid-century "modern" design interior furnished with white tabletops, plush white leather chairs that extends all the way down the "spacious" dining area. 1st City Cafe takes great pride in using local, sustainable products, from herbs and vegetables sourced from neighboring farmers to seafood and meat from the gulf and local ranchers. The menu showcases "diverse" cuisine, from Southern comfort food to Asian, Mexican, and Cajun flavors.

830 Kitchen

Restaurant in Del Rio -

The 830 Kitchen is a great place for diners who enjoy Mexican comfort classics. Walking in, diners will be greeted with a casual atmosphere where they can enjoy each of their unique take on comfort food. Some of their must-trys are their carne asada fries, 830 Burger, or their carne asada tacos.


Restaurant in Fredericksburg -

August-es is "Gourmet Texas Cuisine meets Sushi with a fantastic Thai Menu on Tuesday and it all works so well". Also, "with 245 wines on hand, and a full bar, there is a pairing for anyone". This restaurant has a "very diverse menu and amazing atmosphere". It also has a "nice artsy space with high ceilings". "Couple all this with fantastic service in a modern but classic setting and you have fine dining Hill Country style". "From fine dining to great drinks and bar food". And, the "filet mignon burger and the fish & chips are amazing!" Also, try their "pork tenderloin, 20 oz Wagyu steak and 7oz steak with mushrooms, asparagus, and garlic mash potatoes" for a "great dining experience!" You can also "split the red white and blue salad and the quail entree, which" are also "delicious and well-prepared, and more than enough food" if you are celebrating an anniversary. They also have "a bottle of Cherry Pie Pinot Noir very reasonably priced at $45, and" is "excellent" too. You will have an "expensive but well worth it" experience here.

Barkeeps Eatery and Taps

Restaurant in Nacogdoches -

Barkeeps Eatery and Taps is a laid-back spot where you can enjoy great booze and quality food. Established in Nacogdoches, Texas, the owners have stocked up their bar menu that will make wines and spirits connoisseurs blush. Their food showcases East Texas-inspired flavors and is paired well with their craft cocktails.

Black Cur

Restaurant in Coleman -

BLACK CUR STEAK is a haven for those seeking simple, rustic steakhouse fare in a comfortable and inviting setting. The handcrafted tables, made with antique black walnut, add a touch of timeless elegance to the dining experience. The oak and mesquite grilled steak selections are a highlight, featuring perfectly cooked bistro steak served with super crisp frites and rich gorgonzola aioli. The restaurant is renowned for its diverse array of delightful dishes, including the world-famous RANCHO LOMA spicy grilled quail, tender poached branzino, and Laurie's pillowy ricotta gnocchi topped with a pork and veal bolognese. With an emphasis on quality and flavor, BLACK CUR STEAK promises a memorable dining experience that celebrates the art of culinary craftsmanship.

Boot Company Bar And Grill

Restaurant in Raymondville -

There's nothing like a bar and grill serving up some Texas favorites like the Boot Company Bar and Grill. Here, diners can expect a relaxing atmosphere where they can hang loose and enjoy their meals. Their menu does not have much variety but what they offer are some of the best burgers and rib-eye steaks in Raymondville.

Bridget’s Basket

Restaurant in Hunt -

Bridget's Basket Restaurant offers a spacious and beautiful interior and a dog-friendly outdoor patio. With fresh and made-from-scratch dishes, most of their ingredients come from their garden and vineyard. They serve traditional breakfast, hearty salads, wholesome sandwiches, and dinner entrees, including weekly rotating specials. Join them in Hunt, Texas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch!

Bryans On 290

Restaurant in Johnson City -

Bryans On 290 is one of the highest-rated restaurants in Johnson City Texas so, "it's definitely a place to try out if you happen to be in this little town". It is "recommended to order the bavette" and you will "not regret it!" The place has a "great atmosphere" but "very busy so call ahead if you are coming in with a group". They serve "excellent food" with "very reasonable prices". "Every bite" you take is "incredible with every dish seasoned and cooked just right". Even "the cream of asparagus soup" is "so flavorful and the steamed mussels had a smoky flavor, so good!" And, their "fried chicken thigh entree" is "juicy and so tender". Plus, "the citrus salmon" is "perfect". They have a "dessert" with "a spicy fig" while the "carrot cake" has "the most amazing whipped cream!" You "will be back, so worth a drive from anywhere".

Bryans on 290

Restaurant in Johnson City -

Bryans on 290 has everything that you need for a perfect night of wine and dinner. It has an excellent selection of food and wine, a quiet and relaxing ambiance, and an excellent service all-around that will leave you feeling pampered and supremely satisfied. There is no hiding the natural tastiness of the food cooked using fresh farm-to-table ingredients. Eating at Bryans on 290 is always an unforgettable experience - a great dining experience that has a very casual yet chic vibe to it. A real gem of a restaurant here in hill country!

Cabernet Grill

Restaurant in Fredericksburg -

At Cabernet Grill in Texas Hill Country, you can enjoy exquisitely-prepared food and an unparalleled dining experience. This family-owned restaurant offers certified Angus beef steaks, savory entrees, and an extensive wine list. Make sure to save room for their triple chocolate mousse cake!

Caro’s Mexican Restaurant

Restaurant in Rio Grande City -

Caro’s Mexican Restaurant, which is located in Rio Grande City, Texas, is a restaurant that serves Mexican food. There are many choices available to customers who come here to eat. For appetizers, they have Toastados Platter, Puffed Toastados Platter, Chips & Salsa, Panchos Pulled Tostados, and Mixed Tostados. They offer three choices of salad - Chicken Fajita, Tossed Salad, and Guacamole Salad. The choices of sides include tacos, charro beans, enchiladas, tortillas or tostados, chalupas, and small salsa. There are five choices for Caro's Specials. Other choices for house specialties include a Chef Special, Cheese Enchiladas, Mexican Plate, Carne Guisada Plate, Envueltos, Beef Enchiladas, Chalupas, Deluxe Chalupa Dinner, and more. Whatever Mexican food you are craving - from enchiladas to tampiquena, entomatada to fajitas to botanas - they have it here. They also offer Chicken & Rice Dinner, Shrimp Plate, Shrimp Cocktail, Fish Plate, and steak.

Cockrell Vineyards

Restaurant in Comanche -

Born from the dream of establishing a Vineyard that produces high-quality wines, owners Craig and Tammy have established Cockrell Vineyards as a premiere wine destination in Comanche, Texas. Established back in 2014, they have molded their property into a destination vineyard that offers a family-friendly space where people can gather to sample one of the best wines the Lone Star State has to offer. If you ever get to visit, ask for their 2014 Texas Tannat. This vintage is sourced from grapes grown in the High Plains of Texas. With an interesting flavor profile, its complex tannins lean toward peppery notes on the palate.

Coffee Wizards

Restaurant in Post -

Boasting a catalog of meticulously crafted coffee concoctions, Coffee Wizards promises that each sip is a spellbinding experience for the senses. From velvety lattes to rich espresso shots, every cup is expertly brewed using ethically sourced beans and innovative brewing techniques. The whimsical decor and cozy ambiance transport you to a realm of warmth and comfort, while the knowledgeable baristas, true coffee wizards themselves, are always ready to guide you through the menu and conjure up the perfect brew tailored to your taste.

CPL. Ray’s Coffeehouse

Restaurant in Andrews -

CPL. Ray's Coffeehouse was established to honor the memory of Cpl. Ray. You'll find that their menu has an adequate variety of coffee and non-coffee drinks as well as snacks that will fill you up. Check out their frozen specials if you're up for a bit of a surprise because they regularly change them. But do try the Frozen Ray Ray's Mocha, it's better than a lot of other chain coffee shops out there.

East Texas Burger

Restaurant in Mineola -

For over a century, East Texas Burger Company has upheld cherished culinary traditions. We use conventional methods to serve local, farm-raised beef and craft everything in-house, from desserts to hand-cut French fries. Our menu boasts a wide range of flavorful burgers, including the bacon pimento cheeseburger, Philly cheese steak burger, and fried green tomato vegetarian burger. In addition to burgers, enjoy morning options like chicken & waffles, starters like hot biscuits, freshly-baked pastries, and hearty plates like chicken fried steak. Experience timeless flavors at East Texas Burger Company.


Restaurant in Hico -

"Eis pronouced (ICE) is a cute little sandwich shop". This place "is the downstairs shop to a 3 room hotel upstairs". "Eis is lively and offers great artisan sandwiches and ice cream". It is "a good break for a nice, quick sandwich or evening dessert". It is also a "great little local sandwich shop". Try "their vanilla cake with whipped chocolate frosting" which is "delicious and huge". They also have "the turkey melt on wheat". Also, "the smoked ribeye sandwich alone is worth the drive from Mt. Pleasant". This is a "great locally owned business with an emphasis on personal touch and quality" because "the people are friendly and quite helpful". Finally, "this shop has really great ice cream, and if you get a scoop in your coffee it's amazing".

El Rincon De Los Angeles

Restaurant in Zapata -

El Rincon De Los Angeles offers a casual dining experience with both American and Mexican fare. Expect classics like fajitas, tacos, Angel roll-ups, and shrimp quesadillas. Walking in, you'll find that this Zapata food joint has a welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy your food with family and friends. This coupled with excellent service makes this local Zapata restaurant a must-visit.

Elm Creek Manor

Restaurant in Muenster -

Elm Creek Manor celebrates Texas farms and ranches with a true farm-to-table dining experience. Their season-driven menu highlights organic ingredients, including daily harvests from their garden and on-site dairy goats, fish, rabbits, beef, chickens, and fresh-laid eggs. Everything is made in-house, from artisan cheeses to freshly-baked pastries. Enjoy a full-course gourmet or casual dinner with flavorful entrees like southern slow-roasted pinot noir savory brisket and free-range, lemon-herb rotisserie chicken. Located in Muenster, Texas.

Emma + Ollie

Restaurant in Fredericksburg -

Emma + Ollie is a farm-to-table restaurant serving "old-fashioned", "familiar" comfort foods - the kind of foods you see in your grandmother's kitchen. It offers an ever-changing menu showcasing seasonal ingredients that are at the peak of its freshness, featuring breakfast food like "pecan crusted french toast bread pudding", starters like "tomato toast", salads like "salmon cobb salad", sandwiches like "pulled pork with jicama slaw", and burgers like "pimento". This restaurant also features a bakeshop where you can find the classics you grew up loving, such as housemade cakes and cookies. Emma + Ollie believes in making as much as possible in-house, that way, you can eat assured that your food is sourced responsibly and prepared thoughtfully.

Farm Haus Bistro

Restaurant in Fredericksburg -

Nestled in a historic rock house dating back to the late 1980s, Farm Haus Bistro offers fresh, delightful dining in a serene garden setting. Our spacious, elegant dining area features high ceilings, exquisite chandeliers, and panoramic windows overlooking the garden for breathtaking views of nature. Visit the Bistro Bar, with a unique fireplace and comfortable seating. Enjoy our ever-changing menu with classic breakfast dishes, small plates, flatbreads, entrees like filet mignon, and delectable desserts. Experience Farm Haus Bistro's unique charm in Fredericksburg, Texas.

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