Despite fall starting to creep up, August is still a great time to enjoy seasonal fruits in Texas. Despite the changes in food production because of the season, there are some fruits that you can expect like peaches, watermelons, and tomatoes. These pantry mainstays are great all-around when you’re putting together recipe sets for this fall.

Peaches are great when eaten as it is or made into preserves. Packed with vitamins and nutrients that provide protection from oral and lung cancers, the peach is a good go-to for anybody looking to balance out their diet. Watermelons are also in season and can usually be found on different farms in the Lone Star State. And because of their abundance, one should always have one in your kitchen. They have good amounts of lycopene that reduces the risk of developing cancers in the body as well as lowering the chance of heart disease. Tomatoes are also widely available this time of the year. This sauce and salad staple is one of the main ingredients of most of my favorite dishes. Each tomato offers good amounts of Vitamin C to boost the immune system and potassium for blood pressure control.

Ensuring a good fruit intake is part of putting together a balanced diet and, despite the change in season, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite fruit snack. Lots of farmers or farm markets in Texas are offering organic fruits that are guaranteed to be both healthy and safe.


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