Despite it being August, there’s still enough time before fall creeps in and all the farmers start to transition their crops. If you’re worried about going in a mad rush to the market, don’t fret. There’s still a bunch of fresh produce available like raspberries, avocados, and cherries. You’ll find them at your local farmer's markets and be sure to grab some on your next pantry run because these fruits are packed with essential nutrients - enough for them to be considered superfoods.

Raspberries are high in Vitamin C, Manganese, and Vitamin K which help boost your immune system. This superfood also improves both the growth of bones and connective tissue. Another favorite that is in season for August is Avocados. Your average guac on toast is loaded with nutrients numbering up to 20 vitamins and minerals while also the fat in this fruit is monounsaturated fat - making for healthier fat intake when taken in moderate amounts. Cherry pies and preserves are also what you can expect in abundance for this month. This superfood is packed with nutrients that aid in fighting inflammation, improves sleep patterns, and is an all-around mood booster - perfect for those hectic August Mondays.

With these vegetables and fruits available, you’re bound to put together a good food prep regimen for any busy week. And, since we’re in Texas, you’re bound to find a great farmer’s market that sells locally-sourced produce that is organically grown and free from any harmful chemicals.

Seasonal Guides for August


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