Fruits are one of the more important fresh food products to get hold of during this season. Although limited in choices, you can still expect a good supply of apples, and citrus fruits in farmers’ markets throughout the state. On your next market run, it’s important to add these to your list to keep a balanced diet.

Apples are versatile ingredients in different pastries and sauces. It’s great to integrate this fruit into your meal prep for this month because they are rich in antioxidants that help fight asthma. Citrus fruits like grapefruits are great to help you build up your immune system with their high naturally occurring vitamin C. This is why despite the holidays, every Texan is blessed with having access to locally sourced fruits for a more balanced diet.

On your next market run, be sure to stock up on any available fresh fruit you can get at your local farmers’ market. Integrating these fruits into your diet is beneficial to keep healthy throughout these colder months to prepare for those start-of-the-year changes in your diet regimen.