December is that time of the year when there are probably tons of potluck opportunities and it’s good to know that there are plenty of seasonal fresh vegetables available at your local farmers’ markets here in Texas. Fresh food items like kale, swiss chard, and green beans are what you can expect to find on your next market run. Because of this, it’s important to prioritize vegetables whenever you can to balance out all that holiday eating sprees.

Swiss chard that goes great in dips, or sauteed mixed vegetables are a great source of vitamin A to support organ health. Green beans are a rich source of folate that promotes a healthy pregnancy. While the superfood kale has high levels of potassium that help maintain normal blood pressure and muscle health.

Vegetables are an important part of your diet and are great this time of the year for Texans. This is because, despite the drop in temperatures, the Lone Star State and its producers are still able to provide good amounts of produce - offering a healthy option for people looking to balance out all that binge eating for the season.