Review of Ridgeback Ranch by TexasRealFood

Kim Fuller, the manager, and owner of the Ridgeback Ranch started raising beef twelve years ago. To get access to chemical-free meat, she eventually started the Ranch. She initially started with a small herd of eight Longhorn breeds. Today, the farm has approximately 30 heads of Longhorn and other premium beef breeds. The farm continuously advocates for a reduced environmental impact in its operation while producing the best of the best. While they try to minimize on that spectrum, they also work hard on maximizing what they harvest from the animal. If you are interested in soup bones, organs, tail, and fat, they sure have it for you. The farm products are accessible for the residents of Midlothian, Waxahachie, and Red Oak.

Farming Methods, Practices & Certifications

Grass Fed / Pastured Grass Fed / Pastured
Naturally Grown Naturally Grown

Locally Grown and Raised Farm Products by Ridgeback Ranch