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Local Family Farms & Ranches near Waxahachie, TX (35)


Ridgeback RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Waxahachie - 0.00 mi

Kim Fuller, the manager, and owner of the Ridgeback Ranch started raising beef twelve years ago. To get access to chemical-free meat, she eventually started the Ranch. She initially started with a small herd of eight Longhorn breeds. Today, the farm has approximately 30 heads of Longhorn and other premium beef breeds. The farm continuously advocates for a reduced environmental impact in its operation while producing the best of the best. While they try to minimize on that spectrum, they also work hard on maximizing what they harvest from the animal. If you are interested in soup bones, organs, tail, and fat, they sure have it for you. The farm products are accessible for the residents of Midlothian, Waxahachie, and Red Oak.


The Yellow Farmhouse

Farm & Ranch in Waxahachie - 3.23 mi

The Yellow Farmhouse is family owned and operated and has been in the business for about 25 years. Some of the products they offer the community are beef, pork, wheat, corn, and grain sorghum, which they grew, harvested and raised at their North Central Texas Farm. The pigs and steers that they raised are sent to a USDA inspected facility to be processed and its choice meat cuts packed in vacuum-sealed packages. The Yellow Farmhouse products can be availed through personal orders or at their booth at the Downtown Waxahachie Farmers market.

(214) 236-3802

Hillbilly Nutrition

Farm & Ranch in Waxahachie - 4.33 mi

Hillbilly Nutrition is a pasture to plate farm, raising heritage breed Red Wattle pork and pastured eggs in Waxahachie, Texas. They are also a source for grass-fed, grass-finished Beef from their sister farm in Freestone County, Texas. Humanely raised, their animals are always free from hormones, antibiotics, & vaccines. Their pastures are free from GMO's, pesticides or herbicides.
Founded in 2012 by a couple of local foodies who became impassioned by the food industry and what it had become. They knew there was more to health and wellness and so they redefined what they wanted food to be and decided to share it with everyone. Today, with a Nutrition certification or two under their belts and a growing passion for sourcing local, farm fresh food, they grabbed our their little piece of Texas paradise so they could raise more nutrient dense, land focused meats with lots of grass and sunshine."From our farm to your table, we hope that you appreciate knowing where your food comes from as much as we enjoy raising it for you."

(214) 325-7620

Larken Farms Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Waxahachie - 5.84 mi

Ken and Laura Jo Halverson founded the Larken Farms Orchard in 2000. It started as a hobby for the couple. Eventually, it became a full-time orchard.With over thirty varieties of Santa Rosa plums, Texas peaches, California peaches, Hosul Asian pears, the farm has over ten thousand trees in the orchard. They also have a few hundred blackberries bushes on the farm. They also grow broccoli, cauliflower, peaches, potatoes, onion, cabbage, plums, yellow squash, and zucchini.While they are not certified organic, they stick to organic practices in growing their fruits and vegetables.Check their website to find out more information about what's in season!

(972) 938-7150

Bo-Tex Dairy

Farm & Ranch in Waxahachie - 6.14 mi

Bo-Tex Dairy has the best Grade A Raw milk in the Waxahachie area. The milk they sell produced by free-range cows is antibiotic-free as well as hormone-free. If you want variety and you don't want to drink the same kind of milk every day, Bo-Tex Dairy has three different flavors of milk - there is chocolate-flavored milk as well as strawberry-flavored milk in stock. This is good especially for kids. The variety will help get them excited to drink milk every day. Follow them on social media to get updated on prices for bulk orders and other promo and important announcements.

(972) 743-7490

Scasta Farm

Farm & Ranch in Waxahachie - 6.94 mi

In 2862 Old Boyce Rd, Waxahachie, you can find Scasta Farm. The farm is "offering eggs, beef, and pork" off the hoof. The farm also provides "select seasonal produce, which they grow using organic practices". Moreover, their "fresh farm eggs are free-range. They supplement the chickens with non-GMO Texas natural feed". Besides, prices vary, so send them a message to order or contact them for more information. Some of the happy customers said, "The owner is super friendly and took the time to chat with me. The eggs are beautiful and fresh." and "We love our Scasta Farm family! Yummiest eggs around!"

(972) 743-3076

Rusty Mill Farm

Farm & Ranch in Waxahachie - 7.10 mi

Owned by Jerry Pritchett, this farm offers free-range chickens and sell eggs. He grinds his own chicken feed with a special recipe that was developed over the years so the chickens eat the best feed possible. He also has a large garden to grow vegetables using organic methods. Vegetables are for sale in season and what is currently available is posted on his Facebook page. There are also Boer goats and Barbados Blackbelly sheep (polled). Any sheep or goats for sale are usually posted on his social media page. Also, farm tours are available by appointment and are free of charge. Shoe covers are available and required if you have recently been in contact with your own or another farm.

(214) 980-3137

Hidden Honey Farm

Farm & Ranch in Waxahachie - 7.94 mi

Tim and Dixie Norwood manage and own the Hidden Honey Farm. The couple bought the 10-acre land in 2010. Since they, they have helped many people get rid of unwanted bees in places while re-homing the beehives to their beautiful farm.Currently, they have over 54 beehives on the farm that gives them the best honey in the world.Aside from being busy growing their bee apiary, they are also growing heirloom tomatoes, melons, squash, peppers, strawberries, and more. They also sell chicken and duck eggs.When they got time to make some homemade specials, they sell apple butter, peach ice cream, and pumpkin ice cream."Thank you for the amazing strawberries, fresh eggs, apple spread, and fantastic honey!"

(817) 296-7003

Pampered Heifers Farm

Farm & Ranch in Maypearl - 9.11 mi

Pampered Heifers Farm made it a responsibility to advocate the drinking of fresh, raw milk on the account of its many health benefits. Not everyone stumbles upon this kind of knowledge in the course of their regular, normal life. Mostly, this is something that dairy farmers learn as part of raising cattle and milking cows. So Pampered Heifers Farm is making the effort to spread the word. Pampered Heifers Farm is using their social media not just to sell the grade A raw milk they produce, but more importantly, to educate the people. They'd love to tell you more about it in person, just come by for a visit. Everyone is welcome at Pampered Heifers Farm.

(469) 297-8133

JM2 Ag and Cattle

Farm & Ranch in Venus - 10.28 mi

JM2 Ag and Cattle is a family-owned organization offering affordable beef with no added hormones, antibiotics, or other stimulants. It all started as a retirement hobby before becoming fully operational. All cattle are born, raised and process in the DFW area. Dry-aged for 14 days for tenderness enhancement. Completely processed at a local USDA-inspected facility. Vacuum sealed and flash frozen before delivery. They also have horse quality Coastal Bermuda hay products, fertilized with Nitrogen and Phosphorous. They also have Artisan Wood Products handcrafted from woods found on the farm. These are all food safe but NOT dishwasher safe. There is also an available complete artificial insemination for all cattle.

(817) 819-0966

Pastured Steps Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Midlothian - 10.79 mi

Dan Walter founded the Pastured Steps Family Farm on the 1st of January 2019. The small family farm is approximately thirty-five minutes south of Fort Worth and Dallas.They focus on regenerative farming practices that allow natural soil improvement and enhanced biodiversity. Ultimately, their goal is to boost animal health and habitat.Furthermore, they raise Belted Galloway that takes free-choice minerals and salt as a supplement. On the other hand, all od their poultry products are Non-GMO Project Verified. Moreover, they are all tested negative of any harsh chemicals like herbicides.All of their products are clean from any industrial substances.

(469) 612-3531

Cottonwood Creek Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Freer - 12.39 mi

Their senior herd sire,  Blackjack's Bandit, (JP Rio Grande, Cowboy Chex, ZD Kelly, Rio Cane) a fantastic newcomer, is currently breeding a herd of great cows and premium heifers. The ranch's breeding program produces top-of-the-breed quality, color, character, and horn. They are also utilizing artificial insemination and the natural service of such bulls as Hunt's Command Respect, Top Caliber, Gunman, JP Rio Grande, and other top names in the breed. Cottonwood Creek Ranch raise and sell lean Grass-Fed Texas Longhorn Beef. You can directly order from them and save up to 30%. Also, inquire about the free home delivery. Visit their website to see the herd that they have.

(214) 893-1770

Savvy Organics Farm

Farm & Ranch in Red Oak - 12.61 mi

In 155 Tom Driver Road, Red Oak, Texas, you'll find Savvy Organics Farm that sells organic produce, honey, and farm-fresh pasture-raised eggs. Moreover, it started last October 15, 2018. It endeavors organic gardening, heirloom vegetables, permaculture, small-scale farming, and advocating healthy foods and natural products. Also, they are finding the best ways to deliver their products to their family, friends, local chefs, and others whether through a green stand, pick your own, farmers' markets, online store, or combination of two. Contact David Selman, and he can give you a tour. Happy customers said, "I love visiting and learning so much about methods used and products helpful for home gardening. Great vegetables and eggs!" and "Great tasting and safe to eat! Best eggs ever!"

(469) 644-8821

Honey’s Acres Farm

Farm & Ranch in Cedar Hill - 13.13 mi

Carolyn White, along with her husband Marsden, manages and owns the Honey Acres Farm. The urban farm is 17 miles south of downtown Texas.The couple is knowledgeable about all the ethical methods in handling animals well.They sell different beef products; from ground, rib-eye, round, sirloin, tenderloin, skirt, to strip steak. Reviews on Facebook generally applaud the couple for being pleasant and for producing the best testing beef ever."I was genuinely happy with the premium-quality beef. It is the best ground beef I've ever had. You will never want store-bought meat again."The farm also sells cured pork belly, sausages, pasture-raised chicken and eggs, and wheat flour. "Amazing couple! Great Food and the eggs. I can't say enough about the EGGS!"Stop by their farm and grab some grass-fed beef products, honey, and eggs! Don't forget to say hello to the friendly goat!

(972) 741-8791

Ten Mile Farm

Farm & Ranch in Lancaster - 14.00 mi

Ten Mile Farm is a small, family-owned farm located just outside the city limits of Lancaster, Texas. Producing "breed Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Silver-Laced Wyandottes, and Easter Eggers". They also breed "Nigerian Dwarf goats" and offer kids for adoption into good homes every year. This goat generally has a charming disposition, are much smaller than standard breeds, and thus make excellent pets. They also "produce delicious and healthy milk". It can be drunk raw and "use it to make unbelievably good homemade ice cream". For their chickens, they allow them to range freely. They feed them with premium, all-natural feed. Researchers say that this healthy diet helps "produce eggs that are lower in cholesterol".


Eat the YardNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Desoto - 14.05 mi

Stephen Smith and James Jeffery are the people behind Eat the Yard. They founded the farm in 2011.The two veterans follow a closed-loop system that makes their farming practices bring more benefits than harm. To start with, they use a biodiesel tractor. On the other hand, they sell and deliver their produce to local restaurants. While they do, they also get the restaurant's organic waste and turn them into compost. The compost then becomes fertilizer for future plants they grow.The duo also offers guidance and consultations for other veterans and farm-enthusiasts. They also allow others to rent out their tractor.

(214) 675-4304

Happy Trails Farm

Farm & Ranch in Italy - 14.18 mi

The owners of the Happy Trails Farm love farming and fermenting. They try to teach kids how to grow and cook plants and veggies through their 'Seed-to-Plate Summer Cooking Class.'They cater kids aged nine to fifteen years old. Their lessons include soaking, fermenting, and sprouting. This brilliant plan is a great way to keep the farm active while the farm soils are still regenerating nutrients.They have sold different varieties of peppers in the past like bell peppers, poblano peppers, and banana peppers. Also, they are open to holding field trips for groups of students.They also love pickling vegetables and making salsa and sourdough bread.Once they are back, you should find them at White Rock Market located in East Dallas.

(214) 701-0314

Urban Dallas Farm and Rabbitry

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 16.69 mi

Urban Dallas Farm and Rabbitry is an urban farm/community garden in Dallas that practices vermiculture. Aside from rabbits (as stated in their name) they also raise chickens, ducks, quails, and a variety of vegetables! If you're in the big city and you want to try your hand at growing your own veggies (with a little bit of help of course) then reach out to them and reserve a garden plot today! They also plan to hold classes on how to start your own garden so check out their social media page today!

Earth Healthy

Farm & Ranch in Desoto - 16.79 mi

Earth Healthy is a family farm in Desoto, Texas that promotes urban farming and gardening. Ensuring access to fresh and healthy food in a sustainable environment. They have a multi-greenhouse complex, committed to the concept of growing organically close to home. They also grow their own soil through a composting and vermiculture process. The owners believe in Will Allen's Growing Power concept. This concept makes them a part of ''the Good Food Revolution that changes how we grow, distributes and eats food so that the process is healthier for the people and the planet". Their two-acre farm consists of 4 hoop houses with one aquaculture system.

(469) 576-0987

Berkshire Farms Dallas

Farm & Ranch in Wilmer - 18.05 mi

The best source of all your pork cravings, Berkshire Farms Dallas produces the best Bratwurst, bacon, boudin, and breakfast sausage.They also offer different cuts of pork and a whole hog if you need it for a party.The farm provides their Berkshire hogs a huge area to freely graze, eat grass, and drink fresh water. They believe that building a perfect atmosphere for the hogs allows them to develop supreme taste and quality.What's more exciting their 'secret marinate' before creating different gourmet pork goodies. Their products are so good that no one product becomes a crowd favorite. Everybody just loves every item they sell!To order, check them out on Groupon.

(214) 469-6148