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Mako’s On The Creek

Restaurant in Cibolo - 4.08 mi

Mako's On The Creek is where eating, entertainment, and relaxation come together. If you are eating or drinking inside, the warm feeling of the restaurant's interior will completely put you at ease. Once the food hits your mouth, that's when you know you've made the right decision to treat yourself here. It gets better. Head over to the patio and enjoy listening to live music or watch a classic movie, if the weather permits. Order a beer or cocktail from the bar. You are all set for a relaxing end to your day.

1(830) 730-5630


Restaurant in Cibolo - 4.74 mi

Kindling sits in a 107-year-old home in the heart of Downtown Cibolo, and is considered is a regional heritage Texas restaurant. It takes great pride in its "wood-fired" cooking and incorporating seasonal ingredients from local farms and ranches, as well as seafood from none other than the Gulf Coast. It offers a menu that the founders described as "heritage Texas cooking", featuring traditional appetizers "house chips" and "crispy pickles", entrees "Angus beef ribeye" and "heritage pork chop", along with sides "charred broccoli" and "corn in a cup", and a selection of sweet treats including "peach cobbler" and "apple pie".

(210) 957-0158

18 Oaks

Restaurant in San Antonio - 8.00 mi

Located at JW Marriott, 18 Oaks is an upscale, fine dining steakhouse savory steaks, brunch buffet, and more. It incorporates local, organic ingredients sourced from ranches and farms just a few miles away from the restaurant. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with Sunday brunch buffet, the menu features traditional breakfast fare like "blueberry pancakes", starters like "chips and salsa", sandwiches like "smoked turkey BLT", and entrees like "chicken pot pie". The highlight of the menu is the selection of steaks, ranging from "filet mignon" and "t-bone" to "ribeye" and "NY strip". They also offer a separate gluten-free and an extensive dessert menu.

(210) 491-5825

Dashi Sichuan Kitchen + Bar

Restaurant in San Antonio - 8.38 mi

Dashi Sichuan Kitchen + Bar fuses centuries of tradition from Sichuanese cuisine with flavors from Texas. This marriage of culinary cultures has proven to be a masterwork of gastronomic artistry. The hearty Mama Chen's tofu is a herby and hearty tofu dish that is both available in beef and vegetarian options.

(210) 562-3343

First Watch

Restaurant in San Antonio - 10.18 mi

First Watch specializes in both traditional and "innovative creations" all freshly prepared to order. This restaurant starts each morning at the crack of dawn, slicing fresh fruits and vegetables, baking muffins and whipping up French toast batter from scratch. You can eat assured that your food is prepared upon ordering and freshness is never compromised. Serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch, the menu features classic breakfast fare like "mixed berry toast", omelets like "chile chorizo", power bowls like "pesto chicken quinoa bowl", salads like "sweet honey pecan salad", and sandwiches like "baja turkey burger". They also have a juice bar, which offers a selection of all-natural juices such as "kale tonic fresh juice" and "morning meditation fresh juice".

(941) 907-9800

Farm to Juice

Restaurant in San Antonio - 10.42 mi

Farm to Juice makes fresh-pressed raw juice made with fruits and vegetables, healthy cleansing shots, and food that are good for you and tastes good. It takes great pride in the way it produces juices using the highest quality juicer and industrial cold press. Farm to Juice guarantees to only serve 100% raw juice without water, sugar, and preservatives. On top of juices, they also make smoothies like "nuttin' butter" and acai bowls such as "the BWB", which is made with banana, cinnamon, granola, honey, and strawberries. The fun part is that you can even make your own smoothie and acai bowl with your choice of ingredients.

(210) 332-5853

The Hoppy Monk

Restaurant in San Antonio - 10.64 mi

The Hoppy Monk strives to provide an expansive selection of craft beers, uniquely-crafted cocktails, and locally-sourced food. It is also committed to being a "welcoming" and "friendly" gathering place for the community. Being an "eco-friendly" restaurant, The Hoppy Monk is powered completely by wind and sun. Their menu consists of traditional brunch fare like "chicken & waffles", starters like "cauliflower wings", entree staples such as "mussels & shrimp cioppino", and desserts like "house ice cream". A variety of vegan and vegetarian offerings can also be found on the menu. They also offer an extensive drink menu, featuring draught & bottled beers, spirits, cocktails, and wines. Happy hour runs "all-day" on Mondays!Nothing could be more perfect than chicken and waffles and The Hoppy Monk serves some of the best! Read more about them and others in Kim's 8 Places for the freshest chicken and waffles in Houston.In the mood for some out of this world tacos? Check out The Hoppy Monk and others as they were featured in Kim's 7 Farm-to-table tacos in San Antonio.

(210) 545-3330

Meadow Neighborhood Eatery and Bar

Restaurant in San Antonio - 11.82 mi

Meadow Neighborhood Eatery and Bar is a family-owned restaurant that has been in close partnership with local farmers and ranchers. It offers a menu that showcases the "beautiful" products our local farmers and ranchers grow and continuously changes and evolves through the seasons, featuring snacks like "creamed corn fritters", greens like "baby lettuce salad", shareable plates like "seared scallops", and entrees like "grilled pork loin". Boasting a "fun", "comfortable" dining area along with a "gorgeous" outdoor patio, this restaurant makes a great place for happy hour, which runs from 5pm to 7pm, Tuesday - Friday.Meadow Neighborhood Eatery and Bar still delivers fresh food during trying times! This is the reason why they’ve been featured as one of 10 fresh food deliveries in San Antonio amidst stay-at-home order.

(210) 481-4214

Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Vineyard

Restaurant in San Antonio - 12.69 mi

Hopdoddy Burger Bar - Vineyard is one of the 22 locations of this famous burger bar in Texas! Best known for their handcrafted burgers on freshly baked buns, their small batch burgers are definitely worth the wait. Everything is made in-house in their own bakery and butchery so you're assured that everything is fresh and is not frozen! Aside from their burgers, they also have kids' meals, salads, and of course, locally crafted beer and some wild drink combinations! ]

(210) 728-3800

Snooze (San Antonio)

Restaurant in San Antonio - 12.73 mi

Snooze aims to evolve the A.M. dining experience through culinary innovation, an eclectic atmosphere, and friendly service. They serve breakfast and lunch daily, offering America's favorite breakfast classics with "a creative twist" such as "blueberry danish pancake", "potato hash with bacon and pulled pork", and "eggs benedict". If you're up to new flavors, you can ask your server about the "pancake of the day" or you can get the "pancake flight" to enjoy the best of both worlds. They also serve a selection of coffees, teas, juices, and morning cocktails such as "mimosas" and "margarita".Snooze still delivers fresh food during trying times! This is the reason why they’ve been featured as one of 10 fresh food deliveries in San Antonio amidst stay-at-home order.

(210) 937-1063

Press Coffee

Restaurant in San Antonio - 12.93 mi

"PRESS Coffee is certainly a hidden gem off Broadway". Their "space, while quite small, is extremely gorgeous and the ambiance is fantastic". Although, "the prices are a wee bit high compared to some other coffee spots, but the coffee is tasty nevertheless". "They offer your classic coffees (espressos, lattes) teas and hot chocolate along with bakery goods". Try their "almond croissant with" a "delicious hazelnut latte". "The croissant" is "flaky perfection with just a hint of sweetness". Or, try "Caramel Mocha with Almond Milk" which "tastes like a toasted marshmallow in a cup!" A "comfy coffee shop to relax with friends, read or get some work done" with a "great customer service and atmosphere. Not very loud at all; many appear comfortable studying/working. It's also pet-friendly!" Also, "the space can get crowded quite easily but that adds to the appeal". Press Coffee is "a definite must see for coffee lovers!"

(210) 602-6590

Huisache Grill

Restaurant in New Braunfels - 13.24 mi

Huisache Grill and Wine Bar highlights the cultural and culinary influences of Texas Hill Country for a fresh, new dining experience. Housed in a historic building that was originally built in the 1920's, Huisache aims to establish a "creative" and "comfortable" space where folks can enjoy modern Southern cuisine made with locally-sourced ingredients. The menu features appetizers like "bacon-wrapped chicken poblano skewers", greens like "spinach salad", sandwiches like "grilled portobello mushroom", entrees like "pecan dusted pork tenderloin medallions", and desserts like "southern pecan pie cheesecake". Aside from an "impeccable" food menu, Huisache is well-known for having an extensive wine collection including wines from around the world.

(830) 620-9001

WD Deli

Restaurant in San Antonio - 13.50 mi

WD Deli promises "great fresh food at reasonable prices served in a fun and funky atmosphere." This business started in 1990, and with more than three decades of experience, it is reasonable to assume that one of the reasons for staying in the business is fulfilling the promise to the customers. To provide delicious, fresh food, and to make sure customers get generous portions of soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts all made from scratch. WD Deli is located in San Antonio, Texas, and they're open from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM Mondays to Saturdays.

(210) 828-2322

Clementine San Antonio

Restaurant in San Antonio - 13.67 mi

Clementine is a family-owned neighborhood restaurant that boasts a spacious dining area with huge tables that seats up to 12 guests, an open kitchen for folks who would love to witness masterpiece creations in progress, and a dedicated team with a goal to consistently create memorable experiences. Serving lunch and dinner, they offer an ever-changing menu largely driven by fresh, seasonal ingredients. The menu features appetizing starters like "hush puppies", shareable plates like "east coast oysters", organic salads like "white mushroom salad", savory entrees like "spanish mackarel", and succulent desserts like "blueberry almond tart". They also feature an extensive wine list along with a selection of beer on tap.

(210) 503-5121

Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden

Restaurant in San Antonio - 14.54 mi

Situated in the heart of the Pearl District, Boiler House Grill & Wine Garden sits next door to the Culinary Institute of America. This farm-to-table restaurant offers classic Texas Hill Country fare with a "contemporary" approach. It features a chef-driven menu showcases an extensive selection of "artfully prepared" gourmet dishes, including brunch fare like "bourbon & apples pancake", snacks like "Texas whiskey bacon caramel kettle corn", starters like "quail poppers", greens like "baby spinach", sandwiches like "prime rib philly", entrees like "seared diver scallops", and steaks like "filet mignon". The drink menu features over a carefully curated wine list with over 120 options, more than 25 Texas craft beers, and a "robust" Texas-themed cocktail program.Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden still delivers fresh food during trying times! This is the reason why they’ve been featured as one of 10 fresh food deliveries in San Antonio amidst stay-at-home order.

(210) 354-4644

High Street Wine Co

Restaurant in San Antonio - 14.55 mi

High Street Wine Co, which is located in San Antonio, Texas, has a selection of small-production wines representing the best winemaking regions in the world. Browse their menu to see if there are wines here that interest you. Thinking of leveling up and becoming more wine savvy? Check out their website for dates on wine classes or send them a message. High Street Wine Co is also open to catering private events - it could be a small family gathering, a special occasion, or a business meeting. It can be done here or at an off-site location of your choice. It could be in your home, in a hotel, or in other venues.

(210) 908-9144


Restaurant in San Antonio - 14.57 mi

Cured highlights lovingly hand-crafted cured foods made of the purest regional ingredients in a contemporary and historical atmosphere. Cured is housed in a renovated historical building that dates back to 1904. Cured is a chef-owned restaurant highlighting a vast selection of charcuterie cured from 30 days to 12 months, all proudly displayed in a humidity-controlled glass enclosure. The charcuterie selection includes "apple jalapeno pork rilettes", "smoked duck ham", "3 month lamb culatello", and more. On top of that, they serve classic brunch food like "french toast", small plates like "beet, avocado, and citrus salad", savory entrees like "ash seared bigeye tuna", and luscious desserts like "apple & peach crisp".Nothing could be more perfect than chicken and waffles and Cured serves some of the best! Read more about them and others in Kim's 8 Places for the freshest chicken and waffles in Houston.

(210) 314-3929


Restaurant in San Antonio - 14.58 mi

The Supper embraces the American culture to come together with friends or family for a good food at a good place. Chef John Brand's approach to the menu largely depends on what ingredients are in season and what dishes feel right shared with friends and families. The look of the dining room is minimalist, with crisp black and white interior. They serve a diverse menu ranging from "smoked salmon grilled cheese" to "prime strip loin beef with scallion potatoes and spinach". For dessert, the "banana whiskey" and "toasted marshmallow churro cookie" has proven to be the guests' favorites. A selection of beer, wine, and cocktail are also available.

(210) 448-8351

Kin Khao Thai Food

Restaurant in San Antonio - 14.60 mi

Kin Khao Thai Food, which is located in San Antonio, Texas, serves authentic Thai food, including Thai desserts and drinks. If you are craving some delicious Thai omelette or some pork and rice (Khao Kha Moo), eat at Kin Khao Thai Food. If you prefer chicken, the restaurant serves chicken fried rice. They also have steamed dumplings. After you've had your fill, you can wash it down with a glass of Thai tea, which they also sell for to-go. Stop by at the Pearl Farmers Market, the restaurant is here and it is easy to find. If you can't see it, try following the delicious scent of Thai food.

(210) 414-9003

Sweet Yams

Restaurant in San Antonio - 15.32 mi

Sweet Yams is known for serving healthy, organic Southern food with vegan and gluten-free options. This restaurant takes pride in its signature "sweet potato pie". Like any other pies, the ratio of crust-to-filling, the consistency, and sweetness of the filling are crucial. At Sweet Yams, everything about their sweet potato pie is measured perfectly. Although it contains gluten, the best alternative for this is their "gluten-free sweet potato cupcake". Their version of macaroni and cheese, which is called "D-Geezy's mac n cheesy", is made of gluten-free pasta and organic cheese. Another iconic item off their menu is the "organic mushroom burger", which is made from marinated portabella in a gluten-free bun.

(210) 229-9267


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