Review of Richardson Farms by TexasRealFood

If you are looking for grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and free-range poultry (chicken, turkey, and ducks), then the Richardson Farms is the place for you.Jim (a retired Veterinarian) and Kay Richardson (a retired nurse) manage and own the farm. While it opened in 2012, the Richardsons Family has been ranching and farming for many generations. When it comes to farming, they have always been conservation-minded. In every action they take, they always put the well-being of animals, land, and people first. Coming from a profession that cares for the animals and people, their mindset isn't really a surprise.The farm sticks to old-school techniques and even uses the same tools their forefathers of farmers used in the farm. They are still using a hand-dug windmill that has been around for over fifty years to supply the farm with natural potent water from underground.

Farming Methods, Practices & Certifications

Grass Fed / Pastured Grass Fed / Pastured
Naturally Grown Naturally Grown