Fruits, though slowly dwindling in markets, are still available in different farmer’s markets around Texas this time of the year. You can expect fruits like pomegranates, grapes, and oranges that bring great nutrient value when it comes to balancing out your planned meal regimen for the month.

Pomegranates are greatly enjoyed as it is, infused in tea and juiced. Whatever you fancy, this nutrient-rich fruit has anti-cancer properties, helps in keeping inflammation down, and is also high in fiber which helps with digestion. Oranges, as we all know, are best enjoyed fresh but are also widely consumed juiced, or as a centerpiece flavor to pastries. Rich in vitamin C to boost your immune system, slows down muscular degeneration for aging people, and fights cancer-causing free radicals through naturally-occurring high levels of antioxidants. While grapes, be it wine or just plain old popping them down during a hot afternoon, are full of vitamin C to boost the body’s immune system, help minimize the risk of developing heart disease, and prevent cancers from developing in the body.

If you’re about to head out or just planning your weekly market run, Texas is still ripe for all those people looking for their fruit fixes this October. Make sure to adjust your market lists because taking in fruits as part of your planned diet is integral in maintaining a balanced diet while also getting vitamins from natural sources.


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